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blister packaging machine

The articles shown below are all about the blister packaging machine, through these related articles, you can get relevant information, notes in use, or latest trends about the blister packaging machine. We hope these news will give you the help you need. And if these blister packaging machine articles can't solve your needs, you can contact us for relevant information.
  • Do you understand the development direction of blister packaging?
    Blister packaging machine for drugs is also known as PTP packaging technology, blister packaging technology has developed rapidly in recent years as a form of drug packaging.
    PTP technology is used to heat and soften the plastic film and place it in the mold, or to form the bubble shell by blowing compressed air through vacuum pump. Then, it is coated with plastic aluminum foil for medicinal use at a certain temperature to ensure that the bubble wrap package is formed under the sealing condition. At present, blister packaging has become the mainstream packaging for capsules, tablets and other solid dosage forms, and the development momentum will continue.
    Blister packaging in China the status of the drug and the deepening of China's reform and opening up and reform of medical system, especially after China's accession to the WTO, the international pharmaceutical companies to enter China, competition in the pharm


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  • Advantages and development of blister packaging Machine
    The excellent barrier performance of blister packaging is due to its choice of raw materials, aluminum foil and plastic hard sheets. The aluminum alloy housing adopts high density metal crystal structure, which has good barrier property and light resistance. Blister packaging has the advantage of being easy to carry over compared with bottled medicine, reducing the contamination caused by the product during transportation and use. In addition, blister packaging has obvious advantages in gas, barrier, moisture penetration, health and safety, high production efficiency, accurate dose, and prolongs the service life of the product.
    Another advantage of blister packaging is the automatic packaging process, which ensures the safety of drug packaging. The automatic blister packaging machine includes blister forming, drug filling, sealing, folding, manual insertion, blister packaging, carton sealing and other processes, which are co


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  • Composition and performance of blister packaging machine
    Multifunctional automatic packing machine for aluminium, aluminium foil blister packaging machine, this machine has the advantage of the advantages of comprehensive blister packaging machine innovation design, driven by servo motor, PLC, suitable for drug packaging, tablets, food packaging industry, capsule packaging and accessories, electronic components, machinery hardware, such as packing, this machine have a coil open-book, lu: su feeding, blister forming, batch number printing, flat indentation, plate cutting, and other functions. The various functions of this machine, such as packing goods well, ensure safety and hygiene. Because of the advanced technology, it has been included in the national new product, national spark demonstration project development, this machine is the equipment used for pharmaceutical packaging in China, used for technical improvement and implementation of GMP production. The products are exported t


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  • Blister packaging machine connected to the chiller installation
    Please check whether the machine is damaged during installation, and select the appropriate location for installation and maintenance.
    The installation position of the equipment shall be base plate, mounting pad or base plate. The horizontal plane shall not exceed the horizontal standard and shall be able to bear the working weight of the equipment.
    At normal room temperature, the machine has enough indoor space around and above the room to carry out the daily maintenance of the unit.
    There should be a space at one end of the unit for the exhaust pipe to be removed from the capacitor.
    Select suitable pipe diameter, cooling system and cold water system and connect them correctly when the unit is running at high power.
    Under normal working conditions, the flow rate through the evaporator and condenser is between the allowable standard range.
    The flow of water should be stable under all load conditions.
    All cooling wa


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  • Analysis of blister packaging machine
    Aluminum-plastic blister packaging is one of the main forms of product packaging in the pharmaceutical industry. Most drugs made in tablet form go through this process before being repackaged and marketed. The working process includes forming and packaging all kinds of PVC tablets on aluminum-plastic board, suitable for all kinds of tablets, capsules, tablets, plain tablets and various types of tablets. In order to realize the high speed packaging of tablets of different sizes and shapes, the control system must have fast, accurate and coordinated control functions, but it cannot meet the requirements of travel switch and relay control. Using Mitsubishi's human-machine interface with PLC applications is a comprehensive solution to meet these requirements, converting complex contactor controls into PLC controls without requiring any major mechanical changes.
    The blister blister packaging machinery structure mainly includes frame, preheat formi


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  • Flat plate blister packaging machine
    Plate type blister packaging machine process flow and work plan: the formation of a plastic board preheater heating softening to plastic shapes, the steps of the servo traction device sent to the plate forming station, use compressed air to soften plastic blow molding or pressure blowing into the blister, filling packing blister of filling material feeder, then go to plane sealing device, and appropriate temperature, the pressure will be sent to board plastic and aluminum foil sealing, sent to the typing, stamping and punching device, with batch number, the broken line pressure, cutting into a regulation the size of the plate. The hard sheet of molding plastic is rolled, preheated, blown, packaged, sealed, coated aluminum foil, batch number, wire breaking pressure, step by step, pressure cutting, waste collection and so on.
    In recent years, some drugs have been needed in light-proof packaging, and a new packaging substrate, aluminum foil, has emer


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  • Blister packaging machine process
    Under the mold base and mold are fixed connection on the stand together, and on the mold in the rotation of the CAM driven by vertical movement, when the upper and lower die together, through the channel of mold base to the cavity into the compressed air blowing, aluminum-plastic film under the action of compressed air blown into the blister, plate type blister packaging machine adopts plate heat sealing method, on the sealing plate with heater, sealing up and down a checkered plate, due to the plate sealing contact area is large, in order to under pressure in a given system can sealing strong, so the sealing plate coated with pressure cylinder, the work, the sealing plate, the sealing plate under the action of the up and down along the vertical direction, complete sealing function.
    Cutting is at the end of a process, it is bring continuous forming membrane sealing printed according to the preset number and arrangement form into fixed single plat


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  • Blister packaging machine plate brush feeding
    Blister packaging machine, including transport system and between the transport system is set up to protect the most important system of protective barriers, a transportation system, medicine plate activity configuration on the wall on either side of the roller, the corresponding list mentioned in the various kinds of holes on the blackboard, the groove of the hole and the medicine plate one-to-one correspondence, in vertical fixed protection has some brush, brush the rotation of the motor, this paper introduces the through the duct connected to the storage of the pot, the configuration output port are aluminum-plastic film, bubble film, adhesive between the diaphragm.
    Existing blister machine placed in drugs, especially the panels set scraper, through scraping board drugs into the groove, when grooves around just have agents can realize the medicament into the slots, otherwise not from drugs into some of the slots, leading to can't e


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  • Cleaning and finishing of blister packaging machine
    Remove the waste PVC and aluminum foil rolls used by the blister packaging machine according to the installation procedure and collect them into the waste drums.
    Unscrew the nut on the indentation plate, remove the indentation cover plate and place it on the operating table, unscrew the module fixing nut, wipe it clean with alcohol, then screw the nut and indentation cover plate back in order.
    Clean the scraps scattered on the surface of the machine with a brush, collect them into the waste bucket, and wipe the surface of the machine clean with a wet cloth.
    Wash and seal the upper and lower surfaces of the heating plate with steel wire brush twice a month.
    After cleaning the special greasy spot, remove the residual detergent with a clean wet cloth and wipe it with a dry cloth.
    Before starting each time, check whether the pressure of compressed air reaches the normal state, check whether the chiller works normally, ch


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  • Blister packaging machine use process adjustment
    First of all, adjust the forming box body, adjust the synchronization of forming, hot sealing and punching. Loosen the lock nut at the bottom of the box, turn the handwheel to make the box move horizontally, adjust the box to the desired position, and tighten the nut.
    Adjust the forming mold to align with the guide rail, keep the level, and make THE PVC pull through the guide rail.
    Adjust the upper mold, adjust the PVC position, adjust the alignment of the upper and lower molds, loosen the circular surface of the nut and the upper plate to separate completely, tighten the four nuts respectively to make the upper and lower molds completely match, and then rotate the nut to the bottom of the forming fixing plate.
    Adjust the lower heat sealing box, loosen the lock nut on the base, turn the handwheel, make the lower heat sealing box move horizontally according to the instruction of the staff, adjust the heat sealing position, and


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