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  • The aluminum foil of the blister packing machine creases
    Blister packaging machine aluminum foil wrinkling is generally divided into natural wrinkling and wrinkling (wrinkles are all oblique direction).
    1.Natural wrinkling: the reason is that the aluminum foil and plastic sheet did not pull parallel when bonding;
    Solution: Tear off the foil and reattach it.
    2.Oblique wrinkles (wrinkles are all oblique direction) : the reason is the aluminum foil side tight loose; The aluminum foil roller is not parallel; Forming, hot sealing two die installation is not parallel;
    Solution: Adjust the positive and negative screws of the adjusting rod, change the parallelism of the knuckle roller; Adjust the knurling adjusting handle to make the roller parallel to the track plane; Calibrate the parallelism of the two dies, generally taking the forming die as the benchmark, and calibrate the hot sealing die (the above adjustment does not require absolute parallelism, and it is often misaligned or adop


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  • Capsule filling machine resists and adjusts residual capsules
    At station 6, the suction and up-and-down push rods are used to remove capsules that are not separated or have other problems. The height of the suction and putter is adjustable and should be adjusted when changing the size of the capsule. The adjustment method of suction nozzle height is: loosen and tighten the top wire to adjust the suction nozzle height up and down, and then tighten the top wire. The suction nozzle should not be too low. If the suction nozzle is too low, the capsule cap opened in the module hole will be sucked up.
    The way to adjust the height of the putter is: under the working platform, loosen the lock nut on the joint bearing at both ends of the putter and rotate the putter to adjust the height of the putter. Install the capsules with the body cap not separated in the upper module holes of the fifth and sixth stations, first turn the main motor shaft with the handle to make the push rod move up and


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  • Heat sealing problem of blister packaging machine and its solution
    Generally speaking, there are three problems in heat sealing of blister packaging machine: weak bonding, uneven net grain, and aluminum foil being pressed through:
    1. Reasons for weak bonding: the glue on the surface of the aluminum foil is too low to reach the melting point, the aluminum foil is of poor quality or the glue is not evenly applied;
    Solution: Turn up the temperature so that the temperature remains constant at about 160° (the exact temperature is related to machine speed and room temperature), replace the aluminum foil and try again;
    2. Reticulate uneven reasons: checker rust or dirt, heat sealing temperature is too low, checkered plate in accordance with the lower die, the forming temperature is too low, pull when blister forming thin thickness between the bubble and bubble, pressure is insufficient, the lower die is not parallel, heat sealing cylinder pillar rising height is insufficient, heat sealing


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  • Introduction and features of the packing machine
    This machine is suitable for the medicines of aluminum-plastic plate, round bottle, bottle of the opposite sex, food, school supplies, health care products, toys, cosmetics, auto supplies, toothpaste, paper towels, office supplies, hardware, household paper, poker and similar items such as box packaging, can automatically complete the manual folding, open cartons, boxes, printing batch number, seal boxes, etc.
    Features of the packing machine:
    1. The machine adopts PLC control system, frequency conversion speed regulation, and the electrical components all adopt international famous brands.
    2. Photoelectric monitoring of the action of each part, automatically remove unqualified items during operation, in case of any abnormality, it can automatically stop the machine and show the reason, so as to eliminate the fault in time.
    3. Man-machine interface operating system is adopted, which is simple to operate and easy to maintain.


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  • The powder filling mechanism of semi-automatic capsule filling machine
    The function of this mechanism is to automatically load the material into the empty capsule in the capsule mold in order, and the hopper is equipped with a stepless speed regulating motor (the meter shows the speed), which drives the propeller to force the material into the empty capsule. The lower rotary table drives the mold to rotate, and the lower rotary table also drives the stepless speed regulating motor to operate, so that the mold runs for a week under the feed nozzle, which is controlled by photoelectric counting (the counter is set for 30 times). When the filling key is pressed to start, the hopper is pushed to the mold by the cylinder. The rotary table motor and the hopper motor will start automatically when the hopper is in place. When the mold rotates once, it will stop automatically and the cylinder will return to its original position automatically.
    If the hopper advance and advance speed is too


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  • Blister packing machine factory and unpacking
    1. The equipment is installed and fixed on the wooden frame when leaving the factory. After unpacking, please lift the equipment with a forklift or special tools. Do not use wire rope to lift, so as not to damage the protective cover. After hoisting, remove the fastening wire, remove the wooden frame, install the special machine foot, and put the equipment down smoothly.
    2. When unpacking the case, check whether the machine is complete and whether there is any damage during transportation (check the accessories according to the packing list).
    3. The machine should be placed horizontally in the room without installing foot screws. It is best to pad at the foot of the rubber board of about 12mm, lest after using for a long time, cause damage to the floor and shift. Equipment should be thoroughly cleaned, with a soft cloth with some detergent, wipe the surface of oil and dirt, dry with a soft cloth. Installation environment: Temperature


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  • Automatic capsule filling machine delivery
    NJP​-800, the capsule filling machine customized by the customer, was delivered yesterday afternoon. Before delivery, the quality inspector of the company carefully checked the appearance of the machine, and confirmed the detailed contents such as the configuration of machine parameters and the special requirements of the customer, which have met the factory requirements of the equipment.
    The appearance is visible in the following aspects: whether the mounting clearance of column and door is not standard, whether there is a lag after each CAM is installed, whether the positioning of capsule comb and upper die is accurate, whether the metering plate and aluminum frame correct the filling rod is friction-free, whether the clearance of upper and lower die is qualified, whether the pin position is accurate, etc.


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  • Blister packing machine delivery
    Blister packaging machine is my company recently launched a new advanced equipment, suitable for all kinds of tablet, capsule pharmaceutical, chemical, light industry, food industry such as solid liquids aluminum-plastic blister packaging (aluminium), yesterday the delivery device is tailored for the customer the red insect blister packaging machine, our qc inspector before shipment carefully examined the rack installed with chassis, frame and plate, plate correction, cabinet installation, main shaft connection, box installed CAM, mesa of sheet metal and feeding roller, dragon framework installation, etc.​
    In addition to the basic content, the factory inspector also make the corresponding inspection, confirm that the customer required voltage, screen content, electrical box, lines, nameplate, toolbox, mold, open the machine more than 4 hours before test, check the box body with and without oil, the trachea pipe with and without leakage gas leakage


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  • Change the dosing plate and filling rod of the capsule filling machine
    1. Loosen the fastening screw and lift the powder hopper with the help of spring spring;
    2. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the remaining powder in the ring;
    3. Turn the main motor with the handle to make the punching rod seat disk in the highest position;
    4. Loosen the cover nut and turn the knob clockwise to make the pressing plate and filling gripper rise and lift;
    5. Remove the small pressing plate screw with long holes under the gripper and remove the filling rod. After replacing the filling rod, tighten the screws on the small pressing plate and wait for installation;
    6. First, loosen the screws on the bar board and pull out the bar upward, unscrew the two fastening screws on both ends of the cover plate of the powder holding ring, rotate the main motor with the handle accordingly, loosen the four fastening screws that fix the powder holding ring, slowly lift the powder holding ring and the cover


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  • Station introduction of aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine
    DPP-E aluminum-plastic automatic blister packaging machine is an improved equipment recently launched by our company. It adopts frequency conversion speed regulation and integrated control technology of machine, electricity, light and gas. It is carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry (GMP) standards Innovative design, leading in the country, this machine has advanced functions, simple operation and high output. It is the most ideal packaging equipment for large and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies, health care products and food industries. Main functions: PVC blister forming, automatic material filling, PTP aluminum foil flat pressing and heat sealing, image and text matching, batch number imprinting, pressing and tearing line, medicine plate punching, waste recycling.


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