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the tablet press

These are related to the the tablet press news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in the tablet press and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand the tablet press market.
  • The problems and methods of the tablet press
    The disintegration delay in the tablet pressing process may occur in the tablet pressing machine, which means the disintegration time exceeds the pharmacopoeia.
    Reasons for disintegrating delay: insufficient amount of disintegrating agent; high viscosity of adhesive; high amount of hydrophobic lubricant; high pressure; high hardness of tablet.
    Solution: choose good disintegrating agent, or increase the dosage, reduce the adhesive dosage, or replace the adhesive with small viscosity, add hydrophilic lubricant, adjust the pressure of the tablet press.
    Reasons for the big difference in weight: particle size, flow rate, not flexible down and rise, too much or too little charge.
    Solution: re-granulation, add flow AIDS, stop check, adjust the hopper to make the same amount of packing.
    Discoloration or spot refers to the change of hydrochloric acid on the surface of the tablet or the appearance of different color spots, pitting.


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  • The development and transformation of the tablet press
    As the scale of tablet production in China is gradually expanding, the tablet press with single injection cannot meet the mass production demand of pharmaceutical enterprises. In this case, the multi - punch rotary tablet press is widely used because of its high production efficiency. However, there are some limitations in the process of using rotary tablet press.
    With the rapid development of automation technology and plate-pressing industry, high-speed automatic rotary plate-pressing machine has been highly praised by the market for its high degree of automation, energy saving and environmental protection.
    Through pressure sensor, the high speed rotary tablet press is monitored and analyzed by the central control unit, which adjusts the filling depth of the tablet press according to the predetermined control mode to realize the automatic control production of the tablet press. At the same time, monitoring the damage of t


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  • The direct and auxiliary materials of the tablet press
    The difference between direct and wet granulation is that the material required for the presser is fine powder in powder form, and the presser and fluidity of the material will determine the quality of the final product. Since the fluidity and compressibility of all kinds of drug powder cannot meet the requirements of direct tablets, it is one of the most direct and effective ways to improve the fluidity of drugs to select the auxiliary agent with superior performance. Compared with wet granulation, the correct selection of auxiliary materials in direct stamping process is more strict. However, traditional excipients do not combine good fluidity with excellent compressibility, adhesion, high adhesion and low sensitivity to lubricating oil to meet the requirements of direct compression. The traditional starch, dextrin and sugar powder have poor fluidity and compressibility. Therefore, it is a new topic to develop auxiliary materi


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  • The rotating structure of the tablet press
    Rotary press can be used as a brush, carbon sheet and contact press machinery.
    The power part mainly consists of the transmission part and the working part. The working part consists of a table rotating about an axis. The table is divided into three levels. The upper part of the platform is provided with an upper handle, the middle part with a lower handle, and the lower part with a lower handle; Other fixed upper and lower pressure wheel, blade weight regulator, blade weight regulator, feeder, scraper, tablet regulator, vacuum cleaner, protector, etc. The machine is mounted on the central axis of the machine and rotates around the axis. The upper part of the machine moves up and down regularly on a fixed track. The underthrust will also be pressurized as the machine rotates, moving up and down on the underthrust track. The upper and lower wheels should be fitted in such a way that the upper and lower wheels push down, and the upper and


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  • The tablet quality of the tablet press
    In addition to particle quality, production environment and operator proficiency, tablet quality is closely related to the state of the machine. Therefore, it is important to keep the machine in good working condition. The following provisions shall be observed:
    Before starting the operation, the staff shall ensure good lubrication according to the lubrication mark, lubrication position and oil amount specified in the lubrication chart and the fuselage manual.
    Strictly implement SOP operation of equipment.
    After the end of the daily work, wipe the powder remaining in each part of the machine clean and clean the machine carefully.
    When the mold is disassembled or installed, be careful not to impact the mold to avoid defects.
    Regular inspection of worm, worm and other components, found defects timely repair or replacement.
    Computer controlled tablet presses should be shut down in strict accordance with the shutdown procedure to


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  • The role of the tablet press
    The tablet press is mainly used in the research of tablet pressing technology in pharmaceutical industry. Automatic continuous film making equipment for forming round, special-shaped, character, symbol and graphic flaps of powder particles etc.
    Tablet press plays an important role in the production of tablets in the pharmaceutical industry, and its main equipment affects most of the quality and economic indicators (pass rate, etc.). As is known to all, at present, China's tablet press is mainly single - chip and multi - punch two categories.
    The plate-pressing machine mainly moves up and down by rotating the grinding wheel to press the powder particles in the mold hole into the mold. The main disadvantages are high impact noise (pulse unidirectional pressure) and small output, which is only suitable for small batch production and laboratory experiment production.
    Multi - punch rotary tablet press is one of the most widely used tablet presses in pro


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  • Pressure adjustment of the tablet press
    First, open the main switch, and then press the pressure (decompression) button, pressure, decompression repeatedly, the residual air out of the tube.
    Punch pressure is adjusted according to material nature and punch diameter. For the material with large blade diameter, low viscosity and not easy to form, the larger blade impact pressure can be obtained by programming. Plate diameter, high viscosity, easy to form, stamping strength is small.
    When adjusting the filling volume, the left hand steering wheel controls the weight of the workpiece pressed by the left hand pressure wheel. When the steering wheel rotates clockwise, the filling volume increases, that is, the filling depth increases. When the steering wheel rotates counterclockwise, the filling amount decreases, that is, the filling depth decreases. The central adjustable steering wheel controls the weight of the parts pressed by the direct press wheel. When the adjustable handwhee


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  • The operation skill of the tablet press
    1. Before use, all containers, oil holes and friction surfaces of the press should be filled with lubricating oil. When running without load, oil film should be applied to all friction surfaces to extend the service life of the machine.
    2. Before starting the electric compressor, several tablets must be manually tested before and after each shift to ensure the service life of the mold.
    3. Storage die: After cleaning, apply a layer of food grade lubricant, put it into a special protective box or die storage box, and put it on the shelf.
    4. Filter the material before pressing to prevent the material from producing flake, flake and flake weight difference during pressing.
    5. Select the mold type: The correct selection of the mold type is the first step to successful stamping. For example, chewable tablets must be very hard and easy to chew; Because thin film coating is required, a slightly concave shape can be chosen. Due to the absen


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  • The performance of the tablet press
    The granule powder can be pressed out according to the requirements of various tablet shapes. It is suitable for test or small amount production of various tablets, sugar tablets, calcium tablets, profile-shaped tablets, etc. Continuous pressing, primary pressing, filling depth, thickness can be adjusted. The high-speed spinning machine has the characteristics of high performance, high pressure, continuous precompression adjustment, compact structure, simple operation and maintenance, reliable operation, wide range of material selection, low operation cost and good performance ratio. In addition, this kind of machine has the advantages of low vibration, low noise, low energy consumption, high efficiency and accurate weight.
    Adjust the handle to the highest position and observe whether the die on the bottom punch is flush with the middle die. If not flush, adjust a butterfly screw. It has the function of starting and stopping point and speed reg


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