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Selection advantages of plate type blister packing machine

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Selection advantages of plate type blister packing machine

The bubble cap forming mould and heat sealing mould used in the plate type aluminum plastic bubble cap packaging machine are flat. The whole process is: preheating → intermittent blow molding → intermittent filling → intermittent plate heat sealing → intermittent typing, embossing → intermittent blanking.

The plate type aluminum plastic blister packaging machine adopts the plate type mold for forming and sealing, which has the following advantages: good molding quality, high dimensional accuracy, good reproducibility of small parts; The bubble cover is beautiful and crisp, the wall thickness is uniform, and the luster transparency is good. Plate level, no warping; Flexible plate arrangement, strong adaptability to plate size change, large forming area; With the film of the same thickness, a larger stretch ratio can be obtained (the maximum forming depth of the bubble cap can be up to 35 mm). Because composite positive pressure molding technology (using punch and gas pressure) can be used to complete the bubble cap forming process in the same process, so the bubble cap with complex shape can be formed. In addition, the general plate bubble cap packaging machine has a large space of filling position, and multiple filling mechanisms can be arranged at the same time, which is easier to realize the packaging of a variety of drugs on one plate, expanding the scope of packaging and improving the packaging grade.

The overall structure of plate type aluminum plastic bubble cap packing machine is divided into box structure and frame structure. Box structure machine work, molding, heat sealing, typing, embossing, blanking and other molds along the vertical direction to do synchronous linear reciprocating movement, this movement is installed on the main shaft of the CAM to achieve, so the movement load can not be scattered, impact, transmission stability is poor; The preheating, forming, stepping, heat sealing, typing embossing, blanking and other mechanisms of the frame structure machine are installed on the large plate plane. When the machine works, it is very convenient to adjust the position of the plate relative to the forming, heat sealing, typing embossing, blanking and other mechanisms. The motion load can be dispersed, so the smoothness of the transmission is good.

Adopting flat blister packaging can improve the mechanization and automation level of product packaging, reduce the cost and beautify and decorate the goods. Prolong the storage period, improve the use value of commodities; Improve product competitiveness.


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