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These articles are all highly relevant performance. I believe this information can help you understand performance's professional information. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with more professional guidance.
  • Performance of aluminum foam cap machine Flat type aluminum-plastic bubble cap packing machine aluminum-plastic drum: includes two parts: aluminum-foil drum and plastic sheet drum. The drum is mainly composed of a cylinder body, inside and outside the stator, brake ring and adjusting nut, both ends of the cylinder body with rolling bearings on the supporting shaft, for the rotating part of the drum, when the traction of plastic film or aluminum foil, that is, to drive the roll material installed on the drum by the rotation. The stator is divided into inner and outer stators, which are sliding sleeve on the cylindrical surface outside the cylinder body and fixed at any position of the cylinder body by fixing screws to install and fix coils of different widths. The brake ring is set on the inner and outer cylindrical surface of the cylinder body, and is fixed on the support plate. It is the static part of the drum and is used to brake the cylinder body. Tighten or withdraw the 4 ad


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  • The performance of flat type blister packing machine 1, With heating plate temperature control detection, main motor overload protection, PVC and PTP package material level detection. 2, mechanical friction wheel deceleration, speed control, better than the constant ratio of mechanical reducer speed and transmission. 3, the use of four mold box box with (spline) shaft drive, improve the transmission rigidity and work to maintain synchronization. 4, the overall use of open layout structure, good visibility, machine maintenance, adjustment is simple and convenient. 5. Adopt modular mold, easy to replace, install and adjust. The same machine multi-specification production, low mold cost. 6, Adopt PLC microcomputer control, touch screen operation, Chinese and digital display, fault diagnosis Chinese prompt, simple and reliable operation, easy maintenance.


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  • The performance of the tablet press The granule powder can be pressed out according to the requirements of various tablet shapes. It is suitable for test or small amount production of various tablets, sugar tablets, calcium tablets, profile-shaped tablets, etc. Continuous pressing, primary pressing, filling depth, thickness can be adjusted. The high-speed spinning machine has the characteristics of high performance, high pressure, continuous precompression adjustment, compact structure, simple operation and maintenance, reliable operation, wide range of material selection, low operation cost and good performance ratio. In addition, this kind of machine has the advantages of low vibration, low noise, low energy consumption, high efficiency and accurate weight. Adjust the handle to the highest position and observe whether the die on the bottom punch is flush with the middle die. If not flush, adjust a butterfly screw. It has the function of starting and stopping point and speed reg


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  • The performance of blister packaging machine 1. The whole machine can be divided and packed into 1.5m elevator and divided purification workshop. Screws are used for consolidation and assembly is simple. 2. The mold adopts keyway positioning and pressing plate clamping. 3. With the photoelectric compensation mechanism, the printed aluminum foil can be graphic version. 4. The main motor adopts frequency conversion speed regulation: the blanking frequency can be from 20 to 40 times/min. The corresponding blanking frequency can be set according to the stroke length and the feeding difficulty of the filling material and other factors. 5. Manipulator clamping feeding mechanism, stable operation, accurate synchronization, arbitrary adjustment of travel within the established range, that is, the plate size can be designed at will within the range. 6. The forming heating plate automatically closes and opens, which can be started up delayed after the heating plate is put down, limit


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