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How should the problem of capsule filling machine be solved

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How should the problem of capsule filling machine be solved

Sometimes there are problems with the head and tail of the capsule. The problem of replacing the capsule and shell will be solved. Then examine the thimble to see if the height of the thimble needs to be adjusted. Sometimes you can also increase the stress area of the cap to solve the problem. Increasing the strength area of the capsule thickens the thimble. You can try to solve it.

Capsule splits, which are a very headache, are often found. You have to be careful. This usually happens for the following reasons.

1. Differences between the capsule itself, capsule cap and capsule body. The capsules need to be replaced.

2. Too much residual powder in the module. Modules need to be cleaned up.

3. When installing the module, the upper and lower modules are not aligned, please re-align the module. Until the debugging bar closes automatically.

4. In fact, it is also related to the size of the particles. I have not confirmed yet, if so, it should be included in the check to see if the particle size will cause the splitting phenomenon, if it is confirmed that the splitting phenomenon has occurred, then it should be considered whether the entire screen should be replaced.

5. Whether the thimble is too high, in the place where the cyst cap is locked.

6. In order to solve the splitting phenomenon, one method is to shorten the distance between the top die and the top plate as much as possible. Of course, the distance should not be too short. This means to lock before a rupture occurs. This method is very effective, this is the method used more. In the past, I found this problem, many adjustments still can not solve. Almost a whole batch of newly arrived capsules were replaced, and this was the solution to the problem.


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