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These are related to the process news, in which you can learn about the updated information in process, to help you better understand and expand process market. Because the market for process is evolving and changing, so we recommend that you collect our website, and we will show you the latest news on a regular basis.
  • Blister packaging process The cavity of the blister pack is large or small, and its shape is different due to the shape of the packaged goods. There are some that are available and some that are not. And the type of blister packing machine is also more. Nevertheless, the basic principle of blister packaging is roughly the same, and its typical process is: sheet heating → film forming → filling product → placing substrate → heat sealing → trimming and trimming. The above process can be completed by manual operation, semi-automatic operation and automatic operation. 1. Manual operation. Plastic sheet blister pre-forming, substrate pre-printing drama and cutting; When packing, manually put the product into the bubble cap, cover the substrate, and then seal the bubble cap and the substrate together with a heat sealing clamor. Some products on the circulation environment temperature and humidity requirements are not high, can not be heat sealing, and stapler stapling. 2. Semi-autom


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  • Stretch film vacuum packaging machine process Stretch film vacuum packing machine is one of the most automatic vacuum machines, also known as automatic straight empty packing machine or automatic plastic box hot forming vacuum packing machine. The vacuum sealing machine is also used in many industries, such as hairtail fish, sea cucumber and other seafood, as well as some leisure food such as chicken feet and wings that we usually eat, as well as pharmaceutical products, etc., can use the equipment to carry out vacuum or air-adjusted packaging. The working principle of the equipment is relatively simple, that is, the tensile film vacuum sealing machine needs to use the molding mold, the film must be heated to a certain extent, and then the molding mold is used to fill the shape of the container, and then the product needs to be loaded into the molding of the lower mold cavity, and then vacuum packaging. Stretch film vacuum packing machine mainly has four workflow, vacuum, heat seali


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  • The process of blister packing machine 1. Before starting, manual transfer should be free of jamming phenomenon. 2. Switch on the power supply with the key and set the temperature of the two temperature control meters as required. Blowing temperature: 140--160℃ Heat sealing temperature: 190--210℃ 3. Connect 380 volt power supply. After starting the machine, the bubble blowing roller should turn clockwise. 4. Install PVC sheets and aluminum foil on their respective supporting shafts. 5. When the two meters reach the set temperature, the following operation can be performed. First, the PVC sheet passes through the small guide roller, the inner heating roller passes through the bubble suction roller and the smooth roller, and then the PVC head is pulled by hand. After starting the machine, the PVC bubble forming is more than 3 meters long, and then the hard sheet is put through the platform, the bubble blowing roller, the traveling roller and the feed roller into the


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  • Blister packaging machine process Under the mold base and mold are fixed connection on the stand together, and on the mold in the rotation of the CAM driven by vertical movement, when the upper and lower die together, through the channel of mold base to the cavity into the compressed air blowing, aluminum-plastic film under the action of compressed air blown into the blister, plate type blister packaging machine adopts plate heat sealing method, on the sealing plate with heater, sealing up and down a checkered plate, due to the plate sealing contact area is large, in order to under pressure in a given system can sealing strong, so the sealing plate coated with pressure cylinder, the work, the sealing plate, the sealing plate under the action of the up and down along the vertical direction, complete sealing function. Cutting is at the end of a process, it is bring continuous forming membrane sealing printed according to the preset number and arrangement form into fixed single plat


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  • Powder pressing process Direct powder production technology has excellent disintegration and dispersion properties and excellent uniformity, so now, this technology is widely used in some fast release tablets, tablets manufacturers are also more and more use direct powder technology. Why can the direct powder tablet process improve the disintegration of tablets? Experts explain that the breakdown of the drug depends on the pill dissolving through capillaries or swelling. The tablets prepared by the direct crushing method and the tablets prepared by the wet method have different disintegrating agents, which will not reduce the disintegrating performance due to contact with the tablets prepared by the wet method, thus ensuring good disintegrating characteristics. In addition, due to the lack of pills, pills will not be decomposed into large particles, but the fine powder has a large specific surface area, which can be evenly distributed and increase the body's dependence, leading t


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  • Process of blister packing machine From the mold heated to above thermoplastic softness, using vacuum or positive pressure, blowing material and similar looking size and shape of the foils, then placing one or two pills into the foils, covering the foils until no drugs and foam coils (that is, no foils) the foils are sealed together. The aluminum-plastic packaging process involves cutting a series of (mostly rectangular) pills into pieces at a normal dose. Blister packaging machine requires film transport, heating, blowing, feeding, printing, batch number, sealing, indentation, stamping and other procedures. In a process, it is an intermittent process in each stage and a continuous process for the whole. Blister film conveying and packaging machine is a multi - functional packaging machine. Each packaging process is performed separately at a different workstation. The packaging machine is equipped with a variety of transport film mechanism, its role is to transport film and th


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  • Process of blister packing machine Blister packaging production process: blister packaging basic process is as follows: the formation of a plastic film, due to the blister packaging blister packaging machine fixed a lot of many varieties of drugs, need appropriate health and safety, so it is in the automatic production line, automatic blister packaging machine packaging and packaging process to do it, you can also print, packaging boxes, creates attachment between specification and packing line, automatic blister packaging production line. The production process is: product filling, matrix covering, heat sealing, cutting, finishing. (a) Roll the plastic sheet forward; (b) The foil is heated and softened by pressure (compressed air) or ground (vacuum) to form bubbles in the mould; (c) Install the product into an automatic feeding mechanism; (d) Check molding quality and filling adequacy; In automated production lines, photodetectors are usually used. When the product does


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