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Capsule Filling Machine

These articles are all highly relevant Capsule Filling Machine. I believe this information can help you understand Capsule Filling Machine's professional information. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with more professional guidance.
  • Vacuum feeder for capsule filling machine
    Since the 1980s, the hard capsule filling machine has been used to produce drugs, because it involves health, safety and drug control, which is an important means, mainly through several processes: from manual stair delivery to conveyor delivery, rotary positive pressure vacuum automatic transport, and cross-layer pneumatic dead weight transport. The development of these processes shows that their loading methods have been improved with the development of times and the updating of technologies.
    At present, capsules produced by domestic pharmaceutical companies have been used, only a few small enterprises still use manual filling or other ways to charge, and most of them use automatic charging. Compared with normal vacuum degree, vacuum filling prescription method has the following advantages:
    Hopper integrated vacuum power supply, compact structure, dust-free, safe and hygienic, low noise.
    Simple installation, can be installed anywh


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  • The components of the capsule filling machine
    The automatic capsule filling production line is generally composed of main driving system, electric control system, conveying system, feeding system and discharging part. In addition, 000#, 00#, 0#, 1#, 2#, 3#, 4# and 5# capsules can be produced by changing different types of molds.
    The whole machine has beautiful appearance, fine technology, simple operation and convenient use. The design integrates the filling seat and measuring plate into one, which improves the loading precision and extends the service life.
    Can automatically eliminate the residual capsule, the residual capsule recovery, reuse, improve the work efficiency, increase economic benefits.
    Vacuuming and weeding are designed inside the machine to facilitate the cleaning of the table.
    The filling rod nut is made of 304 stainless steel instead of plastic material to avoid nut breakage.
    With the development and technical progress of the capsule filling machine,


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  • The market of capsule filling machine
    Automatic capsule filling is flexible, accurate filling dose, novel structure and easy to operate. It is an economical and practical medicine capsule filling equipment at present.
    Automation trend of the development of the capsule filling machine is an important mechanical automation technology leap, but the development of our time is short, short of technology to some aspects of the world average level, mechanical automation technology in the application of machinery industry, increased significantly, the development of mechanical automation road, capsule filling machine manufacturers need to trial and error, will improve technology perfect.
    It is known that in the national drug market, most of the capsule filling equipment has problems such as powder spraying, low filling accuracy, empty capsule, broken capsule and so on. These problems will not only affect the quality of products and the normal operation of equipment, but more important


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  • Check the capsule filling machine before starting
    Make sure the power switch is normal, the power line is not damaged, no falling off or falling off, and the grounding of the pen detection equipment is good.
    Check whether the polisher, vacuum cleaner and loading device are in good condition and have been cleaned.
    Check whether the mold is installed correctly, check concentricity and parallelism, the mold is matched well and has been cleaned.
    Check whether the water level and water quality of vacuum pump storage tank are normal.
    Check whether the indicators are within the normal range.
    Check whether the filling machine surface is clean and tidy, check whether the electrical control panel and other items are left behind.
    Check whether there is enough grease in the oil pump and each part to prevent machine damage.
    After all the above inspections are normal, the equipment can be replaced with the normal logo and ready to start up.


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  • Feeding for the capsule filling machine
    In the pharmaceutical field, the drugs in capsules are mostly powder or particles that stimulate the esophageal and gastric mucosa, or have bad taste, which are volatile, easily broken down by oral saliva, and easily inhaled by the trachea. These drugs are packaged in capsules to protect the drug as well as the digestive organs and respiratory tract from damage. Removing the capsule can lead to drug loss, drug waste, and reduced efficacy. In addition, some drugs need to be dissolved and absorbed by the gut, and the capsules can protect the drug from being destroyed by stomach acid.
    At present most of the capsule filling machine filling powder, existing capsule filling machine feeder is usually at the top of the capsule filling machine, need workers to get a bag of a bag of finished product capsule is placed on the top of the capsule filling machine, and then pour into the feeder, in general, about two meters tall machine need to use the lad


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  • Other factors affecting the capsule filling machine
    Other factors affecting the capsule filling machine generally include environment and transportation.
    The environment
    A fully enclosed environment is mainly reflected in temperature and humidity. The ideal relative humidity condition is 35-65%, and the temperature is 15-25℃. Too low humidity will make the shell brittle and easy to decompose. A capsule with high humidity will become sticky and deformed. Too high a temperature will cause thermal damage to the capsule.
    The transportation
    In the process of transportation, if the hollow capsule is impacted, the deformation of the capsule may hinder the filling of the capsule in the production process, affecting the production efficiency and product quality.
    To ensure the quality of the capsule products, the first to ensure that the production conditions meet the requirements, reasonable transportation. Now, with the continuous improvement of filling technology, the degree of automati


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  • How to solve the capsule filling powder too sticky

    When the capsule filling machine is working, if the working powder is too viscous, it can be generally improved from the following points:
    1. If the hygroscopicity of the powder causes the powder to be too sticky, the hygroscopicity should be reduced as far as possible, and the effective extraction process should be carried out to retain the part of the powder containing more starch, or some auxiliary materials should be added to reduce the hygroscopicity.
    2. Keep the powder as dry as possible, less water is better.
    3. Reduce the humidity and temperature in the workshop.
    4.The packing of the powder must be close and effective against dampness and moisture.
    5. Keep the powder as fine and even as possible.
    6. The filling rod of the machine should be checked and replaced in time if there is any wear.
    7. Add auxiliary materials to increase the fluidity and lubricity of the powder.


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  • Factors influencing the accuracy of capsule filling machine
    The operator did not add powder as required in the manual before starting. Before operation, the powder is respectively loaded into the hopper and sent to the measuring room through the feeder. The measuring chamber should contain more than half of the powder before filling.
    The operator did not replenish the materials in time during the operation, which directly affected the filling state of the drugs in the measurement model, leading to the difference in the quantity.
    The fluidity and viscosity of drugs are the main factors affecting the measurement accuracy. Due to the lack of fluidity of the drug, the powder viscosity is high, the filling volume is difficult to control, and the connection between the measuring plate and the copper ring may also occur.
    The drug is not uniform, the particle size difference is big, the particle is thin and thick, fluidity is poor. In order to solve the problem of drug fluidity, it is nece


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  • Maintenance of capsule filling machine
    1. When the machine runs normally for a long time, when a batch of drugs is changed or shut down for a long time, the parts in direct contact with the drugs should be cleaned regularly.
    2. The transmission mechanism under the working platform of the machine tool should be constantly added with appropriate lubricant to reduce the wear of parts.
    3. The main transmission reducer should be checked once a month to see if the oil is insufficient, and it should be replenished timely. The oil should be changed every 6 months; Change the oil every 3000 hours. Oil should be used as a rule of thumb.
    4.Safety protection clutch, normal load overload clutch does not slip, but due to long-term use may appear slip phenomenon, when the clutch sliding phenomenon, may be the screw nut to tighten, to ensure the normal operation of the machine.
    5. The vacuum system of the vacuum separator in the filling capsule is mainly used to put the cover on the body after


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  • Liquid capsule filling
    A full automatic liquid hard capsule filling machine, liquid can be loaded in the hard capsule or low or medium viscosity of the material, its characteristic is: a lot in the first run orbital module and the corresponding module, including orbit a node contains a module mounting holes nano capsule, capsule in orbit has a hole, put the hat and cap, the cap body distribution holes are arranged in a module, the first module of the first orbit, and the second track is on the front end, but the second track to match with the first orbital.
    The utility model relates to a capsule feeding device, which is used for regularly feeding empty capsules in the upper module capsule hole in front of the first orbit; There is at least one capsule separation device for connecting the capsule hole of the lower module, separating the empty capsule from the capsule cap and capsule body, and connecting the capsule body with the capsule hole of the lower module; The utility model


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