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the capsule filling machine

Knowing that you are interested in the capsule filling machine, we have listed articles on similar topics on the website for your convenience. As a professional manufacturer, we hope that this news can help you. If you are interested in learning more about the product, please feel free to contact us.
  • The influencing factors of the structure of the capsule filling machine
    The influences of the loading amount of the capsule filling machine are generally the preset position of the filling rod, the filling material, the loose density of the material and the pressure of the filling rod.
    General measuring tray has six station filling hole and the corresponding filling bar, with five bar filling powder compaction, there is a station filling bar within the measuring cylinder pressure into the hole of the powder capsule, the five station filling bar preset position determines the pressure into the powder weight measuring hole and thus into the filling bar preset position.
    Due to the difference of the smoothness, particle form and state of the material itself, the amount of the capsule is also different under the same measuring hole, preset depth of the filling rod and the pressure of the filling rod. The state of the material can be adjusted according to the previous experience, and some


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  • Check the capsule filling machine before use
    The machine is vibration machinery, should often check the screw fixation of each part. If it is loose, it should be tightened in time to avoid damage.
    Plexiglass components (work table, cover plate) should avoid direct sunlight in high temperature, heavy objects should not be stacked. Cover plate should be vertical or flat to avoid deformation and damage.
    At the end of each day, the machine and mold should be cleaned on the hole, keep the machine clean, avoid washing the main machine with water. If you need to clean the mold, please loosen the screws and take it down for easy installation.
    Lock the reducer in. The first change is within 24 hours and the second within 72 hours. Then replace it once a month.
    When the machine is locked in mold change mode, that is, the middle part of the rotation, the production plate height difference, 0#1#2 # is clockwise rotation, therefore, 2#1#0# is in the opposite direction of the clock. I


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  • Disinfection instructions for the capsule filling machine
    Instructions for disinfection of capsule filling machine:
    Times of disinfection: disinfection before production and after maintenance.
    Disinfection tools: dishcloth, bucket.
    Disinfection site: Disinfect on site.
    Disinfection method: Equipment parts should be cleaned and installed according to the equipment operation standard; Wipe twice with a cloth soaked in 75% ethanol or 3% hydrogen peroxide. Evaluation of disinfection effect: whether it conforms to microorganism sampling regulations; 75% alcohol and 3% hydrogen peroxide are used weekly. After hydrogen peroxide disinfection, scrub twice with pure water; Fill in the disinfection record, indicate the word of disinfection, indicate the time of disinfection; If used for more than 3 days, disinfect again.
    Cleaning and storage of disinfecting tools: Clean and dry the tools in the cleaning room according to the cleaning procedure of the cleaning tools and store the


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  • The working process of the capsule filling machine
    Capsule filling machine is intermittent movement, the hole disc automatic capsule filling machine is completely closed in the filling and rotating parts, easy to clean, the upper and lower modules one-way movement into, imported polyurethane sealing lip, clean blowing induction module combined, to ensure that there is no dust, high-speed locking device is equipped with dust collection device. The hopper of the capsule filling machine is inserted into the hollow capsule to seed the tube. There is a switch under the seeding tube. While the seeding of the pipe is geared under the department's leadership, a touch switch is placed under the action of the iron to release the capsule.
    Has been under the capsule to comb the capsule by function forward to push board, compression of capsules capsule head pushed down and back, empty air suction capsule, comb downward pressure compression, capsule by air suction mould, because there is a sma


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