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blister packaging machine

These articles are all highly relevant blister packaging machine. I believe this information can help you understand blister packaging machine's professional information. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with more professional guidance.
  • Common problems in operation of blister packaging machine
    Some advanced aluminum-plastic blister packaging machines are equipped with various automatic control devices, which can perform various protection functions and automatically stop operation when the following situations are detected:
    Detection that the protection screen is open;
    Insufficient compressed air pressure;
    The heating temperature does not reach the required temperature;
    Lack of PVC film or aluminum foil material;
    The packaging products are exhausted;
    Mechanical overload in some workplaces;
    Circuit overload.
    The machine will not start until the following problems are resolved:
    The protective cover is completely closed;
    Compressed air pressure is sufficient;
    The heating temperature reaches the required temperature;
    PVC or aluminum foil material is normally installed;
    No load or other resolved fault;
    Function key configuration is correct, emergency stop key reset, etc.


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  • Cleaning of blister packaging machine
    The blister packaging machine must be operated by fixed personnel, familiar with the procedure of starting and making the blister. It can simply start the instrument and change the parameters. The mechanical instrument debugging personnel must pass the strict inspection, can grasp the instrument performance, the working procedure, the working mode, the working condition, the common fault detection and the processing; No one else is allowed to operate the touch screen to change parameters and so on. Carry out daily maintenance regularly to make the computer instrument panel inside and outside clean and dry; Check the terminals periodically for looseness. Keep the circuits and air lines clear.
    Basic cleaning includes:
    After the shutdown, the measurement parts should be cleaned in time, such as particulate matter, liquid liquid, solid packaging. For hot - sealed parts, wash frequently to ensure a clear seal texture.
    The photoelectric track


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  • Debugging of blister packaging machine
    The machine does not require mechanical installation. Once the box is opened and inspected, it can be placed in a flat and clean workshop for commissioning and production.
    1. After the machine box is opened, first check whether the equipment is damaged, and then check the spare parts of random files and tools, which are arranged according to the packed order.
    2. Before you start work, read the instruction manual carefully and look at random disks to improve your job skills.
    3. Install the platform and connect the electrical appliances according to the control method in the random instructions.
    4. Connect to the power supply 220V/380V 50HZ, turn on the water source and ground.
    Fully automated blister packaging operation:
    1. The machine has been debuged, maintained and tested before leaving the factory, reaching the qualified state.
    2. Before starting, the machine must move the power on the wheel on the manual disk to


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  • Advantages of blister packaging
    Aluminum foil blister packaging, also known as blister packaging, is a new type of solid packaging. After the plastic has hardened, the plastic, tablets, capsules and dense medicine are first put into the hole, and then glued together with hot aluminum foil to form a separate sealed package.
    At present, there are a lot of solid drugs are packaged with glass, although can avoid light, moistureproof, anti-oxidation, but the packaging capacity is large, technical content is not high. For wonder drugs, this traditional form of packaging failed to protect against moisture and mold, which led to the rapid withdrawal of large bottles of brown glass from the market in recent years. Compared with bottled drugs, the advantages of foam packaging are easy to realize, which can reduce pollution and drug abuse leading to obvious advantages in the process of implementation in gas and foam packaging, prevention, waterproofing, health and safety, production effic


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  • Application of blister packaging machine
    Blister packaging machine is also known as blow molding packaging machine, it USES plastic film or foam sheet, and heat seal, cut, etc. The blister regulator is mainly blister machine and heat seal machine. Usually used in the medical food packaging industry, the size and shape of bubble shells, vacuoles and bubble boxes used for packaging blister hoods vary with the shape of the packaging items; In addition, there are many types of blister packaging machines and various blister packaging methods. The basic principles of packaging bubble shape, the process is as follows: in view of its importance relative to the production of drug packaging relatively fixed, health and safety, so it should be automatic filling line, from the production automation process to complete, can also print leaflets, cartons, etc. Combine the supply chain process with the automatic packaging of packaging materials.
    (1) Unfold the plastic sheet and move forward;


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  • The blister packaging machine was shipped smoothly again
    In August, when the high temperature continued, good news of the successful cooperation between Jiangsu Hanyang Automation Technology Co., Ltd. and its customers came frequently. Through the hard work of all Hanyang employees, the equipment project cooperated with Argentine customers was guaranteed within the specified time. The production was completed, and packaging and loading were completed in accordance with customer requirements and related regulations, and smooth delivery was achieved.
    In order to meet the customer’s production requirements, we have worked overtime and overtime according to the customer’s production time. The equipment has been fully assembled and produced. After strict testing by the quality inspection department, the test data fully meets the factory specifications. The product shipped this time is a liquid honey blister packaging machine, related customized feeders, individual barrels, single-head


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  • Precautions for blister packaging machine
    The machine must be operated and repaired by professional personnel. Before operation, please read carefully this instruction to avoid any damage to human body and property caused during the use. The operation must be carried out in strict accordance with the use instruction and any operation violating the stipulations is forbidden.
    ​1.The ground wire must be connected into at the designated position by the grounding sign.
    2.Lubrication must be added before the production.
    3.During the operation of the machine, the operator shall pay attention to the operation status of each part of the machine, and is not permitted to leave his post.
    4.Maintenance and cleaning must be carried out after the general power supply is cut off and the emergency stop switch is pressed.
    5.After the machine starts, it is forbidden to put hands into the warning part so as to avoid being damaged or burnt by the high temperature.
    6.Outside protection wire shoul


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  • Station of blister packaging machine
    PVC thermoforming station
    The plastic film is heated by the heating plate and then blown into the mold by positive pressure. The size and shape of the blister can be customized according to customer requirements. It can also be equipped with a forming stretching head according to the situation. The molding effect is crisp and smooth. Compared with blister molding, there is no blister point, and the formed film stretches evenly.
    Disk brush feeder station
    Capsules, tablets, soft capsules and other pills are brushed into the blister through repeated circular motions of the nylon brush. In the case of reworked silo pills, the blister filling rate can be as high as 99.99%. The nylon brush here can be selected according to the different types of pills packaged by the customer, including silicone sheet brush, wool brush or PTFE sheet brush.
    Aluminum and aluminum to bubble feeder
    The aluminum-aluminum bubble feeder is customized according to the


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  • Features of aluminum plastic aluminum ​blister packaging machine
    This model is a new technology product with packaging, testing, and scrapping functions specially developed for pharmaceutical, health care and food companies. The machine adopts PLC computer control, man-machine interface operation, and stepless frequency conversion speed regulation function. It has the characteristics of high automation, advanced technology, complete functions, and durability. This model is suitable for blister packaging of aluminum-plastic, aluminum-aluminum, and aluminum-plastic-aluminum, and meets national GMP requirements.
    The machine features are as follows:
    1. The stroke can be adjusted, the chess set positioning slot is positioned, the mold is easy to replace, the contact type feeding, the positive pressure blow molding.
    2. Automatic blanking, molds and automatic feeders can be designed according to customers' different materials.
    3. You can choose devices such as tangent and indentation,


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  • Introduction of roll format blister packaging machine
    The high-speed blister packaging machine is suitable for automatic high-speed blister packaging of regular medicines such as capsules and tablets and chewing gum, lozenges, chocolate beans and other sweets. It adopts flat plate positive pressure forming, drum type mesh seal, reliable sealing The batch number and creasing device can be designed for blanking without waste, with high automation, high productivity, and superior performance of greatly saving packaging materials.
    The machine features are as follows:
    1. Quick mold change without tools, and the mold adopts guided push type.
    2. Servo traction is adopted, which is simple to set up and more convenient to debug.
    3. The forming heating plate has a long separation distance when stopping, which can prevent the PVC from being excessively softened.
    4. It can be equipped with image detection and waste rejection, manipulator suction head, vibration guide automatic feeder.


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