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A list of these installation articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional installation, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
  • Rotary press punch installation Before the punch is installed, the hopper, feeder and feeder stand must be removed and the turntable and rotary mounted punch should be cleaned, bit by bit, and prepared according to the installation steps. The fixing of screws outside the frame of the middle die the main steel frame is flat with the outer circle to prevent the punch from colliding too tightly with the screw fixing plate and frame. It should be placed flat with the middle die beating rod gently hammered in. The floor plan of the opening should not be higher than the floor plan of the turntable, should meet the conditions, and then tighten the screws. Up-stroke device: The tongue plate is inserted on the opening gap of the guide rail, the middle rod is greased, some oil is added in the running toolbar, one by one, tighten the rod with thumb and forefinger, check the flexible rotation of the upper and lower mold, no scratch problem can occur, the tongue plate must be removed after


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  • Installation and wire connection of semi-automatic capsule filling machine 1. Ground requirements The rack should be installed on the ground with a sufficient rated level. If it is installed on the floor upstairs, ensure that the support is not less than 1000 kg/m, with a rubber cushion at the bottom, and the level is the same as the level of the machine table of the ordinary school. 2. Vacuum oil Any vacuum pump sent at random is not lubricated, and the oil-free vacuum pump may run for a short time (less than 10 minutes). Before production, be sure to raise one liter of #100 special vacuum pump oil. After 1500 hours of use, the vacuum pump oil should be replaced, otherwise the damage will not be free of warranty. 3. Air demand Vacuum: The vacuum pump is connected to the vacuum cylinder, the inner diameter is 25mm, the wire end of the hose is connected to the vacuum cylinder, and the other side is connected to the vacuum nozzle of the machine. Air compressor: Turn on the air


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  • ​Precautions for installation of automatic blister packaging machine 1. Do not fix the small blister packaging machine on the ground because there are rubber wheels at the bottom of the machineto move. 2. Train professionals to operate and maintain the machine. 3. Connect the ground wire according to the keyhole. 4. The machine should be kept clean. 5. Lubricating oil should be added to all parts of the machine. 6. Lubricating oil should be added to the wheel box before production. 7. Use oil-free air compressor. 8. The pressure of forming station, heat-sealing station and stamping parts should be controlled within a certain range, otherwise it will affect the service life of the machine.


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  • Installation and use steps of industrial chiller 1. Open the package and check whether the machine is intact and the accessories are complete. 2. Connect the inlet and outlet pipes, install a drain valve or a blocking cap, open the top water cover, use pure water or tap water to inject fresh water into the storage tank, the water level is subject to the flooding return port, the cooling coil must be fully immersed in the water port, when adding water At the same time observe the water level and slowly add water, taking care not to let the water overflow. 3. After filling the water, please inject a small amount of clean water into the ring groove. The device uses a water seal to isolate dust to prevent pollution of circulating water. When using in cold northern areas, it should be filled with non-corrosive antifreeze. It is recommended to use 30 % Concentration of ethylene glycol solution. 4. Connect the power cord and press the ON/OFF key switch. (It is strictly forbidden to start w


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