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A list of these maintenance articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional maintenance, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
  • Stretch film packaging machine maintenance Automatic stretch film vacuum packaging machine packaging goods, rapid, efficient, accurate, saving, strong adaptability, can pack a variety of items, is our daily packaging production in the most common one of the machinery. The maintenance of the equipment is very important. The improper maintenance causes the service life of the automatic stretch vacuum packing machine to be too low. The following are the maintenance rules of the automatic stretch vacuum packing machine shared with us. Number one, periodically add oil. Because the long time of operation will cause the internal machine to run in improper, internal does not conform to the appropriate point of lubricating oil can help to operate very well. It is recommended to increase every 80 days. Second, security. The standard pressure of automatic stretch vacuum packing machine is 0.3Mpa, which should not be adjusted too much or too little. Otherwise, it will paralyze the machine. And


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  • Stretch film vacuum packaging machine maintenance In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and prolong its service life, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance work in use. 1. should be in the temperature 0℃-40℃, relative humidity is not more than 85%, no dangerous and harmful gases in the surrounding air, no powder flying, all safe and explosive dangerous goods in the environment. Additional accessories are required for special circumstances. 2. The oil level of the vacuum pump should be checked regularly to keep the oil level in the 2/3-3/4 position of the oil window; The vacuum pump adopts imported oil or special oil for No. 0 vacuum pump, and the imported vacuum pump should adopt special imported vacuum pump oil. 3. When the oil in the pump is observed to be black or milky white; If there is water in the oil or the viscosity increases, it is proved that the oil has been contaminated. The vacuum pump oil should be replaced immediately. Under normal circums


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  • Maintenance of single stamping machine 1, all moving parts on the surface of the friction lubrication is to ensure that the machine run properly and prolong the service life of the important link, especially if the main moving parts under the condition of lack of oil dry transit transfer quickly damage and cannot be used, so the tablet machine before use must be full cup of oil, oil hole, and the friction surface and lubricating oil, and empty operation make the friction surface is full of oil film, and then can be put into use. From now on, each shift refueling on time, but each refueling should not be too much, so as not to spill the influence of cleaning, stained tablets. 2, before each shift must check whether the screws are loose, in the process of work should also pay attention to check, if there is loose tighten immediately, so as to avoid failure. The main parts are: the upper punch fastening nut, the middle die fixing screw, the lower punch fixing screw; Connecting rod l


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  • Maintenance of capsule filling machine Automatic hard capsule filling machine, fast filling speed, small size difference. The machine is compact and easy to use. If more than one capsule filling machine is used at the same time, it is suitable for mass production. Body and seat area decreases as the capsules align and close. It is beautiful and compact, conforms to the hygienic request, the operation is convenient, the maintenance is convenient, the energy consumption is low, the economical practical and so on merit. The capsule alignment speed is fast, the drug dosage is even, the product qualification rate is high; When changing different types of capsules, the filling mould of corresponding type can be changed. Suitable for small and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies, small and medium-sized batch production of health products unit factories, hospitals and clinics. Maintenance technology of hard capsule automatic filling device: Observe the combination of two pneumatic w


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  • Maintenance of tablet press 1. According to the friction and lubrication, to ensure the operation of the machine and extend the service life of the important link, especially the oil shortage and drying of the main sports will cause parts damage and can not be used, so the machine should be used before the empty operation, oil and lubrication friction surface, can be operated. In the future, regular refueling every shift, but each refueling should not be excessive, so as not to spill the influence of cleaning, stained tablets. 2. Check whether all screws are loose before each shift, and pay attention to them when working. Tighten immediately to avoid failure. 3. Conduct multi-slice artificial pressure test before and after each shift. When there is no problem, the automatic tablet press should be started. 4. In the stamping process, the quality of the mold should be frequently checked, such as rimless, cracking, deformation and other serious damage, should be replaced in ti


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  • Maintenance of capsule filling machine 1. When the machine runs normally for a long time, when a batch of drugs is changed or shut down for a long time, the parts in direct contact with the drugs should be cleaned regularly. 2. The transmission mechanism under the working platform of the machine tool should be constantly added with appropriate lubricant to reduce the wear of parts. 3. The main transmission reducer should be checked once a month to see if the oil is insufficient, and it should be replenished timely. The oil should be changed every 6 months; Change the oil every 3000 hours. Oil should be used as a rule of thumb. 4.Safety protection clutch, normal load overload clutch does not slip, but due to long-term use may appear slip phenomenon, when the clutch sliding phenomenon, may be the screw nut to tighten, to ensure the normal operation of the machine. 5. The vacuum system of the vacuum separator in the filling capsule is mainly used to put the cover on the body after


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  • Maintenance of automatic capsule filling machine Maintenance of automatic capsule filling machine In addition to the maintenance and cleaning of semi-automatic capsule filling machine, there are several maintenance work as follows: 1. Check the oil content of the main drive reducer every 200 hours, and add oil in time if there is any shortage, and replace the lubricant every 3,000 hours or half a year (the limit is for those who reach it first); (Its lubricating oil viscosity is 460~680 industrial closed extreme pressure gear oil, the original lubricating oil is "Shell" Shell Omala 220, it is recommended to use the same grade as far as possible) 2. The fuel content of the feed reducer shall be checked every 200 hours during operation, and the oil shall be replenished in time if it is found to be insufficient, and the oil shall be replaced every 1000 hours or four months (if it reaches the limit first); (Its lubricating oil is synthetic worm and worm oil with viscosity of 55


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  • Maintenance and cleaning of semi-automatic capsule filling machine​ 1. When the machine is in normal operation for a long time, the parts directly in contact with the powder should be cleaned regularly or according to the operation situation. When the drug type is changed or the downtime is long (generally more than three months), it must be thoroughly cleaned and detoxified. To work properly; 2. The transmission mechanism at the lower part of the machine frame panel should deal with oil pollution every 500 hours of operation, check the wear and tear, and confirm that there is no abnormal situation before adding lubricant to continue operation; 3. The filter of the vacuum system should be cleaned every 200 hours of operation; after 1500 hours of operation, the #100 vacuum pump oil must be replaced. 4. Lubrication of the machine (1) The joint bearings on the connecting rods on the lower part of the machine are filled with lubricating oil every 200 hours of operation; (over 90# oil


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