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ZK-150 Automatic Rotary Vacuum Packing Machine

ISO9001:2016, SGS, CE
  • ZK-150


   Rotary automatic bag-type vacuum packaging machine consists of two separate rotating bodies (filing system and vacuum system respectively);

   Easy operation: PLC touch screen control, man-machine interface operating system, intuitive and convenient operation;

   Convenient adjustment: really realize full automation, just input the required parameters from the man-machine interface,and the parts of the packaging machine can be automatically adjusted to the required instructions;

   High degree of automation; It meets the requirements of fully automatic vacuum, realizes unmanned in the weighing and packaging process, and automatically alarms when there is a failure;

   The perfect prevention system can intelligently detect whether the bag is open and the bag is complete.if it is not suitable for feeding, it w not be heat-sealed, no waste d bags and materials, and cost saving.

   The equipment meets the hygienic standard of food processing machinery. The contact between equipment and materials is processed by 304 stainless steel or other materials that meet the food hygiene requirements to ensure the hygiene and safety of food and meet GMP standards.

   Easy to clean,the vacuum chamber can be cleaned.




Drive way

Inverter motor drive/servo drive

Measurement methods

Pickles measuring machine,multihead combination weigher

Packaging materials

Aluminum foil bags,composite flat bags,PE bags,PP bags

Packaging specifications(mm)

Wide:70-150 length:80-220

Filling Range(g)

10-400(By product characteristics)

Packing speed(bags/min)


Weighting accuracy

≤±1%(By product characteristics)

Host weightkg


Host power(kw)


Drive power supply

380V 3P 50Hz

Control power


Overall dimensions


Compressed air consumptionm³/min

0.45(Compressed air provided by the user)

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