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The blister packaging machine was shipped smoothly again

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The blister packaging machine was shipped smoothly again
In August, when the high temperature continued, good news of the successful cooperation between Jiangsu Hanyang Automation Technology Co., Ltd. and its customers came frequently. Through the hard work of all Hanyang employees, the equipment project cooperated with Argentine customers was guaranteed within the specified time. The production was completed, and packaging and loading were completed in accordance with customer requirements and related regulations, and smooth delivery was achieved.
In order to meet the customer’s production requirements, we have worked overtime and overtime according to the customer’s production time. The equipment has been fully assembled and produced. After strict testing by the quality inspection department, the test data fully meets the factory specifications. The product shipped this time is a liquid honey blister packaging machine, related customized feeders, individual barrels, single-head feed nozzles, chillers, air compressors and related accessories.


Although the order quantity is large and the production is busy, our quality has not declined. We are busy and in an orderly manner. Each equipment will be inspected by multiple procedures before shipment. This is the principle that our company adheres to from beginning to end.
Our company's advanced production technology, excellent product quality, and considerate after-sales service enable each cooperation to be carried out in an orderly manner. It has won the trust and support of customers at home and abroad, and has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with customers.

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