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  • The operation process of blister packaging machine The PVC sheet on the drum passes through the guide roller, and the PVC sheet is evenly unrolled by the rotation of the roller forming mold. The semi-arc heater heats the forming mold to the softening degree. The bubble hole of the forming mold rotates to the appropriate position and the vacuum system of the machine is understood, and the SOFTENED PVC sheet is formed instantly. The molded PVC sheet passes through the hopper or the feeding machine, and the tablet is filled into the bubble shell. Active roller in the continuous rotation of a thermal device only similar to the molding groove on the surface, drag the active roller as have some pills to PVC foam nest to move forward, the surface with a checkered hot pressing on the active roller, roller pressure using the temperature and pressure will cover material (aluminum foil) and PVC sealing, sealing PVC blister sheet after the use of a series of guide roller, Intermittent movement


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  • Principle of aluminum-plastic bubble cover packaging machine Aluminum-plastic bubble cover packaging machine reference the advantages of similar foreign products, beautiful appearance, low noise, compact structure, smooth operation, simple operation, the use of internal heating form, PVC heat evenly, bubble cover forming firm. There is no bubble loss phenomenon when stopping or starting, so as to avoid waste of packaging materials. Filling, blister, mesh heat sealing, batch number printing, plate blanking can be continuous operation, easy installation, debugging and maintenance, small volume, low price, light weight, is the advanced aluminum foam cover packaging machine at home and abroad. Aluminum-plastic bubble cover packaging machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation and automatic control technology of machine, electricity, light and gas integration, and carries out innovative design in strict accordance with the requirements of GMP standards: it has adjustable stroke,


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  • Transparent blister pack Packaging design needs to follow one of the principles is to fully display the goods, mainly in two ways, one is to use vivid color photos on the package to truly reproduce the goods; The second is to directly display the commodity itself, that is, to use transparent packaging, skylight packaging and other forms of packaging. Transparent packaging is very attractive because of its transparent characteristics, which provides consumers with the advantage of clearly seeing the content, completely in line with people's shopping habit of "seeing is believing", so it is favored by consumers. The scope of transparent packaging is very wide. In addition to bottles and bags, it is generally considered that the single-sided transparent packaging of cardboard base blister packaging, partial transparent packaging of window packaging, single-sided transparent packaging of body packaging and double-sided transparent packaging of clamshell blister packaging all belong to th


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  • The use of blister packaging Blister packaging The original blister packaging is mainly used for drug packaging. At that time, in order to overcome the disadvantages of inconvenient use of glass bottles, plastic bottles and other bottled drugs, large investment in packaging production line, coupled with the increasing demand for dose packaging, small pill packaging, bubble packaging appeared in the 1950s and has been widely used. Later, through the in-depth study and continuous improvement of blister packaging materials, technology and machinery, it has made great progress in packaging quality, speed and economy. Now in addition to drug tablets, capsules and suppositories and other packaging, food and daily necessities and other products are also widely used in packaging. If the use of automatic packaging machine, but also improve production efficiency, reduce costs. A blister package for a drug, which can protect the product from moisture, dust, pollution, theft and damage, prolong


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  • Protective agent and adhesive for medicinal aluminum foil After the printing of medicinal aluminum foil, the surface of the aluminum foil needs to be coated with a layer of protective agent and the other side with adhesive. The purpose of coating protective agent on the surface of aluminum foil is to prevent the wear of the printing ink layer on the surface of aluminum foil, and also to prevent the contamination of the drug packaging caused by the contact between the outer ink and the inner adhesive in the process of mechanical operation. The role of the coating adhesive layer is to make aluminum foil and plastic hard sheet after thermal bonding can stick together, so that the drug is sealed. Most of the protective agents used now are solvent-based, its main chemical components are: nitro fiber, synthetic resin, plasticizer, solvent, diluent and so on. These components are mixed in a certain ratio and stirred in a reaction kettle to form a solvent, which is mechanically coated on th


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  • Classification and function of packaging According to the purpose of packaging, packaging can be divided into (sales packaging) and (transport packaging); According to the change of container shape, it can be divided into (hard packaging) and (soft packaging). What is packaging? What are the functions of packaging? In order to protect products in the process of circulation, convenient storage and transportation, promote sales, according to the overall name of the container, material and auxiliary used by certain technical methods, but also refers to the use of containers, materials and auxiliary in order to achieve the above purpose of applying certain technical methods in the process of operation activities. Packaging includes two meanings: one is the general name of packaging containers, materials and auxiliary things, and the other is the operation process of packaging articles. The main functions of packaging are; 1) Accommodate and protect the product; 2) Convenient storage an


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  • Blister packaging machine molding problem solution As we all know, bubble cover molding is PVC film (hard sheet) heated through the mold, and the use of compressed air or vacuum molding for the required shape and size of the bubble cover principle, so when forming the bubble cover problems, need to solve from these aspects PVC film (hard) is qualified products; Whether the temperature of heating device is too high or too low; Whether the surface of the heating device is adhered to PVC; Whether the forming mold is qualified, whether the forming hole is smooth, whether the air hole is unobstructed; Whether the cooling system of forming mould works normally and effectively; The vacuum degree and exhaust rate of roller negative pressure forming can reach the normal value, and the pipeline has no abnormal loss; Flat positive pressure forming compressed air is clean, dry, pressure, flow can reach the normal value, there is no abnormal loss in the pipeline; Flat positive pressure formi


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  • Cleaning of aluminum-plastic packaging machine Automatic plate aluminum plastic packaging machine is qualified tablets, capsules for packaging of the main equipment. As it is in direct contact with the surface of the product, its cleaning procedure directly affects the quality of the product. Both before and after production to the aluminum packaging machine for thorough cleaning. After production, cut off the mechanical and electrical power source of aluminum plastic packaging, cut off the PVC and aluminum foil remaining on the machine, take them off and put them into the box for sealing. Wipe the powder and stain on the surface of PVC guide column, aluminum foil guide column, control panel, forming die surface, die hole, blow plate, cut, discharge port, traction template and so on with a clean wet cloth. Clean the powder and dirt on the upper and lower heating plates with a copper brush. Clean the brush, brush roller and four walls in the charging tank of the powder brush board


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  • The application of bubble cover packaging machine is wide 1, molding, heat sealing, batch number, indentation, blanking and other devices are all made of rack spindle positioning, shake shake handle, all kinds of devices can easily move on the spindle, the machine is equipped with a ruler, convenient correction, rapid and accurate positioning. 2, manipulator traction, the use of double swing rod device, increase the adjustable range of traction stroke, can adapt to the packaging of various sizes of medicine version. Machine to plate heating, positive pressure forming, up and down mesh, cylinder heat sealing, automatic feeding, automatic indentation marking batch number, automatic punching plate, simple operation and reliable operation. 3, the positive pressure air forming and the configuration of mechanical punch, to ensure that the bubble cover forming evenly clean, suitable for the packing of large size or special shape, such as dense pills, medical instruments; Equipped with spec


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  • Blister packaging machine abroad development The United States is the world's packaging machinery power, has formed a relatively independent and complete packaging machinery system, its varieties and output are ranked the first in the world, while its packaging machinery automation degree is high, advanced technology, good quality, large export. Japan, Germany, Italy, The United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, Canada and Mexico are important countries in packaging machinery, and their advanced food and drug packaging machinery is mainly characterized by: 1) The structure design is standardized and modular With a packaging machine to complete the packaging of different materials, the use of the original model of the modular design can be in a short time to quickly change specifications or change into other packaging form of the model, and provides enough space for different measurement systems. 2) High-precision structure movement Due to the use of a variety of new technologies, such


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