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  • Customers to the company to investigate the capsule filling machine
    With the continuous development of the company and the continuous innovation of technology, Hanyang technology is also constantly expanding the domestic and international market.
    On September 7, 2020, customers came to visit our company.
    Accompanied by Mr. Xing and technical personnel, the customer visited the workshop and equipment of the company, and communicated in detail the strength, product situation and sales situation of the company.
    The customer has strict requirements on the equipment purchased this time. After the visit, the customer was very satisfied with the equipment of our company. He said that he had seen our mature and advanced technology and strong production strength during the visit, and decided to cooperate with our company.
    On the same day, the customer signed a cooperation contract with our company.
    Good quality and intimate service is the most powerful marketing, thanks to the customer's


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  • The blister packaging machine was shipped smoothly again
    In August, when the high temperature continued, good news of the successful cooperation between Jiangsu Hanyang Automation Technology Co., Ltd. and its customers came frequently. Through the hard work of all Hanyang employees, the equipment project cooperated with Argentine customers was guaranteed within the specified time. The production was completed, and packaging and loading were completed in accordance with customer requirements and related regulations, and smooth delivery was achieved.
    In order to meet the customer’s production requirements, we have worked overtime and overtime according to the customer’s production time. The equipment has been fully assembled and produced. After strict testing by the quality inspection department, the test data fully meets the factory specifications. The product shipped this time is a liquid honey blister packaging machine, related customized feeders, individual barrels, single-head


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  • 2020 Hanyang company's implementation plan for enterprise safety production
    In order to thoroughly implement the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee and the provincial and municipal governments on production safety, in accordance with the requirements of the district party committee and district government, Hanyang has made the following plans:
    1. Establish a leading group for the special rectification action implementation plan of the project department
    2. Arrange work priorities
    (1) Implementation of the safety production responsibility system
    (2) Safety inspection system
    (3) Improvement of safety rules and regulations
    (4) Implementation of safety education and training system for operating personnel
    (5) Safety training for new employees entering the site, transferring employees, temporary employees, operating procedures and job training conditions for various types of work
    (6) Check hidden dangers at the work site
    (7) Post safety inspection
    (8) Ledger


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  • Happy Lantern Festival! In this Chinese traditional festival, Careal company hope all clients, suppliers and all staff enjoy


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  • October 18, 2015, the 74th Chinese medical equipment (autumn) Expo in Wuhan International Expo Center opened the curtain, CMEF is Asia Pacific's largest medical equipment exhibition.


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