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Tablet press

If you want to know more about the Tablet press, the following articles will give you some help. These news is the latest market situation, trend in development, or related tips of the Tablet press industry. More news about Tablet press, are being released. Follow us / contact us for more Tablet press information!
  • How to operate a high speed tablet press?
    1. Before use, repeatedly check whether there are edges, cracks, deformation, insufficient compaction and other conditions of the press die quality, and check whether the equipment is complete and whether the work is normal.
    2. Check whether the dust in the granule raw materials is dry. The dust content in the granule should not exceed one tenth. If not meet the requirements, please do not press hard, otherwise it will affect the normal operation and service life of the machine, and cause the loss of raw materials.
    3. The first command control of the pressure regulator, the powder into the bucket, turn the test by hand wheel, regulating drug packing at the same time, gradually increase the pressure gain weight into need to finished product, and then start the engine, open the clutch and the formal operation, the production process should be regularly checking the quality of the drug, if not qualified, adjustment, normal operation if qu


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  • Particles tablet press
    The great advantage of dry granulation is that the material does not need to undergo a wet and warm process. Especially for drugs sensitive to heat and humidity, they can reduce working hours, reduce production equipment and improve product quality. However, dry granulation has some problems: a large compression after rolling and crushing may produce more fine particles; Special equipment is needed for dry granulation. Therefore, in practice, only a few drugs are used in this method, except for the use of dried extracts directly ground into granules.
    After mixing the drug and auxiliary materials, through the rolling mill process (that is, the mechanical industry of double-rail rubber) through 1 to 3 times, that is, pressed into the required hardness requirements of the thin section, the thin section particles can be broken into particles through the granulator, adding lubricant can be pressed into pieces.
    The advantages of the rolling method may be the slow a


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  • What are the effects of rotary tablet press particles
    Hardness is a common problem in the pressing process, it can affect the pressing and coating. Loose sheet is mainly related to particle quality and tablet press operation.
    The particle mass is the key to compaction. Therefore, the granulation process is particularly important for the quality of tablets. The main factors affecting the particle quality of the tablet press are:
    The first is the role of herbal ingredients. For example, some Chinese herbs contain a lot of fiber. Due to its high elasticity, low viscosity, loose particles, tablet hardness is low.
    To this end, in practice, appropriate solvents and methods can be used to extract and concentrate the active components of these drugs to prepare particles, so as to reduce the elasticity of particles, improve their compressibility, and thus increase the hardness of tablets; Tablets contain a large amount of drugs, which may also cause the tablets to become loose. If these oil


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  • Improvement of tablet press
    Because the machine wheel has a milling key on the upstroke, and to press the up guide key on the upstroke rod. When used, the up-punch rod with the guide key and a pair of keyways with the direction key must be loaded into the punch hole respectively, so that the up-punch rod can only move up and down, and cannot rotate in the hole. When installing the special-shaped middle die, it only needs to move the middle die up and down to offset the hole, and insert the middle die in the same shape.
    The head does not leave the middle mould during the round drilling of the downpunch rod. The tool rod drilled behind the head is inserted and assembled in the hole. The function of the borehole toolbar is specified specifically, that is, the borehole is only up and down, there is no other key borehole to install guidance, and the downhole does not need to be milling groove. In this way, the press can be pressed under a variety of profiles, up and down the impact ba


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  • Work analysis of tablet press
    High speed press is still a normal press, but the basic principle of the operation of the press is similar, the working principle of the press including filling, quantitative, prepressing, main pressure, and so on. Upper and lower die have burst disk drive, up and down along the guide movement from left to right, respectively, when the punch movement to fill section, upward movement of the punch movement around the forced feeder, at the same time, the role of the punch under the CAM adjustment moves down, on the surface and form a cavity die, the rotor's dust particles filled cavity, after filling the cavity, CAM punching form too much. The press press punch continues to move, while the lower punch gradually moves upwards, CAM particle filling, and excessive dispersion in the cavity are the average quantization of the extrusion die hole. Quantized partial filling, the upper surface of the filling CAM is horizontal, as long as the punch maintains horizon


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  • The innovative development of tablet press
    The tablet pressing industry, which is used in the pharmaceutical industry to produce tablets, also needs innovation and development. Plate-pressing machine is a kind of automatic continuous production equipment, which is used for pressing the objects with small diameter, circular plate and profile shape with characters, symbols and graphics. Tablet press is an important equipment in the pharmaceutical industry, which affects most of the quality and the qualified rate of economic indicators. In order to meet the needs of tablet production, the development of tablet press on the market is gradually mature.
    Rotary tablet press production process, due to loading equipment and material itself, the dust is easy to fall into the tray, at the same time, the central disk under some punch and fit clearance is too large, also can make dust fall into the tray, so we must use special suction device to remove dust, also make the powder is lower than


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  • Weight adjustment of tablet for tablet press
    During the stamping process, the weight difference of the tablets tends to increase. What should be done?
    (1) Punch length is not uniform: the workpiece weight difference may increase, so calipers should be used to check whether each punch is qualified. If individual reductions may be due to failed discharge movements and low particle fill volumes, individual reductions should be checked well to remove obstacles.
    (2) the hopper level unit is wrong: may result in a hopper particles falling rapidly, the particles on the feeder, another hopper slow accumulation of particles, the particles on the feeder, less lead to imbalance, joining the two particles hopper production, hopper position is adjustable, must maintain a certain number of particles and lose speed, the accumulation of two hopper about the number of particles, particles can join hole.
    (3) Feeding hopper blockage: in the buffer zone of the tablet, if the particles are stic


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  • Problems and solutions of tablet press
    No fuel supply for rotary tablet press:
    First, turn off the power of the machine and remove the oil pump cover and oil tank side panel from the machine.
    Check whether the oil pump is inverted and the oil tank leaks oil.
    Oil pipe blockage, the crude oil washing pipe valve removing or see if there is foreign body ball tube after cleaning, use mouth to blow into the mouth of the gas is not leak after the oil rod, and fixed the body of the tank farm pump, one way to remove any tube and pipe screw filling oil after cleaning, tighten the screws, prevent oil, dirt jam tubing, open the energy pump to start working again.
    The press deflects and bends
    When the platen is moved to one side, the platen is not well guided during the feeding process, and the distance between the upper and lower axes is not parallel. Which side means there is too much free space. During adjustment, stop the machine first, take off the driving gear on both sides of the lifti


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  • Technological progress of tablet press
    High speed and high yield production. In order to meet the needs of intensive development of pharmaceutical factories, the original presses of 20,000-50,000 units per hour can no longer meet the demand of the market. As a result, in the past few years, there have been eight manufacturers of high-speed tablet presses. Recently, the market launched automatic high-speed tablet press, the output of 560,000 pieces/hour.
    Trends in standardization and serialization. The factory can standardize and systematize the production, the user can choose and purchase the equipment according to the standardization series, regardless of the specification, the parameter, the add-on standardization and the series mold.
    Versatility. The generality of the tablet press indicates the development level of the pharmaceutical machinery industry and the personalized needs of users. For example: a tablet press with a ring and two laminates; A tablet press capable of p


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  • Maintenance of tablet press
    1. According to the friction and lubrication, to ensure the operation of the machine and extend the service life of the important link, especially the oil shortage and drying of the main sports will cause parts damage and can not be used, so the machine should be used before the empty operation, oil and lubrication friction surface, can be operated. In the future, regular refueling every shift, but each refueling should not be excessive, so as not to spill the influence of cleaning, stained tablets.
    2. Check whether all screws are loose before each shift, and pay attention to them when working. Tighten immediately to avoid failure.
    3. Conduct multi-slice artificial pressure test before and after each shift. When there is no problem, the automatic tablet press should be started.
    4. In the stamping process, the quality of the mold should be frequently checked, such as rimless, cracking, deformation and other serious damage, should be replaced in ti


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