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The spherical mould for the tablet press

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The spherical mould for the tablet press

Our general production of powder press machine and mold. Our powder press has small size, high pressure and high pressure control precision. Widely used in scientific research, teaching, testing, pharmaceutical, catalysis, chemical and other fields. In addition, the product can be used together with Fourier infrared spectrometer, fluorescence spectrometer and other detection instruments for sample preparation, and can replace similar imported products. Ordinary rectangular mold is suitable for cement, ceramics, powder metallurgy, infrared, fluorescence, calcium iron, building materials, superconductors, batteries and other new materials.

Spherical molds are used in the pharmaceutical industry and for small batch testing. Special mold sizes can be made according to customer requirements:

1. Assemble the mold according to the working principle of the mold and send the sample into the mold cavity;

2. Put the mold in the center of the tablet press and press it on the sample according to the required pressure;

3. Assemble the mold according to the mold stripping process drawing and place it on the punch press to determine the lining bolt sample of the mold;

4. Remove the mold from the press and take out the sample.

The surface of the mold should be cleaned with dust-free paper every time to prevent the anti-rust oil in the mold from affecting the test result of the sample. During the pressurization process, pay attention not to exceed the high pressure of the mold. After the mold is used, the sample should be cleaned in time to avoid mold corrosion. The mould should be coated with anti-rust oil and stored in a dry environment for a period of time. Place the mold in the center of the press, and the pressure shall not exceed the large strength of the mold. If there is sample residue that cannot be removed, please do not clean or soak the mold surface with chemical reagent; When the mould is not used for a long time, anti-rust oil can be applied on the surface of the mould to prevent the mould from rusting; The mold should be kept in a dry environment if it is not used for a long time.


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