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These are related to the introduction news, in which you can learn about the updated information in introduction, to help you better understand and expand introduction market. Because the market for introduction is evolving and changing, so we recommend that you collect our website, and we will show you the latest news on a regular basis.
  • Introduction of flat blister packing machine DPP series plate type aluminum/aluminum automatic bubble cover packaging machine is the company according to the needs of many customers, comprehensive advantages of aluminum and aluminum packaging machine at home and abroad for innovative design, development, trial production and improvement of new products. It has a multi-purpose function, only need to change the mold can do aluminum aluminum and aluminum plastic. It is suitable for pharmaceutical industry to pack plain tablets, sugar coated tablets, capsules, also can pack small pieces of food and hardware parts, electronic components. The machine set coil open-book, aluminium or aluminium feeding, blister forming, filling material, waste recycling, aluminium or aluminium heat sealing, printing, batch number, net indentation, light "the edition, section cutter, lack of detection is to identify the waste plate automatic function) is put forward, according to count, such as a dozen funct


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  • Introduction of tablet press Pills of Traditional Chinese medicine is one or more kinds of traditional Chinese medicine powder or extract processing, refining, and then mixed, made into appropriate auxiliary materials. The advantages of chemical agents are that they are basically used as auxiliary materials for tablet computers. However, Traditional Chinese medicine itself is a functional accessory, such as cement mixture, diluent and medicine face. Therefore, material distribution table PC is the content of water, mold and volatile medicine, which is easy to absorb and the effect of storage time will be reduced. After selecting high quality raw materials according to the formula, the raw materials are washed, sterilized, processed and dried. Dry and broken. The degree of fracture can be filtered with a 100-slot sieve. The refinement of tablets is mostly the preparation of particles before pressing, which is determined by the physical properties of the material. Making particl


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  • Introduction of roll format blister packaging machine The high-speed blister packaging machine is suitable for automatic high-speed blister packaging of regular medicines such as capsules and tablets and chewing gum, lozenges, chocolate beans and other sweets. It adopts flat plate positive pressure forming, drum type mesh seal, reliable sealing The batch number and creasing device can be designed for blanking without waste, with high automation, high productivity, and superior performance of greatly saving packaging materials. The machine features are as follows: 1. Quick mold change without tools, and the mold adopts guided push type. 2. Servo traction is adopted, which is simple to set up and more convenient to debug. 3. The forming heating plate has a long separation distance when stopping, which can prevent the PVC from being excessively softened. 4. It can be equipped with image detection and waste rejection, manipulator suction head, vibration guide automatic feeder.


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  • Introduction of the new capsule filling machine GL series automatic capsule filling machine is a new product specially improved by our company based on market experience. The whole machine adopts arc design, smooth streamline, and elegant appearance. The equipment adopts PLC programming and touch screen display. It can automatically alarm and display for operation failure or lack of material, and automatically stop. After the failure is removed, the alarm can be automatically eliminated. The machine also has functions such as password input, parameter setting, printing data, and resetting. All main key parts of the machine such as drive shafts, cams and bearings are made of imported materials, which are reliable equipment favored by foreign customers. Machine features: 1. The equipment adopts internal cam transmission to reduce the center of gravity of the equipment, and the high-speed operation is stable. Ferguson transmission is adopted, with low vibration, high-speed operation


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  • Introduction and features of the packing machine This machine is suitable for the medicines of aluminum-plastic plate, round bottle, bottle of the opposite sex, food, school supplies, health care products, toys, cosmetics, auto supplies, toothpaste, paper towels, office supplies, hardware, household paper, poker and similar items such as box packaging, can automatically complete the manual folding, open cartons, boxes, printing batch number, seal boxes, etc. Features of the packing machine: 1. The machine adopts PLC control system, frequency conversion speed regulation, and the electrical components all adopt international famous brands. 2. Photoelectric monitoring of the action of each part, automatically remove unqualified items during operation, in case of any abnormality, it can automatically stop the machine and show the reason, so as to eliminate the fault in time. 3. Man-machine interface operating system is adopted, which is simple to operate and easy to maintain.


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