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  • The function of stretch film vacuum packing machine The vacuum machine can be vacuum, inflatable, fit packaging in one; Using the original German Beck vacuum pump, Mitsubishi PLC, Taiwan made touch man-machine interface, configuration part of the quality is very good; Mainly applicable to all kinds of meat products, seafood, fruits and vegetables, pickles, medicine, hardware and various articles of vacuum packaging; Stretch film vacuum packaging machine is a vacuum machine with high cost performance. The environmental protection of vacuum packaging not only has high working efficiency, but also saves time and effort. It can help enterprises to develop better. Automatic stretch film vacuum packing machine is also known as automatic vacuum packing machine. The principle of this automatic vacuum packing machine is to use the forming mold, the film is heated first, and then the forming mold is rushed into the shape of the container, and then the packaging into the formed membrane cavi


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  • The folding problem of stretch film packing machine The sealing problem of the dry vacuum packing machine is one of the common faults in the use of the food vacuum packing machine. In addition to the sealing is not sealed, the folding of the sealing is also a problem that customers often encounter when using the vacuum packing machine. What is the reason for the folding of the sealing of the vacuum packing machine? The reasons are as follows: 1. Heat insulation cloth aging: this is a common phenomenon among these several kinds. The vacuum packing machine is old. Heat insulation cloth has aging will appear lax sealing, there are wrinkles and other conditions. At this time only need to replace the insulation cloth. 2. Uneven air bag inflation: the principle of sealing is to inflate the air bag and press down, so that the heating belt is glued to the vacuum bag, and the bag is glued together. If the air bag inflates unevenly, there will be pleats at the seal of a certain section. The m


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  • All kinds of classification of packing machine 1. Classification according to the degree of automation of packaging machinery (1) Automatic packaging machine Automatic packaging machine is automatically feeding packaging materials and contents, and can automatically complete other packaging processes of the machine. (2) Semi-automatic packaging machine Semi-automatic packaging machine is by manual delivery of packaging materials and contents, but can automatically complete other packaging processes of the machine. 2. Classify by type of packaging products (1) special packaging machine special packaging machine is specially used for packaging a product of the machine. (2) multi-purpose packaging machine multi-purpose packaging machine is by adjusting or replacing the relevant working parts, can package two or more kinds of products of the machine. (3) General packaging machine General packaging machine is suitable for packaging two or more different types of products within the s


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  • Capsules filling and quality inspection Prepare empty capsules with contents The empty capsule is divided into two sections, called cap and body respectively. Empty capsules can be divided into three types: colorless transparent, colored transparent and opaque according to whether they have color or not. According to the type of lock, it is divided into two types: ordinary type and lock type. According to the size, it can be divided into eight kinds of size: 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, among which the largest size is 000 and the smallest size is 5. Contents can be prepared into different forms according to drug properties and clinical needs, mainly in the form of powder, pellet and pellet. Fill the empty capsule Mass production can be fully automatic capsule filling machine or semi-automatic capsule filling agent to fill drugs, drugs filled with capsule polishing machine to remove the adsorption on the outer wall of the capsule fine powder, so that the capsule clean. A small am


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  • The forming method of bubble cap machine Molding is an important process in the whole packaging process. The bubble cap molding method can be divided into the following four kinds. ①Blister molding (negative pressure molding). The film, which is heated and softened, is sucked into the socket of the foaming pancreas to form a certain geometric shape, so as to complete the foaming. Blister forming generally adopts roller mold, forming bubble cap size is small, the shape is simple, the bubble cap stretching is not uniform, the top is thin. ② blow molding (positive pressure molding). The film softened by heating is blown into the socket of the bubble cap of the forming mold by compressed air to form the bubble cap with the required geometric shape. The wall thickness of the formed bubble hood is relatively uniform, and the shape is quite wide, and the bubble hood of large size can be formed. Blow molding is mostly used for plate mold. ③ the punching head auxiliary blow molding. With th


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  • Clean the parts of the capsule machine Cleaning of dose plate and filling rod: 1. Rotate the shaft of the main motor with the handle to make the filling rod in a high position, loosen the cover nut and rotate the knob clockwise to make the plate filling gripper rise, lift and take down. 2. Loosen the small pressing plate screw with a long hole under the gripper, and remove the filling rod. 3. Unscrew the fastening screws at both ends of the powder holding ring cover plate, then remove the powder holding block plate, loosen the four fastening screws that fix the powder holding ring, slowly lift the powder holding ring and the cover plate away from the dose plate and take them out together from the side without removing the filling rod plate seat. 4. Use a special wrench to remove the three screws fastening the dose disc, and then remove the dose disc and the sealing ring. 5. Wipe the removed parts in purified water with clean cloth repeatedly, so that there is no visible attachmen


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  • Function characteristics of blister packing machine 1. Adopting the latest type of high-power transmission mechanism in China, the main transmission shaft is driven by the chain, which is free of error and noise of other gear transmission. 2.The electrical appliance adopts the import control system, can be configured according to customer requirements, lack of material leakage repair device and lack of grain detection and elimination device. 3. The whole machine adopts segmented combination: PVC forming, feeding, hot sealing for a section, tropical aluminum cold forming, hot sealing, punching for a section can be separated packaging. 4.The use of photoelectric control system, PVC, PTP, aluminum packaging automatic feeding, waste edge automatic punching device, to ensure the long distance and multi-station synchronous stability. 5.can be equipped with photoelectric detection and correction device, with imported stepping motor traction, image and text plate printing packaging, opti


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  • Stretch film vacuum packaging machine maintenance In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and prolong its service life, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance work in use. 1. should be in the temperature 0℃-40℃, relative humidity is not more than 85%, no dangerous and harmful gases in the surrounding air, no powder flying, all safe and explosive dangerous goods in the environment. Additional accessories are required for special circumstances. 2. The oil level of the vacuum pump should be checked regularly to keep the oil level in the 2/3-3/4 position of the oil window; The vacuum pump adopts imported oil or special oil for No. 0 vacuum pump, and the imported vacuum pump should adopt special imported vacuum pump oil. 3. When the oil in the pump is observed to be black or milky white; If there is water in the oil or the viscosity increases, it is proved that the oil has been contaminated. The vacuum pump oil should be replaced immediately. Under normal circums


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  • The structure and shape of the die of the tablet press The punching die is a tablet press mold for pressing tablets. The working end faces of up and down punching form the surface shape of tablets. The diameter of the middle die is the diameter of tablets. Die is an important task of the tablet machine components, usually including a pair of die, in the mold, the impact on three parts, rushed up and down the structure similar to that of the punch diameter are equal, the upper and lower diameter of punch and die die in combination, can free sliding up and down, in the die hole in but can not exist leakage clearance of powder. According to the structure and shape of the die, it can be divided into circular and special-shaped (including polygons and curves). The shape of the end face of the punch is flat, hypotenuse, shallow concave, deep concave and comprehensive shape, flat and hypotenuse punch is used to suppress flat cylindrical tablets, shallow concave is used to suppress double c


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  • Pressing wheel failure of tablet press and its solution The pressing wheel part can be divided into the upper pressing wheel and the lower pressing wheel, which is also the device to adjust the pressure of tablets and increase the protection. The common failure problems are: (1) pressure wheel wear (2) the pressure wheel shaft bearing is short of oil or damaged Analysis and solutions: (1) the serious wear of the outer circle of the pressure wheel leads to large positive force at the tail of the punch rod. The pressure wheel must be replaced. When the inner hole of the pressure wheel and the pressure wheel shaft are seriously worn, the pressure wheel or the pressure wheel shaft must be replaced. In addition, sometimes the fracture of the press wheel shaft is mainly caused by excessive pressure. Most of the fracture is caused by improper adjustment of the material pressure. At this time, the press wheel shaft needs to be replaced, the material needs to be adjusted and the


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