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Capsule Filling Machine

If you want to know more about the Capsule Filling Machine, the following articles will give you some help. These news is the latest market situation, trend in development, or related tips of the Capsule Filling Machine industry. More news about Capsule Filling Machine, are being released. Follow us / contact us for more Capsule Filling Machine information!
  • Introduction of the new capsule filling machine
    GL series automatic capsule filling machine is a new product specially improved by our company based on market experience. The whole machine adopts arc design, smooth streamline, and elegant appearance. The equipment adopts PLC programming and touch screen display. It can automatically alarm and display for operation failure or lack of material, and automatically stop. After the failure is removed, the alarm can be automatically eliminated. The machine also has functions such as password input, parameter setting, printing data, and resetting. All main key parts of the machine such as drive shafts, cams and bearings are made of imported materials, which are reliable equipment favored by foreign customers.
    Machine features:
    1. The equipment adopts internal cam transmission to reduce the center of gravity of the equipment, and the high-speed operation is stable. Ferguson transmission is adopted, with low vibration, high-speed operation


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  • Installation and wire connection of semi-automatic capsule filling machine
    1. Ground requirements
    The rack should be installed on the ground with a sufficient rated level. If it is installed on the floor upstairs, ensure that the support is not less than 1000 kg/m, with a rubber cushion at the bottom, and the level is the same as the level of the machine table of the ordinary school.
    2. Vacuum oil
    Any vacuum pump sent at random is not lubricated, and the oil-free vacuum pump may run for a short time (less than 10 minutes). Before production, be sure to raise one liter of #100 special vacuum pump oil. After 1500 hours of use, the vacuum pump oil should be replaced, otherwise the damage will not be free of warranty.
    3. Air demand
    Vacuum: The vacuum pump is connected to the vacuum cylinder, the inner diameter is 25mm, the wire end of the hose is connected to the vacuum cylinder, and the other side is connected to the vacuum nozzle of the machine.
    Air compressor: Turn on the air


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  • Recovery of powder from the capsule filling machine
    The machine adopts double pipeline device for dust absorption and powder recovery. One of the pipelines of the device is used for cleaning mold holes, absorbing residual capsules of the cap body not separated and cleaning the table surface. The other pipeline is dedicated to the recovery of the filling part of the powder, and is also equipped with a powder recovery device in the air flow adsorption pipeline. The collector consists of a body, a powder recovery filter and a powder bucket. The pipeline can effectively and directly recover the lost materials in the filling part. During the filling process of the filling machine, the materials lost in the filling part enter into the powder collector through the special powder recovery pipeline due to the suction of the dust collector. Under the action of the powder recovery filter cartridge, 85-95% of the powder is deposited in the powder holding barrel. And the gas through the body ca


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  • Maintenance of automatic capsule filling machine
    Maintenance of automatic capsule filling machine In addition to the maintenance and cleaning of semi-automatic capsule filling machine, there are several maintenance work as follows:
    1. Check the oil content of the main drive reducer every 200 hours, and add oil in time if there is any shortage, and replace the lubricant every 3,000 hours or half a year (the limit is for those who reach it first); (Its lubricating oil viscosity is 460~680 industrial closed extreme pressure gear oil, the original lubricating oil is "Shell" Shell Omala 220, it is recommended to use the same grade as far as possible)
    2. The fuel content of the feed reducer shall be checked every 200 hours during operation, and the oil shall be replenished in time if it is found to be insufficient, and the oil shall be replaced every 1000 hours or four months (if it reaches the limit first); (Its lubricating oil is synthetic worm and worm oil with viscosity of 55


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  • General failure of manual capsule filling machine
    The general faults of the semi-automatic capsule filling machine are the lack of capsules, the low rate of finished products in the mold hole of capsules, the flying cap during the separation of capsules, the failure of normal separation of capsules, the occurrence of skin brushing, concave opening and the failure of locking in place.
    Reasons for capsule failure: Defective capsules block the inlet of the capsule feeding plate, the capsule switch is too large or too small, and the capsule is damaged or in an uneven position.
    Method of elimination: remove the capsule with capsule needle, clean it out of capsule tank, adjust the position of capsule feeding switch, change the capsule tablet, or correct the Angle evenly.
    The reason of low yield of the capsule into the mold hole is that the horizontal fork is too far ahead or the empress dowager adjusts the position of the horizontal fork.
    Elimination method: Adjust the ho


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  • Adjust the dispensing tray and sealing ring of the capsule filling machine
    The clearance between dosing disk and sealing ring should be preferably 0.03~0.08 mm. With larger particles, the clearance may be adjusted wider. Too narrow clearance may increase the resistance between dosing disk and sealing ring. Should too much powder leakage or resistance occur in the operation, adjustment of the clearance shall be made. Toadjust the clearance, draw out baffle and loosen fastening screw on adjusting base, first rotate adjusting knob counterclockwise to lower sealing ring, then rotate adjusting knob clockwise to raise sealing ring. After deciding the clearance between sealing ring and dosing disk with feeler gauge, lock the fastening screw. If sealing ring is adjusted too high, just rotate the adjusting knob counterclockwise to lower sealing ring and then rotate clockwise to raise it. Adjust from high to low shall not be allowed. The knob has a scale. Whenever you rotate one degree, sealing


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  • Adjustment of vacuum separator of capsule filling machine
    Whenever the machine runs by a station, vacuum separator goes upwards and downwards once. The position of vacuum separator is well regulated at factory’s delivery; no adjustment is needed in most common case. Should any adjustment is needed, rotate arbor wheel of main motor with hand crank until the vacuum separator reaches the highest position, loosen fastening nuts (left and right thread) on both sides of regulating rod under machine bench, rotate regulating rod to adjust vacuum separator height (clearance between upper surface of separator and the lower surface of lower die assembly), and then fasten the nuts. Recheck for several times until proper status is met. Place empty capsules in the capsule-feeding unit and start vacuum pump, rotate machine with hand crank to verify normal capsule splitting.


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  • Capsule filling machine resists and adjusts residual capsules
    At station 6, the suction and up-and-down push rods are used to remove capsules that are not separated or have other problems. The height of the suction and putter is adjustable and should be adjusted when changing the size of the capsule. The adjustment method of suction nozzle height is: loosen and tighten the top wire to adjust the suction nozzle height up and down, and then tighten the top wire. The suction nozzle should not be too low. If the suction nozzle is too low, the capsule cap opened in the module hole will be sucked up.
    The way to adjust the height of the putter is: under the working platform, loosen the lock nut on the joint bearing at both ends of the putter and rotate the putter to adjust the height of the putter. Install the capsules with the body cap not separated in the upper module holes of the fifth and sixth stations, first turn the main motor shaft with the handle to make the push rod move up and


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  • The powder filling mechanism of semi-automatic capsule filling machine
    The function of this mechanism is to automatically load the material into the empty capsule in the capsule mold in order, and the hopper is equipped with a stepless speed regulating motor (the meter shows the speed), which drives the propeller to force the material into the empty capsule. The lower rotary table drives the mold to rotate, and the lower rotary table also drives the stepless speed regulating motor to operate, so that the mold runs for a week under the feed nozzle, which is controlled by photoelectric counting (the counter is set for 30 times). When the filling key is pressed to start, the hopper is pushed to the mold by the cylinder. The rotary table motor and the hopper motor will start automatically when the hopper is in place. When the mold rotates once, it will stop automatically and the cylinder will return to its original position automatically.
    If the hopper advance and advance speed is too


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  • Automatic capsule filling machine delivery
    NJP​-800, the capsule filling machine customized by the customer, was delivered yesterday afternoon. Before delivery, the quality inspector of the company carefully checked the appearance of the machine, and confirmed the detailed contents such as the configuration of machine parameters and the special requirements of the customer, which have met the factory requirements of the equipment.
    The appearance is visible in the following aspects: whether the mounting clearance of column and door is not standard, whether there is a lag after each CAM is installed, whether the positioning of capsule comb and upper die is accurate, whether the metering plate and aluminum frame correct the filling rod is friction-free, whether the clearance of upper and lower die is qualified, whether the pin position is accurate, etc.


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