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These articles are all highly relevant blister packaging. I believe this information can help you understand blister packaging's professional information. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with more professional guidance.
  • Material requirements for pharmaceutical blister packaging
    Drug blister packaging is directly in contact with the drug, and some drugs need to be stored for a long time, the quality of drug packaging is directly related to the quality of the drug, involving the health and safety of the person. Therefore, the requirements for pharmaceutical packaging are as follows:
    (1) Packaging materials should be non-corrosive, and have insect, moth-proof, microbial inhibition and other properties, in order to protect product safety.
    (2) packaging materials should have good barrier performance. Packaging materials should be moisture, water vapor, gas, light, fragrance, odor, heat and so on with a certain barrier.
    (3) packaging materials should be suitable for processing, convenient for the mechanization and automation of packaging operations, in order to adapt to large-scale industrial production should be suitable for printing, easy to print packaging marks.
    (4) the packaging material


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  • The importance of thermal bonding strength to blister packaging
    Blister packaging, also known as blister packaging or PTP packaging, is made by placing tablets or capsules in a blister or blister eye of a hard piece, and then hot-bonding the hard piece with aluminum foil. As the surrounding area of each bubble eye is the thermal bonding area formed by hard pieces and aluminum foil, each bubble eye is independent of each other, and the damage of one bubble eye will not affect the sealing integrity of other bubble eyes. Therefore, each pill or capsule in the bubble wrap package has little influence on each other, less interference, and the chance of contamination is reduced. In addition, blister packaging also has the characteristics of high barrier, good sealing, good hygiene performance, etc., has become an inseparable part of the pharmaceutical packaging field, and gradually extended to the food, health product packaging field.
    If it is not hard to see from the above analysis, t


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  • Blister packaging update
    It is predicted by the relevant department in the UK that blister drug packaging will have a big change in packaging form in the future, and other drug packaging forms such as container packaging will also be gradually transferred to blister packaging. Therefore, in order to get a better development of drug packaging, we must find out the current trend of the development of society, to ensure that China's drug packaging and the current form of packaging, so as to be further developed. Blister packaging can be updated from the following aspects.
    Make sure the package matches the efficacy of the product. Prevent drug failure due to faulty packaging.
    Ensure the convenience of medication for patients: Manufacturers should improve the convenience of medication for patients in memorized drug packaging.
    Unique security packaging. That is, to ensure that the pharmaceutical packaging is corresponding to the development of medical technology, while ensuring the uni


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  • The development level of blister packaging in China needs to be improved
    Although the level of blister packaging has developed rapidly in China, the types of packaging have been increasing year by year. However, for developed countries, there is still a certain gap. The main reasons for the gap with developed countries are:
    1. China's overall pharmaceutical production technology is relatively low. Compared with developed countries, China has fewer pharmaceutical equipment, which restricts the development of pharmaceutical packaging.
    2. Due to the large dosage of drugs, it is difficult to increase the service of blister packaging for drugs taken in large doses. The production cost of blister packaging is higher than that of bottle packaging in larger doses, which is not conducive to the realization and promotion of blister packaging in China. Therefore, in order to increase the use and promotion of blister packaging, manufacturers can reduce the drug dosage, and improve the acc


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  • Foreground of blister packaging
    In the process of blister packaging, packaging materials, production equipment and other aspects still need to further accelerate the development of drug blister packaging, and further strengthen the quality and service quality of Chinese pharmaceutical packaging, as in other countries in the world.
    1) Adequately and effectively protect the drug. As with any form of protective drug packaging, ensuring the effectiveness of the drug remains a basic requirement of blister packaging.
    2) Safe and convenient to use. Develop safe packaging suitable for children and packaging suitable for the elderly to facilitate children and the elderly.
    3) Unique anti-counterfeiting packaging. The safety of diversified blister packaging materials achieved by new technology not only reflects the personality of drug packaging, but also protects enterprises and brand products.
    4) Green packaging. Blister packaging vigorously developed and promoted, biodegradable, not pollut


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  • Development of blister packaging materials for adhesives
    At present, aluminum foil coating adhesive is mainly composed of one - component and two - component adhesive. Glue is mainly composed of natural glue or synthetic glue and acrylic acid composition, because it is mainly elastomer, plus viscosity additives and organic solvents mixed with emulsion, with strong thermal solubility, strong adhesion and other characteristics.
    As health requirements increase for pharmaceutical packaging materials, the use of newly produced single-component adhesives is gradually decreasing, and mainly two-component polyurethane coatings. The main mechanism of the adhesives is the master agent and the fixative agent, which usually contain many active hydrogens, such as hydroxyl, amino hydrogen and other substances solidified composite isocyanate vinegar. The addition reaction occurs automatically when it comes into contact with the active hydrogen of the main molecule of the chemical reagent, formi


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  • Blister packaging for material control
    For blister packaging aluminum foil is the main material to cover the opening, is also a good barrier packaging material, pinhole in penetration is a fatal defect. During the packaging, transportation and storage process, extrusion, collision is inevitable, so the size of the pinhole or the range of aluminum material or increase, which may cause the material to have obvious fracture marks, which may lead to deterioration in the properties of aluminum material it speeds up the infiltration of gas and water vapor, affecting the stability of the aluminum material.
    In general, there are two methods to accurately assess changes in pinhole conditions and changes in covering materials. First of all, it is suitable for the kneading behavior that may occur during the circulation of packaging materials through the kneading test device. Secondly, the strength of coating material before and after friction is tested, and the change of data directly refle


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  • Material requirements for pharmaceutical blister packaging
    The packaging of drugs must meet the requirements of dampproof, mildew proof, ice proof, heat proof and light proof. Metal aluminum non-toxic tasteless, has excellent shading, resistant to moisture, cut off gas and the security properties of odour, theoretically perfect foil can completely prevent gas, light, packaging can be the most effective protection by drugs, asked to use opaque packaging materials, almost all of the materials, aluminum foil are used as the barrier layer, therefore, the aluminum foil in pharmaceutical packaging is widely used, is usually a direct contact with the drug use the main packaging materials.
    As far as the present situation is concerned, the quality of aluminum applied drugs in China still lags behind that of imported products, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects: the quantity of aluminum pinholes cannot meet the demand of drugs. The number of needles on the aluminum foil is


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  • The development of Blister packaging PVC
    Pharmaceutical packaging PVC board made from PVC resin, add a few auxiliary technology through extrusion processing method in the production of qualified drugs, as an independent aluminum-plastic packaging substrate, each piece of tablets and capsules independence, become the smallest unit of medical packaging, make drugs safe, accurate, because the processing method is simple, small investment, easy processing, reduce pharma pharmaceutical production costs, improve production efficiency.
    Because vinylidene chloride polymer density, uniform structure, in high humidity environment will not leak, excellent water resistance, resistance to oil and solvent performance is poor, especially for oxygen in the air, water vapor and carbon dioxide has a high performance barrier. In addition, impact resistance, tensile strength, seal durability and other indicators can meet the special requirements of pharmaceutical packaging printing, the future devel


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  • Blister packaging material printing ink
    Drug used for blow-cover packaging ink can be divided into two categories: one is the distribution of gliadin polyamide ink printing materials with good adhesion, gloss, wear resistance, good solvent, mainly used in plastic printing, its thermal stability can also meet the needs of aluminum printing, is the majority of medical aluminum foil printing materials. The problem with this type of ink is that ink stripping occurs when large area surface of aluminum foil is printed.
    Secondly, it is a kind of vinyl chloride, vinyl acetate copolymer resin and acrylic resin as the main components of special aluminum foil ink. This is a newly developed rotary gravure printing ink with bright color, high concentration, special adhesion to aluminum foil, good transparency, good reproducibility of aluminum foil metal luster, etc. But because it is a gravure printing ink, the solvent is volatile. PTP aluminum foil used in medical printing tends to produce d


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