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If you want to know more about the blister packaging machine, the following articles will give you some help. These news is the latest market situation, trend in development, or related tips of the blister packaging machine industry. More news about blister packaging machine, are being released. Follow us / contact us for more blister packaging machine information!
  • The mould of blister packaging machine is changed and synchronously adjusted Mold replacement: when the packaging form changes, that is, the number, size, variety and packaging plate specifications change, the mold and the corresponding parts need to be replaced. The general steps to replace the mold and the corresponding parts are: turn off the heating switch, cut off the water and air source, turn all the switch knobs to the "0" position; Remove the forming mold and the covering film, and use the inching button to open each station to a large value; Identify the parts to be replaced and replace them after the unit has cooled to room temperature. After the replacement, carry out synchronous adjustment. After that, press the button to make the machine run for a short time and check the reciprocating movement. It is required to run smoothly and without impact. Replacement parts and components: When the type and quantity of the package changes, but the size of the package plate rem


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  • Blister packaging machine component maintenance Molding die roll, formwork, tensile membrane, sealing, sealing roller, feed roller is an important component of the blister packaging machine, such as the storage and use process must pay special attention to cleaning and maintenance don't contact with acid, alkali or other corrosive substances don't knock against scratching the surface replacement should pay attention to clean the face, and the trace oil in normal working conditions to prevent dry friction will often oil. When there is dirt in the reticulations on the sealing roller and board surface, copper brush shall be used to clean the reticulations. Steel brush shall not be used to avoid damaging the reticulations. Before the filling mechanism is used, the packed objects should be cleaned to prevent irregular materials and sundries from sticking or waste plates during the filling process. Blister packaging machine after all the normal mold adjustment must be advanced to ru


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  • Servo Drive application of blister Packaging machine Servo driver switches and applications Servo drive based on equipment operation order, a drive is A2 molding servo drive, the second is the blanking of A2 servo drive, the third is a molding B2 servo drive, the fourth is the active stick B2 servo drive, is the fifth type B2 servo drive, the sixth is the cutting knife B2 servo drives. Main encoder installed behind the forming of B2 servo driver, so in addition to forming servo drives, servo drives off the rest can run independently after forming mechanism, second, if turn off type servo can run independently and blanking forming and sealing, third, closed type servo driver can run independently in addition to the type of all locations. Servo driver manual setup and application In the actual tuning process, the servo driver will use three main functions: parameter setting, manual operation, and acceleration setting. One parameter setting includes the length of forming servo rec


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  • Blister packaging machine plate table problem Splicing is PVC docking station, at the same time, splicing machine has two cylinder controlled release of PVC and outage protection, when forming servo traction, clamping cylinder to loosen, when forming traction to pulling the end of the clip clamping cylinder PVC, PVC continue to prevent: pick up table with another cylinder is open when powered on, turn it off when closed, to prevent the PVC stick for a long time in the heating plate and the scorched, splicing stage and the third function is to adjust the position of the PVC when asymmetric PVC waste edge on both sides can adjust splicing machine block when bar to control the center of the PVC. Splicing machine location prone to two problems, one question, after each sheet PVC in molding servo easily when wandering or fine, appear this kind of problem because of docking PVC edge is not neat, or butt paste transparent tape is not smooth, or is a splicing of retaining clip PVC is too t


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  • The problem of blister packaging machine blanking The equipment provides universal disk brush blanker and disk vibration track blanker. The disk blanker is simple to use and has no big problems basically. If the blanking is too much or too little, it may be because the sensitivity of the blanking proximity sensor is not accurate. The sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted. If the blanking rate is not high, the speed of the plate brush can be changed. Disc feeder accurate adjustment place more so, the first installation disc feeder disk to keep parallel with equipment platform, second, after forming blister alignment cutting board, platform and blanking plate is perpendicular to the equipment, and higher than 2 mm to 3 mm, the third through the alignment of the blanking plate to adjust the disc hole and blanking plate leakage hole alignment, then tighten the disc vibrator and disc. Multiple grains or skipping grains appear in blanking. This kind of circumstance is blanking plate


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  • Blister packaging machine molding prone to problems Forming air leakage, high noise, first forming leveling, inching control screen, when the molding upper mold at the low point to stop, and then the lower mold fitting on the mold, and keep all sides equal to further pre-tightening, later adjustment in the pre-tightening process should not only maintain no air leakage or less air leakage, but also ensure that the molding noise is not too big. Shape encoder parameters adjustment, inching, when the upper and lower mold just fitting immediately stop, you can try several times, find a suitable point. There are encoder synchronization values in the upper right corner of the control screen. Molding adjustment, point, when the mould and lower mould has 0.5 mm clearance stop or be asked in the mold put a layer of PVC, then the mould joint on the mould, and then through the PVC plate, heat, running at a speed of 25 to 35 cut/min, which Angle is the bolt tightening the Angle of leak unt


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  • The problem of blanking knife in blister packaging machine 1. The plate appears burrs and burrs The blanking knife is blunt, it needs to be polished. Or change blanking knife. 2. Bubble around the plate First, the left and right position and the upper and lower position of the blanking knife are not correct by moving the position of the blanking knife. Second, blanking knife die edge thickness is not less than 3 mm, block bubble from the edge is not more than 3.5 mm, so that it is easy to bubble or bubble scraping. 3. Loud blanking noise Lack of oil lubrication or blanking knife back plate with waste edge caused by noise. 4. Blanking position adjustment The blanking knife can be adjusted left and right by the four bolts fixed by the blanking knife, and the plate position can be adjusted up and down by the blanking stepping servo driver P7-03 by increasing or decreasing parameters.


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  • How does blister packaging machine aluminum foil fold? Aluminum foil folding is a common problem in blister packaging machine. Due to the error of the packaging material reel, too tight or too loose brake at the rear end of the aluminum foil gas expansion shaft, the way of winding, and the difference in the degree of parallelism between the guide rods, aluminum foil sealing folding can be caused. First of all, encountered a long line of folding is the gas expansion shaft brake too tight, a little loose to solve the problem, such as the brake pad is not tight so replace a winding way to try, this problem generally appears in the aluminum foil drum material is not much time. Next if it is other fold first try will be close to the cutting board before heat sealing roller guide rod fixed when fold improvement, transfer of a second change the aluminum foil winding way, again observe the fold in the medial or lateral, if is the lateral will balance of heat sealing roller holder bolt lat


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  • Cleaning precautions for blister packaging machine Flat blister packaging machine is to divide qualified tablets into PVC mold and aluminum foil heat sealing aluminum plastic board, waterproof, dustproof, no air leakage, drugs in the packaging machine to move the heat sealing, packaging machine cleaning procedures. Directly affect the product quality of tablets. Thorough cleaning must be done before and after each production. Open the cover of the distribution box behind the body, blow down the dust on the electrical appliances, clean up the powder particles and oil stains into the body through the back cover, and check the location of the oil pool fluid. Cut off the remaining PVC and aluminum foil on the machine, remove them and put them in the box for storage. Wipe the dust and ink on the PVC guide column and aluminum foil guide column. Clean control panel, clean upper and lower heating panel on powder or hot sticky PVC. Wipe the surface of the forming die, the hole


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  • Do you understand the development direction of blister packaging? Blister packaging machine for drugs is also known as PTP packaging technology, blister packaging technology has developed rapidly in recent years as a form of drug packaging. PTP technology is used to heat and soften the plastic film and place it in the mold, or to form the bubble shell by blowing compressed air through vacuum pump. Then, it is coated with plastic aluminum foil for medicinal use at a certain temperature to ensure that the bubble wrap package is formed under the sealing condition. At present, blister packaging has become the mainstream packaging for capsules, tablets and other solid dosage forms, and the development momentum will continue. Blister packaging in China the status of the drug and the deepening of China's reform and opening up and reform of medical system, especially after China's accession to the WTO, the international pharmaceutical companies to enter China, competition in the pharm


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