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Jiangsu Hanyang invites you to review the wonderful moments of CPHI&P-MEC 2020 in Shanghai CPhI

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Jiangsu Hanyang invites you to review the wonderful moments of CPHI&P-MEC 2020 in Shanghai

The 20th World Exhibition of Pharmaceutical Raw Materials (CPhI China 2020) and the 15th World Exhibition of Pharmaceutical Machinery, Packaging Equipment and Materials (P-MEC China) were held in Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center from December 16 to 18. As an industry at the end of the last event, the exhibition will be hand in hand to nearly 3500 exhibitors, professional audiences of more than 75000 person-times again presents a world famous pharmaceutical industry one-stop vertical trade, exchange feast, from pharmaceutical raw materials, contract customization for people in the industry, biological medicine, pharmaceutical machinery, packaging materials integration solution to the laboratory instrument, renewed global pharmaceutical trade cooperation.


Product appearance, exhibition hall built!

Hanyang machinery product quality is superior, the category is wide: liquid solid bubble wrap packing machine, semi-automatic capsule filling machine, automatic capsule filling machine, tablet pressing machine, several granule machine, box filling machine and some production line equipment.





The whole process of field customization is non-standard customization and

One-stop overall service solution

Jiangsu Hanyang Technology continues to make innovations and breakthroughs, and continues to provide customers with packaging solutions for drugs, food, daily necessities and medical devices. The products attending the conference have attracted much attention from the market.



According to the customer's demand for product trial production

Process optimization, productivity improvement and other requirements tailored design


Quality creates brand, service creates future


Hanyang has made many new and old friends at home and abroad on the CPhI exhibition platform in Shanghai. With more and more customers at home and abroad, the effect is getting better and better. Our booth area is also increasing year by year, we look forward to more and better cooperation between our company and customers in the future! Thank you, the future can be!

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