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The function and characteristics of automatic blister packaging machine

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The function and characteristics of automatic blister packaging machine

The automatic blister packaging machine is suitable for pharmaceutical and food blister packaging in pharmaceutical factories, health care products factories and food factories. The machine adopts PLC system control, touch screen panel operation, stepless frequency conversion speed regulation, and pneumatic joint control. It can complete aluminum-plastic, Blister packaging of aluminum-aluminum, paper-plastic products, easy to operate, suitable for packaging capsules, tablets, soft capsules, candy, medical equipment, jam, honey and other items. The machine features are as follows:
It adopts servo motor traction, adjustable stroke, suitable for packaging of different size plates.
The position of forming, heat sealing, batch number and punching can be adjusted arbitrarily, and debugging is simple and convenient.
Automatic blanking, molds and automatic feeders can be designed according to customers' different materials.
You can choose devices such as tangent and indentation, batch number printing, waste recycling, and cursor registration.
The cylinder is heat-sealed by positive pressure, and the heat-sealing mold is automatically separated when the machine is stopped, which will not burn the packaging material and extend the life of the machine.


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