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The heat seal form of blister packing machine

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The heat seal form of blister packing machine

The bubble wrap machine fills the bubble shell with the drug, the heat seal film covers the drug, and then the two seal. The basic principle is that the inner surface is heated and pressurized so that it is in close contact, forming a complete welding table in a short time. There are two types of heat sealing: roller type and plate type.

(1) Roller type. Sealing material is continuously rotating through two rollers, and sealing packaging material is continuously rotating through two rollers and the pressure residence time is very short, hot sealing requirements, the occurrence of a certain speed is too slow or packaging material must be fully preheated coil before proceeding.

(2) Pressure equation. The sealing material shall be a seal arriving at the terminal, touching the sealing surface by the heated sealing hot plate and the underlying formwork, subject to pressure welding together, and quickly leaving to complete a periodic packing process. The final product is smoother and has greater sealing pressure.

The surface of the heat seal plate/roller is cut into needle or wire mesh by chemical milling cutter or mechanical bearing, which improves the sealing strength and the appearance quality of the packaging finished products. But the most important point is the role of the tensile material in heat sealing, thus eliminating shrinkage and wrinkling. However, membrane perforation should be avoided during heat sealing.


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