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bubble cover packaging machine

If you want to know more about the bubble cover packaging machine, the following articles will give you some help. These news is the latest market situation, trend in development, or related tips of the bubble cover packaging machine industry. More news about bubble cover packaging machine, are being released. Follow us / contact us for more bubble cover packaging machine information!
  • Annual maintenance plan of bubble cover packaging machine 1. Check whether the electrical connectors in the electrical cabinet are loose. 2. Power on the device and check whether the power supply voltage meets the requirements. 3. Check whether the temperature controller on the operation panel works properly. 4. Equipment inside and outside clean, no dust, no falling products. 5. Replace the vacuum pump oil. 6. Add grease to the guide pillar of the lifting mechanism of blister, thermal bonding and knife plate, and replace the bearing if necessary. 7. Check whether the blades of crosscutting and slitting institutions are worn or not, and replace them if necessary. 8. Power test to check whether each operating mechanism works normally. 9. After maintenance, each control handle should be placed in a non-working position, electrical control switch, twist and so on to return to the "0" position, cut off the power. 10. Fill in the equipment annual maintenance plan form.


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  • Control system of bubble cover packaging machine PLC control system Programmable controller uses DELTA product DVP12SA00R+DVP08SN, this machine is Delta SLIM host, with small size, easy installation, especially suitable for the installation space has certain requirements of the environment, has the following characteristics: 2 standard communication ports (RS232 and RS485, in line with MODBUS protocol), Built in high-speed input/output, 30KHz high-speed counter, 2OKHz pulse output, can detect external high-speed signals (feeding detection, quasi-stop detection, PVC detection), rich instructions can meet the requirements of complex programming, powerful, stable electrical characteristics, can achieve better cost performance. Because all delta products are in line with MODBUS protocol, and can easily form a communication network, through MODBUS PLC can be connected with the frequency converter, temperature controller, according to the detected equipment status and results of real-time


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  • The application of bubble cover packaging machine is wide 1, molding, heat sealing, batch number, indentation, blanking and other devices are all made of rack spindle positioning, shake shake handle, all kinds of devices can easily move on the spindle, the machine is equipped with a ruler, convenient correction, rapid and accurate positioning. 2, manipulator traction, the use of double swing rod device, increase the adjustable range of traction stroke, can adapt to the packaging of various sizes of medicine version. Machine to plate heating, positive pressure forming, up and down mesh, cylinder heat sealing, automatic feeding, automatic indentation marking batch number, automatic punching plate, simple operation and reliable operation. 3, the positive pressure air forming and the configuration of mechanical punch, to ensure that the bubble cover forming evenly clean, suitable for the packing of large size or special shape, such as dense pills, medical instruments; Equipped with spec


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  • Visual inspection of bubble cover packaging machine There are three ways of drug packaging: bottle, bag and blister. The aluminum-plastic blister packaging of tablets occupies a large share in drug packaging. In the process of tablet production and packaging, it is necessary to go through flow operations such as stirring, drug administration, pressing and sealing, cutting and so on. The traditional manual selection method and weight testing method can not meet the increasingly developing production needs. Therefore, a set of automatic inspection system for aluminum-plastic blister tablet packaging was developed by using machine vision and automatic control technology. The unqualified products such as vacuoles, imperfections, cracks and foreign bodies were detected in real time and eliminated, which provided favorable technical guarantee for realizing 100% inspection rate (i.e., "zero defect"). Machine vision Machine vision is a technical discipline that studies the function of huma


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  • Part operation of bubble cover packaging machine PVC hard, aluminum foil volume installation: unload the film reel on the compression nut and the retaining sleeve, the PVC hard or aluminum foil volume set in the adjustment sleeve, installed on the retaining sleeve and the compression nut and screw compression nut, so that the film volume on the adjustment sleeve can not be loose and rotation; Loosen the back cap and turn the adjusting nut to align the CENTER of the PVC roll with the center of the heat sealing roll (250mm away from the body). When installing, measure the inner part of the roll from the body 125mm with the steel ruler; Adjust the brake screw tightness, PVC tension adjustment in 0.5~1kg tension, and aluminum foil tension adjustment in 1~2kg tension. Placed PVC plastic belt, through the upper and lower heating plate mold to dividing the feed roller and pressure roller, after being met the requirement of the temperature and pressure, press the start button, at this point,


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  • Selection analysis of bubble cover packaging machine Roller drum aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine with roller drum forming, sealing and feed roller, so that the blister belt in the process of running around on the roll will be bent, and therefore not suitable for forming large, deep and complex shape of blister, packaged drug volume is small, so now to packing all kinds of sugar pill, tablet, capsule and capsule. In addition, because the roller bubble cover packaging machine is vacuum negative pressure forming, the thickness uniformity of the bubble cover forming is poor, and the speed of forming can not be too fast, so the working frequency of the machine can not be too high, the general punching frequency is 30 ~ 40 times /min, which affects its application to a certain extent. However, from the development and needs of small tablet packaging and the advantages of the machine itself simple structure, low cost, vertical roller bubble cover packaging machine or has a conside


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  • Bubble cover packaging machine maintenance introduction One. Daily maintenance 1. Check whether the power supply and electrical control switch, twist and other parts are safe and reliable. Check the working conditions of each part and whether there are abnormal phenomena and sounds. 2. The equipment should be kept intact, and the lines and pipes should be intact; 3. Ensure that all parts of the equipment operate flexibly; 4. Lubricating oil should be added in time according to normal operation requirements; 5. Check regularly whether the safety protection device is complete and reliable to ensure the safe operation of equipment; 6. Clean the machine after work every day to ensure that the machine is clean. Two. Monthly maintenance 1. Check whether Shenyuan and Shenqi control switches and twisters are safe and reliable, and whether there are abnormal phenomena and sounds at each part of the work. 2. Complete lines and pipelines, without defect of parts and components, 3. Equi


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