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2020 Hanyang company's implementation plan for enterprise safety production

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2020 Hanyang company's implementation plan for enterprise safety production

In order to thoroughly implement the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee and the provincial and municipal governments on production safety, in accordance with the requirements of the district party committee and district government, Hanyang has made the following plans:
1. Establish a leading group for the special rectification action implementation plan of the project department
2. Arrange work priorities
(1) Implementation of the safety production responsibility system
(2) Safety inspection system
(3) Improvement of safety rules and regulations
(4) Implementation of safety education and training system for operating personnel
(5) Safety training for new employees entering the site, transferring employees, temporary employees, operating procedures and job training conditions for various types of work
(6) Check hidden dangers at the work site
(7) Post safety inspection
(8) Ledger and implementation
(9) Implementation of hidden danger rectification
3. Key points of remediation
(1) Implement safety management responsibilities and lay a solid foundation for safety work
(2) Do a good job in safety inspection and pay close attention to the rectification of hidden dangers
(3) Carry out hazard source identification and safety risk analysis to strengthen prevention
(4) Do a good job in fire fighting
(5) Strengthen the control of dust control
Through the implementation of the safety production plan, the grassroots foundation of safety production has been consolidated, a long-term mechanism for the investigation and management of safety risks and hidden dangers has been established, which has promoted the implementation of safety production goals and responsibilities, and effectively prevented and contained safety production accidents.


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