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Aluminum plastic aluminum bubble cover packaging machine uses

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Aluminum plastic aluminum bubble cover packaging machine uses

In recent years, with the rapid development of China's national economy, the continuous improvement of people's living standards. Domestic and international market is in the growing demand for packaging machinery products at the same time, the quality of packaging, packaging, goods shelf life (especially related to people's life and health of drugs) higher and higher demands are proposed, so as to further promote the continuous improvement of the packaging machinery industry, improving and developing, make the packaging machinery new products emerge in endlessly, packaging business is thriving.

The flat aluminum-plastic-aluminum automatic blistering packaging machine is a new product with 21st century characteristics jointly developed with enterprises on the basis of the original aluminum-plastic-aluminum packaging machine in order to extend the shelf life of drugs (especially valuable drugs) according to the market demand and the new trend of international drug packaging development. It has complete functions, integration of mechanical and electrical gas, and high degree of automation. It can automatically and continuously complete a variety of complex technological processes, such as PVC hole forming, aluminum foil bag forming, dosing (or article), heat encapsulation, blanking into plate, counting, waste recycling, and so on, so as to produce beautiful aluminum plastic aluminum tablet board. The board can not only effectively improve the light avoidance and sealing effect of the drugs in the packaging box, so as to successfully achieve the purpose of extending the storage time of the drugs, but also can beautify and enhance the image of the goods, improve the product grade and price, bring huge economic benefits to the enterprise, and benefit the users and deeply welcomed by the majority of users.

The production of this product can not only improve the level of pharmaceutical packaging in China, but also be beneficial to the export of products, win glory for the country and earn foreign exchange for the country. In addition, it can play a role in combating and restraining fake and inferior products to a certain extent.


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