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  • The operation of aluminum-plastic packaging machine Some advanced technology of aluminum bubble cover packaging machine equipped with a variety of automatic monitoring devices, can play a variety of protection, in the discovery of the following problems automatically stop the machine operation (1) Open the safety cover; (2) insufficient pressure of compressed air; (3) the heating temperature is not enough; (4) PV C film or aluminum foil is used up; (5) The packaged medicine is used up (6) Mechanical overload at some stations; (7) Circuit overload. The machine cannot be started until the following problems are resolved (1) The safety cover is not completely closed; (2) insufficient pressure of compressed air; (3) the heating temperature is not enough; (4) Lack of PVC or aluminum foil film; (5) Overload or other faults have not been removed; (6) The setting of function keys is wrong, and the emergency stop/start key is not reset.


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  • Blister packing sealing material At present, China's pharmaceutical bubble cover packaging sealing material (also known as cap material) are using aluminum foil (PTP aluminum foil), which requires mildew free, corrosion resistant, impermeable, heat, moisture, light resistance and high-temperature sterilization performance, its commonly used thickness is 0.02mm. Reviewing the development trend of PTP packaging in international PTP packaging market and western countries with advanced technology, the production of pharmaceutical blister packaging and sealing materials in China should be strengthened in the following aspects. 1) Use diversified materials. Blister packaging aluminum foil can choose hard aluminum foil, soft aluminum foil, composite materials and special requirements of coated aluminum foil. 2) Diversified functions. Bubble cover packaging aluminum foil in addition to a wide range of applications can touch broken covering aluminum foil, but also should vigorously develop e


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  • Drug blister packaging trends 1) Completely effective protection of drugs. As with any form of packaging, the protection and effectiveness of drugs are still the basic requirements of blister packaging. 2) Safety and convenience of medication. Develop safe packaging for children and convenient packaging for the elderly. 3) Unique anti-counterfeiting packaging. Using the new technology to realize the diversified anti-counterfeiting of bubble cover packaging materials, can not only reflect the individuation of drug packaging, but also protect the products and brands of enterprises. 4) "green" environmental protection packaging. Vigorously develop and popularize new environment-friendly blister packaging materials that can be recycled, degradable and return to nature, and do not pollute the atmosphere by burning, so as to fundamentally solve the "white pollution" in drug packaging. 5) Serialized packaging. With the implementation of OTC in China's pharmaceutical industry, more and mo


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  • Important index of blister packaging thermal bonding strength in milk tablet packaging At present, "dry milk tablet" in the domestic market gradually become a hot trend, market sales, products in short supply, so that the enterprises have increased product research and development efforts. In contrast, the demand for blister packaging will continue to grow steadily." "Dry milk tablet" adopts bubble cover packaging form, with convenient consumption, easy to carry and other humanized characteristics, and bubble cover packaging has high barrier, the packaging of milk tablets between less interference, good health and other advantages, well catered to the psychology of consumers. Among the performance indexes of blister packaging, thermal bonding strength is one of the most important, and its strength directly affects the quality of blister packaging. XLW (M) intelligent electronic tensile testing machine was used to test the thermal bonding strength of flat blister-cover packaging, and


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  • Testing requirements for blister packaging The main packaging object of blister packaging is solid drugs, and the package should be isolated from the outside world, on the one hand, to prevent the volatilization, escape and leakage of drug active ingredients. Volatile pharmaceutical ingredients can dissolve in the inside of packaging materials and spread to the other side under osmotic pressure. For example, solid pharmaceutical preparations containing aromatic ingredients and volatile active ingredients are volatile and penetrate certain materials. On the other hand, prevent the outside air, water, foreign bodies, microorganisms into contact with drugs. Air contains oxygen, moisture, a large number of microorganisms and foreign matter particles, which will lead to oxidation, hydrolysis, degradation, pollution and fermentation of the drug after entering the package. PTP aluminum foil and PVC hard sheet or PVC/PVDC composite hard sheet used in bubble cover packaging will directly con


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  • Blister packaging of milk tablets Milk tablet, as a deep processed product of milk, is made of milk powder, plant milk powder, whey protein powder, sucrose and so on. It is a nutritious instant snack. At present, 90% of milk tablets are packaged with a flat blister package, which plays an important role in storage and transportation. Flat blister Packaging, also known as Press Through Packaging (PTP), is to fill the contents into the blister through vacuum vacuuming (blowing) or molding, and heat seal the lid materials such as aluminum foil with the base material under a certain pressure, temperature and time. The main body of the lid material is 99% electrolytic aluminum foil made by calendering, which is the most used metal material in packaging. It is non-toxic and tasteless, and has excellent moisture-proof, gas resistance, taste retention and light shading, which can most effectively protect the quality of the contents. After single-side printing, the surface of aluminum foil is


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  • Tropical aluminum blister packaging advantages Compared with the traditional blister packaging of "aluminum-plastic plate + aluminum-plastic sealing bag", the packaging of "aluminum-plastic plate + tropical blister aluminum" has more outstanding advantages. 1. Barrier performance The water vapor transmittance, oxygen transmittance and pinhole (that is, the small hole on the surface of bubble cover that can transmit light) were tested for traditional and tropical aluminum bubble cover packaging. Tests show that tropical aluminum blister packaging can completely isolate water vapor, oxygen and light until the contents are removed, while traditional blister packaging is difficult to achieve. 2. The reliability Reliability of traditional and tropical aluminum blister packaging. Due to the pinhole and problem of aluminum foil itself, the aluminum foil at the hot sealing position is easy to be broken, which is the inherent characteristic of aluminum foil composite film. If the tradition


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  • Annual maintenance plan of bubble cover packaging machine 1. Check whether the electrical connectors in the electrical cabinet are loose. 2. Power on the device and check whether the power supply voltage meets the requirements. 3. Check whether the temperature controller on the operation panel works properly. 4. Equipment inside and outside clean, no dust, no falling products. 5. Replace the vacuum pump oil. 6. Add grease to the guide pillar of the lifting mechanism of blister, thermal bonding and knife plate, and replace the bearing if necessary. 7. Check whether the blades of crosscutting and slitting institutions are worn or not, and replace them if necessary. 8. Power test to check whether each operating mechanism works normally. 9. After maintenance, each control handle should be placed in a non-working position, electrical control switch, twist and so on to return to the "0" position, cut off the power. 10. Fill in the equipment annual maintenance plan form.


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  • Blister packaging machine operation sequence 1. Conditions before work: the last production clearance is qualified, and the indoor temperature and humidity are qualified. Personnel hygienic dress qualified. The machine is in good condition. 2. Preparation before packaging: prepare the hard sheet, aluminum foil and active drug (such as powder and granule) suitable for the packaging capsule before packaging. The cooling water system is supplied by normal circulation. 3. Special personnel are responsible for checking the power supply line: use the power supply under safe and normal conditions. Check whether the machine is normal, such as smooth running, running sound is abnormal, running parts are smooth and smooth. Whether the fixed parts are loose and so on. Make a thorough and careful examination. To ensure the normal and safe packaging of the machine. 4. Procedures, methods and precautions: Strictly follow the instructions of the machine. Special personnel shall be responsible for


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  • Initial use of blister packaging Blister packaging The original blister packaging is mainly used for drug packaging. At that time, the company was trying to overcome its disadvantages such as inconvenient use of bottles such as glass and plastic bottles and large investment in packaging production lines. In addition, the demand for dose packaging and small tablet packaging is increasing, so bubble packaging appeared in the 1950s and has been widely used. Later, through in-depth research and continuous improvement of blister packaging materials, technology and machinery, great progress has been made in packaging quality, speed and economy. Now in addition to drug tablets, capsules and suppositories and other packaging, food and daily necessities and other products are also widely used in packaging. If the use of automatic packaging machine, but also improve production efficiency. Reduce costs. Blister package of a medicine: it can protect the product from moisture, dust, pollution, th


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