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Tablet press

These are related to the Tablet press news, in which you can learn about the updated information in Tablet press, to help you better understand and expand Tablet press market. Because the market for Tablet press is evolving and changing, so we recommend that you collect our website, and we will show you the latest news on a regular basis.
  • Technological progress of tablet press
    High speed and high yield production. In order to meet the needs of intensive development of pharmaceutical factories, the original presses of 20,000-50,000 units per hour can no longer meet the demand of the market. As a result, in the past few years, there have been eight manufacturers of high-speed tablet presses. Recently, the market launched automatic high-speed tablet press, the output of 560,000 pieces/hour.
    Trends in standardization and serialization. The factory can standardize and systematize the production, the user can choose and purchase the equipment according to the standardization series, regardless of the specification, the parameter, the add-on standardization and the series mold.
    Versatility. The generality of the tablet press indicates the development level of the pharmaceutical machinery industry and the personalized needs of users. For example: a tablet press with a ring and two laminates; A tablet press capable of p


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  • Maintenance of tablet press
    1. According to the friction and lubrication, to ensure the operation of the machine and extend the service life of the important link, especially the oil shortage and drying of the main sports will cause parts damage and can not be used, so the machine should be used before the empty operation, oil and lubrication friction surface, can be operated. In the future, regular refueling every shift, but each refueling should not be excessive, so as not to spill the influence of cleaning, stained tablets.
    2. Check whether all screws are loose before each shift, and pay attention to them when working. Tighten immediately to avoid failure.
    3. Conduct multi-slice artificial pressure test before and after each shift. When there is no problem, the automatic tablet press should be started.
    4. In the stamping process, the quality of the mold should be frequently checked, such as rimless, cracking, deformation and other serious damage, should be replaced in ti


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  • Adjustment of tablet press
    These tablets have different dose requirements. The maximum dose is adjusted by the die diameter of the handle, and the minimum dose is adjusted by the hole depth of the intermediate die.
    The dosage of a drug shall be determined in accordance with the provisions of the prescription and the pharmacopoeia and may not be changed. Pressure is also required during the stamping process, which will also affect the actual thickness and appearance of the sheet. Pressure regulation is essential in stamping process. This is achieved by adjusting the flow rate in the die hole.
    Adjustment of filling depth (adjustment of tablet weight)
    Loosen the butterfly screw and loosen the gear plate. Turn the bottom set gear to the left so that the bottom impact lever rises, reducing the filling depth (reducing the weight of the pill). After adjustment, press down the tooth plate and tighten the butterfly screw.
    Pressure adjustment (sheet hardness adjustment)


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  • The tablet problem of the tablet press
    It is very common for pills to have black spots and other colored spots. According to the specific situation, the choice of pills is certain. So how can we find out the reason? If it's a black spot, it could be a carbonized raw material, or it could be a loose handle on the ring. If the color is different, then it is necessary to check the different parts of the tablet press, rule out different possibilities.
    Missing edge is also a common problem in tablets. It is mainly caused by the collision of the tablet's sieving machine or jinjian machine, but it may also be damaged by the punch.
    Lobes generally need to adjust the pressure of the press, speed, etc., generally can pass, if there is no need to pour, to see whether the funnel is blocked.
    For loose pieces, also want to adjust the pre - pressure, rotation of the main pressure, and then may be the cause of the particles, such as the particles are too dry, humidity is too small, viscidi


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  • The use of tablet press
    1. Before use, it is necessary to repeatedly check the die quality of the tablet press for lack of edges, cracks, deformation, insufficient compaction, etc., and check whether the equipment is complete and operates normally.
    2. Check whether the dust in the granule raw materials is dry and whether the dust content in the granule does not exceed 10%. Otherwise, it will affect the normal operation and service life of the tablet press, and affect the loss of raw materials.
    3, the first machine is a dish of pressure regulator control instruction to 6, pour the powder into the feeder, test wheel, hand and drug regulation at the same time, inflation pressure to increase the weight, hard and soft finished product, and then start the engine, open the clutch and the formal production operations, in the process of production, should check the quality of drugs, if not qualified, need to make the necessary adjustments.
    4. The choice of speed directly affects the


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  • The structure of the tablet press
    A machine that presses particles or powder materials into a forming hole is called a tablet press. Early tablet presses consisted of a set of particle-shaped presses that moved up and down with the punch. This machine was called the tablet press, which later evolved into the tablet press and the basket press. The working principle of both presses is still the unidirectional press, which is based on the manual press. In other words, the press is fixed, immersed in the press, only the upward pressure movement will produce pressure. As a result, due to the inconsistency of the upper and lower forces, the plate internal density is not uniform, prone to cracking and other problems.
    In view of this shortcoming of unidirectional stamping machine, a kind of multi - wheel multi - stamping machine began to appear. At the same time, the machine pressure is uniform, so that the air in the drug particles have enough time to escape from the mold hole, improve


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  • The stamping process of a tablet press
    During plate stamping, the handle and stamping form are subjected to great pressure and are made of ordinary bearing steel (e.g. Crl5), which is heat-treated to improve its hardness.
    There are many types of punch, and the shape of the punch is determined by the shape of the pill. According to the structure form of the tablet press, it can be divided into circles and sections (including polygons and curves). The section shape of the handle is flat, beveled, shallow, deep, synthetic, etc. The flat and beveled fist is used for flattening the cylindrical tablet, the slightly concave is used for clamping the double convex tablet, the deep concave is mainly used for clamping the coating tablet, and the synthetic is mainly used for clamping the profiled tablet. Promote drug identification and management. Marks, such as drug name, dose and horizontal lines, may also be recorded on the end face of the press. For different doses of tablets, the approp


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  • Current situation of tablet press
    The tablet press is the manufacturing equipment in the history of China's production. Tablet press specifications, quantity, is a long-term export, mass production of pharmaceutical equipment. According to statistics, there are nearly 50 manufacturers in China, with an annual output of 3000 units/year and more than 70 units of product specifications, it can be executed by pressing round chips, rigid chips, profiled chips, double chips, multi-layer chips, ring chips, chip bags and so on. It is an indisputable fact that the quantity, variety, specification and output of compact-core manufacturing rank first in the world.
    In recent years, enterprises that have formed "filmmaking mechanism" begin to pay attention to product quality and believe in the business philosophy of winning by quality. According to the characteristics of domestic pharmaceutical enterprises, the variety of drugs is large and the production scale is small.
    After the techno


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  • Powder for tablet press 2
    1. Compressible starch: also known as glutinous starch (glutinous starch), is a new type of medical excipients, has been obtained in the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan and China pharmacopoeic collection, China was successfully developed in 1988, now there is a large number of the market of glutinous starch. Domestic printed starch is partially pregelatinized starch (completely pregelatinized starch also known as alpha starch) starch, is foreign toner can not be compared. It is a kind of multifunctional auxiliary material which can be used as filler. It has good fluidity, pressure resistance, self-lubricity and drying adhesion, and good disinfection effect. In direct extrusion powder, magnesium stearate dosage should not exceed 0.5%, so as not to produce softening effect.
    2.Cellulose (ACyl MCC), a kind of partially hydrolyzed crystalline cellulose and cellulose, can be pressed into solid egg powder. Cellulose (ACyl MCC), which is made of higher hard


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  • Function of tablet press
    Single-pressure type, single-sided ejection. Using the IPT middle mold, granular raw materials can be pressed into round tablets and special-shaped tablets of various specifications.
    It has the function of pre-pressing and main-pressing twice to press, which can improve the quality of press.
    Using touch screen speed control device, easy to operate, safe and reliable.
    It adopts PLC programmer and has digital display function. If connected with USB port, it can realize data collection of tablet pressing working status.
    The main transmission structure is reasonable, the transmission stability is good, and the service life is long.
    Equipped with motor overload protection device, when the pressure is overloaded, it can automatically stop. There are pressure overpressure protection, emergency stop device, strong exhaust and heat dissipation device.
    The stainless steel outer casing is a fully enclosed form, and all the parts in contact with the medicine are


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