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Characteristics of hard capsules

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Characteristics of hard capsules

After hard capsule filling, the surface often contains a small amount of drugs or excipient powder, which needs to be cleaned. It can be lightly rubbed with gauze coated with a small amount of liquid paraffin to make it glow, and then packaged in an aluminum-plastic packaging machine or in a suitable container.

The capsule has a clean and beautiful appearance, which can cover the bitter taste and unpleasant smell of raw materials, making it easy for consumers to accept; Functional factors have high bioavailability and low excipient content. In the preparation process, no paste can be added, no pressure, so it can be dissolved quickly. In the gastrointestinal tract, the breakdown and release of food substances normally occur 5 to 10 minutes after administration. Compared with pills and tablets, the capsule has obvious effect, fast absorption and easy absorption. Very stable. For example, vitamins should be placed in opaque hard capsules to promote preservation; It can prolong the release of substances with healthy functions. The raw materials are granulated, coated with substances with different release degrees, mixed in proportion, and put into empty capsules to prolong the drug effect.

The filling of hard capsules is dominated by solid drugs, but not all solid drugs are suitable for the formation of capsules, which must be determined according to the physical and chemical properties of capsule materials. When the drug contained is seriously deteriorated or easily dissolved, the capsule should be softened due to the release of crystal water; Or because hygroscopic drugs make the capsules brittle and dry, they are not suitable for making hard capsules.

There are many opportunities for microbial contamination during the preparation of capsules. For example, during the transportation and storage of empty capsules, and throughout the filling process, internal and external packaging materials can contaminate microorganisms. The contamination of Chinese powder capsules is more serious, and it is not handled properly, and the strips usually appear during storage. Accordingly, still should increase not to detect live mite and acari egg, coliform bacterium amount, the wholesome check such as mould total amount. In addition, hard capsule packaging should be considered and should be stored in sealed and watertight containers, most of which are aluminum-plastic blister packs.


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