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How to solve the capsule filling powder too sticky

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How to solve the capsule filling powder too sticky

When the capsule filling machine is working, if the working powder is too viscous, it can be generally improved from the following points:

1. If the hygroscopicity of the powder causes the powder to be too sticky, the hygroscopicity should be reduced as far as possible, and the effective extraction process should be carried out to retain the part of the powder containing more starch, or some auxiliary materials should be added to reduce the hygroscopicity.

2. Keep the powder as dry as possible, less water is better.

3. Reduce the humidity and temperature in the workshop.

4.The packing of the powder must be close and effective against dampness and moisture.

5. Keep the powder as fine and even as possible.

6. The filling rod of the machine should be checked and replaced in time if there is any wear.

7. Add auxiliary materials to increase the fluidity and lubricity of the powder.


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