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A list of these advantages articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional advantages, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
  • What are the advantages of high speed rotary tablet press? In recent years, many tablet manufacturers have moved from the experimental phase to the gradual adoption of high-speed rotary tablet presses. When investigating the reasons, I believe that people with a general understanding of high-speed rotary tablet presses will say: "The advantages are small differences between tablets, high efficiency, energy saving, space saving and high information content." For example, our high-speed rotary tablet press, centering on the price, quality and cost performance from six aspects of analysis, for the choice of tablet press provides a reference. (1) High output. The output of disk presses and similar presses of the same diameter is four to five times that of low-speed rotary presses. That is to say, the same production at the same time, is the number of high-speed rotary presses and 4-5 low-speed rotary presses in proportion. (2) High product yield. We know that material losses in th


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  • Advantages of blister packaging products It is a packaging method that seals the product between the blister layer and the bottom plate of the transparent plastic film, which is composed of the base material, cardboard, film or plastic film, aluminum foil or its composite material. Typical process flow: plate heating, film forming, item filling, substrate substrate, heat sealing, cutting and trimming. Material: plastic board, base material, coating material. Blister packaging is a unique packaging, blister packaging is easy to have automated assembly line or production, but the need to replace the mold, suitable for mass production of fewer packaging varieties, blister packaging beautiful, can improve the value of goods. Blister packaging is used to prevent moisture absorption and invalidation of the items in the package to ensure that the quality of the items is stable, that is to say, the packaging material has a good barrier performance to prevent the increase of water or the loss


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  • The advantages of tablets and capsules The advantages of tablets and capsules. First of all, these are two different forms, the concept of a drug. Drugs can come in many forms, such as amoxicillin tablets and amoxicillin capsules. Although the main drugs are the same, the dosage forms vary greatly. Tablet is a solid preparation made of pressed excipients. After they are taken orally, they take some time to break down by absorbing water from the body. A capsule is a drug made from hydrolyzed animal bones and hides. Fast absorption and high bioavailability after oral administration. But high temperatures and humidity can nullify the changes in the capsules. The importance of drug forms 1. Drug forms can alter the rate of action of a drug: for example, injections and aerosols may act faster than capsules, tablets or pills. 2. The dosage forms may alter the nature of the drug's action: for example, magnesium sulfate may be taken orally as a laxative, while injectable dosage


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  • Advantages of blister packaging Aluminum foil blister packaging, also known as blister packaging, is a new type of solid packaging. After the plastic has hardened, the plastic, tablets, capsules and dense medicine are first put into the hole, and then glued together with hot aluminum foil to form a separate sealed package. At present, there are a lot of solid drugs are packaged with glass, although can avoid light, moistureproof, anti-oxidation, but the packaging capacity is large, technical content is not high. For wonder drugs, this traditional form of packaging failed to protect against moisture and mold, which led to the rapid withdrawal of large bottles of brown glass from the market in recent years. Compared with bottled drugs, the advantages of foam packaging are easy to realize, which can reduce pollution and drug abuse leading to obvious advantages in the process of implementation in gas and foam packaging, prevention, waterproofing, health and safety, production effic


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