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The working process of the capsule filling machine

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The working process of the capsule filling machine

Capsule filling machine is intermittent movement, the hole disc automatic capsule filling machine is completely closed in the filling and rotating parts, easy to clean, the upper and lower modules one-way movement into, imported polyurethane sealing lip, clean blowing induction module combined, to ensure that there is no dust, high-speed locking device is equipped with dust collection device. The hopper of the capsule filling machine is inserted into the hollow capsule to seed the tube. There is a switch under the seeding tube. While the seeding of the pipe is geared under the department's leadership, a touch switch is placed under the action of the iron to release the capsule.

Has been under the capsule to comb the capsule by function forward to push board, compression of capsules capsule head pushed down and back, empty air suction capsule, comb downward pressure compression, capsule by air suction mould, because there is a small capsule cap mould, the steps of the capsule body falling to the lower die empty inside, complete capsule queuing, flip, separation work.

The capsule filling machine is driven by an independent motor, which drives the CAM, rocker and slot mechanism. For each rotation of the CAM, one tooth is pushed forward (using a mold to push a row of holes), and the CAM drives the rocker to keep the sector gear moving for one cycle. The capsule filling machine is equipped with automatic counting control, and closes the door automatically when the mold is full of capsules, and closes the door manually when the machine needs to stop midway.


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