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The process of blister packing machine

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The process of blister packing machine

1. Before starting, manual transfer should be free of jamming phenomenon.

2. Switch on the power supply with the key and set the temperature of the two temperature control meters as required.

Blowing temperature: 140--160℃ Heat sealing temperature: 190--210℃

3. Connect 380 volt power supply. After starting the machine, the bubble blowing roller should turn clockwise.

4. Install PVC sheets and aluminum foil on their respective supporting shafts.

5. When the two meters reach the set temperature, the following operation can be performed.

First, the PVC sheet passes through the small guide roller, the inner heating roller passes through the bubble suction roller and the smooth roller, and then the PVC head is pulled by hand. After starting the machine, the PVC bubble forming is more than 3 meters long, and then the hard sheet is put through the platform, the bubble blowing roller, the traveling roller and the feed roller into the punching die. Then open the aluminum foil, cover the PVC bubble belt with two small guide rollers, and move the manual handle of the roller to press the roller on the aluminum foil. At this time, start the machine can be out of the requirement on the plate again, check whether the plate is meet the technical requirements, such as correct, end of the preparatory work can start feeding devices into normal operation, stop operation must be cut off the input power, heating to bubble, heat-sealing heating two knob back to zero and the heating roller, heat sealing roller and bubble roller separate.

6. Finish the clearance work after the production.


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