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The pressing machine needs to be improved

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The pressing machine needs to be improved

In recent years, tablet press manufacturers generally pursue high speed, high yield and low cost in product design and manufacturing, and pay less attention to the modern management and GMP requirements of pharmaceutical companies. Due to the limitations and defects of the equipment, the tablet press used by most small and medium-sized pharmaceutical enterprises has brought many practical problems to GMP management and product quality. For example, contamination, difficulty in cleaning, inability to test products online, manual filling of equipment operation records, etc.

One of the main reasons for the pollution of the tablet press is the improper design of the lubrication system, which has not fully considered the particularity of the pharmaceutical equipment. Equipment manufacturers may consider adding regular grease lubricants to the tablet press or adopting a reliable seal to reduce or eliminate lubricant contamination of the drug. Another important source of pollution is that the rotating platform seals the material badly, which causes dust pollution. In Britain, a non-gap feeder with polyurethane sealing ring structure is used, which makes the lower part of the feeder contact with the middle mould of the turntable with zero gap, avoiding the defects of the current feeder in sealing.

Cleaning most of the domestic production of tablet press is very difficult, can not be cleaned online. When cleaning, not only to remove the upper flush, lower flush, die, and not easy to remove, not easy to clean dead Angle is also a lot. And some foreign tablet presses can achieve fast loading and unloading and online cleaning. That is, with fewer tools and adjusting fewer parts, it is possible to quickly and easily assemble and disassemble parts that need cleaning. Some tablet presses also use replaceable turntables for quick cleaning. In this respect, the domestic tablet press also needs to be improved.

Pressure piece weight difference detection is always an important and difficult control part in the production of pressure piece, domestic pressure piece machine is basically unable to detect the weight difference online. Buying an online testing kit is also expensive and difficult for small and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies. In addition to the equipment factor, the other main reason for the difference in the weight of tablets is the difference in the uneven and fluidity of particles. At present, the loading mode of the tablet press will lead to the large, well-flowing particles fall off first, and the small, poorly flowing particles fall off again, leading to the difference in the weight of the tablet. The equipment manufacturer should improve the blanking mode of the press to reduce the weight difference during the press process.

The authenticity of production records is an important part of GMP management. Although most tablet presses are controlled by PLC, there are few storage functions and printing devices, and manual recording can be distorted. If the above functions are added, it not only conforms to GMP, but also facilitates the management and record of the company.


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