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Capsule Filling Machine

These are related to the Capsule Filling Machine news, in which you can learn about the updated information in Capsule Filling Machine, to help you better understand and expand Capsule Filling Machine market. Because the market for Capsule Filling Machine is evolving and changing, so we recommend that you collect our website, and we will show you the latest news on a regular basis.
  • How to use automatic capsule filling machine?
    Before using the automatic capsule filling machine, please check whether all parts of the machine and equipment are in good condition, and disinfect and clean the instrument as required. According to the filling volume and other process requirements, select the appropriate tray, powder or particle filling system specifications.
    1. The support is placed parallel to the material plate, and the filling rod is perpendicular to the support, so as to ensure that the filling rod can easily enter the filling hole of the material plate. Loosen the fixing screw and lock nut, rotate the screw to the desired height, calibration lever has scale, then tighten the screw and nut, fill seat height adjustment is finished.
    2. After all the safety configurations have been configured and adjusted, the machine should be rotated 1-3 times in the absence of capsules and drugs to turn the machine to the working direction and turn it back with the hand whee


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  • Space adjustment of capsule filling machine
    Separation and intermittent vacuum, did not work, skateboarding and lower die clearance for 0.8 1 mm, adjust the tie rod can be solved, there is a separate control valve clearance, separate the capsule cap body, inspiratory time capsule, stopping air, capsule exhaust chamber work, its characteristic: the protection shell capsule is normal, avoid waste capsule dropped by air chamber to absorb, can solve capsule not fission, lack of capsule disorderly phenomena.
    Lower die calibration machine upper die is circular motion, lower die is transverse motion, the distance between upper die and lower die is 0.5 ~ 0.5mm. The method of calibration is to use two concentric die holes calibrated to require concentric die holes of 0.02 mm, the die is clean, and does not need to be removed, because part of the station is completely sealed, this is the most important combination device than similar products.
    The distance between the measuring plate an


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  • Maintenance of capsule filling machine
    Automatic hard capsule filling machine, fast filling speed, small size difference. The machine is compact and easy to use. If more than one capsule filling machine is used at the same time, it is suitable for mass production. Body and seat area decreases as the capsules align and close. It is beautiful and compact, conforms to the hygienic request, the operation is convenient, the maintenance is convenient, the energy consumption is low, the economical practical and so on merit. The capsule alignment speed is fast, the drug dosage is even, the product qualification rate is high; When changing different types of capsules, the filling mould of corresponding type can be changed. Suitable for small and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies, small and medium-sized batch production of health products unit factories, hospitals and clinics.
    Maintenance technology of hard capsule automatic filling device:
    Observe the combination of two pneumatic w


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  • What are the functions of the automatic capsule filling machine
    Automatic capsule filling machine has advanced in the world, the performance characteristics of automatic capsule filling machine is a standard series, generally do mold is easy to change and need to replace the cleaning tools, automatic capsule filling machine using a high precision, low vibration and noise of operation, less than 70 db noise, control the dose difference + / - 3%, domestic machine capsule on the probability of more than 99.5%; The mechanical and electrical components for automatic capsule filling are manufactured in Japan by well-known brands such as Siemens and Omron, and the control system is safe and reliable.
    Automatic capsule filling platform adopts hard chromium coating, the surface is smooth, not easy to deformation, avoid rust, increase hardness; The parts in direct contact with the medical powder are class 304 and class 316, with high quality and no rust, fully in line with the specificatio


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  • How should the problem of capsule filling machine be solved
    Sometimes there are problems with the head and tail of the capsule. The problem of replacing the capsule and shell will be solved. Then examine the thimble to see if the height of the thimble needs to be adjusted. Sometimes you can also increase the stress area of the cap to solve the problem. Increasing the strength area of the capsule thickens the thimble. You can try to solve it.
    Capsule splits, which are a very headache, are often found. You have to be careful. This usually happens for the following reasons.
    1. Differences between the capsule itself, capsule cap and capsule body. The capsules need to be replaced.
    2. Too much residual powder in the module. Modules need to be cleaned up.
    3. When installing the module, the upper and lower modules are not aligned, please re-align the module. Until the debugging bar closes automatically.
    4. In fact, it is also related to the size of the particles. I have not c


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  • The feeding operation of the capsule filling machine
    Start the main motor, press the start switch of the main motor, the indicator light is on, and the main motor runs. When the vacuum pump motor does not start or the machine opens the movable door, the main motor cannot start and can only be inching operation.
    The engine is mainly suitable for movement when the switch is pressed on the main motor, the index finger is closely connected, that is to say, the main engine rules, the main motor is connected to the movement, the main motor stops rotating, the second time is pushed out before the main motor must be in continuous operation.
    The speed is regulated by a frequency converter. After the main motor starts, press down the frequency converter to run from low speed to high speed. The frequency converter displays the corresponding frequency or the number of particles filled in the capsule per minute.
    Manual feed control, press manual feed switch, indicator light is on, feed


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  • Application scope of semi-automatic capsule filling machine
    Semi-automatic capsule filling machine is a new medicine packaging machine with novel structure and beautiful appearance. Electromechanical and pneumatic devices, equipped with electronic automatic counting and speed regulating devices, can be used for separation of disposal operations, separation of capsule packing and plugging, replacing artificial packing, reducing labor intensity, improving productivity, and accurately filling doses according to medical and health requirements. The machine is composed of programmable control system, touch screen, continuous control of speed and frequency, and a set of pneumatic and electronic automatic counting control device, which can realize automatic separation, assembly and disposal of separation, filling and plugging materials. Accurate filling measurement, easy to operate. The fuselage and working table are made of stainless steel, and the products meet the requirements of NATION


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  • Feeding application of capsule filling machine
    Automatic vacuum feeder works. When the main engine works, the machine room mainly produces high-speed air flow pressure. The rotating drum material is sucked into the main engine room through the conveying pipe, and then the inhaled material enters into the hopper of the spiral capsule filling machine with its own weight. The way that the vacuum and air source enter the material is filter cleaning at the entrance of the filter screen. During the loading process, the filter screen connected with the micro powder will automatically pass through the mechanical vibration vacuum to avoid blocking the road.
    Automatic control process: One sensor position, depending on the size and speed of the production hopper, is installed in the middle and bottom of the capsule filling hopper, and another higher sensor is installed in the bottom of the vacuum filling machine. When the hopper of the capsule filling machine reduces materials, the main mac


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  • Capsule filling machine and vacuum feeder
    As a typical equipment of pharmaceutical enterprises, automatic capsule filling machine is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. It can circulate in the process of automatic capsule transmission, capsule seeding, filling and sealing, etc. Therefore, the relationship between motion accuracy and mechanism is very high, and its kinematic and dynamic performance is related to the performance of the whole machine.
    Solid preparation in domestic production, most outside the capsule filling machine can be use the stairs down to powder or other methods, with the vacuum feeder method for cylinder rise to add filling materials, machine of the second kind of method is different, the recent active feeding machine technology mature, workshop limit control structure, the applicability of the vacuum feeder will show positive.
    The charging method of active vacuum charging machine and barrel rising charging machine is to overcome the deficiency of


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  • Cleaning of capsule filling machine
    Fully automatic capsule filling is a new product independently developed by our factory based on the original technology and absorbing the advantages of similar international products. The machine has strong production capacity, accurate filling volume, good adaptability to drugs and hollow capsules, stable operation and high degree of automation. The machine has beautiful appearance, fine technology, convenient operation and easy to use. The defective capsules can be taken out automatically, and the drugs in the defective capsules can be recovered and reused, which increases the economic benefit.
    After automatic capsule filling, how to clean the automatic capsule filling machine? The following is a brief description of the cleaning method:
    1) Detergent, disinfectant: drinking water, purified water, 75% ethanol.
    2) Cleaning tools: cleaning cloth, vacuum cleaner, brush, basin, etc.
    3) Cleaning frequency: after each batch of production;


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