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blister packaging

A list of these blister packaging articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional blister packaging, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
  • Application of blister packaging materials
    The coating adhesion of coating layer thickness has a great impact on the process of printing, coating adhesion rigid PVC plastic adhesive layer is too thin, due to the lack of materials, the thermal pressure on THE PVC board will reduce the viscosity; Adhesive coating thickness is too large, not only increased the cost, but also increased the drying time, so should be kept in the appropriate thickness. Adhesive coating thickness is affected by adhesive concentration, coating tension, coating speed and anilox roller line number. With the adjustment of shape, depth, the number of lines per inch and the pressure of the two-roller contact line, the higher the adhesive concentration, the lower the film tension, the faster the film speed and the greater the film thickness. Therefore, the thickness of adhesive layer is usually adjusted by the concentration of adhesive and the tension of coater. For different varieties of aluminum foil, adhesive t


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  • Ink printing of blister packaging materials
    When high viscosity ink needs to be diluted with a large amount of diluent, add diluent agitation, so that the diluent evenly distributed in the entire ink. Measure between 20 and 30 with a viscometer. Room temperature and humidity will affect the concentration of ink, it is recommended to use ink concentration detector to determine the amount of added solvent, and according to the temperature and humidity changes, regularly determine the concentration of ink. When using intaglio printing to print aluminum foil products, the ink concentration is too low, which will lead to the color of the printed text pattern is not bright, and there will be paste phenomenon in the printing. Ink concentration is very high, so the pattern will produce cracking phenomenon, not only waste ink, and easy to cause the printing surface irregular, not beautiful. In addition, according to the speed of aluminum foil coater and gravure roller ink hole depth, choose


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  • Blister packaging for aluminum foil printing
    Pharmaceutical blister packaging Aluminum-Doped Pharmaceutical Tablets printing process, capsule and coated paper industry pure aluminum, pharmaceuticals :PTP aluminum foil, aluminum foil coating machinery, gravure printing technology, standard method of the other end of the aluminum surface aluminum-plated and bonding layer process. The simple technological process is as follows: aluminum foil coiling - printing - drying - coating layer - drying - coating layer - drying - aluminum foil coiling. In the whole production process, the quality of printing mode and the surface resistance of heat sealant must be strictly controlled during the printing process to realize the adhesive layer of the protective layer, control the drying temperature of the speed and the coating voltage of the machine. Therefore, national medical standards for aluminum foil packaging have clear quality requirements for printed text surface properties of medicinal alum


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  • Blister packaging material characteristics
    PTP plastic board is the most commonly used PVC board. Although PVC has a lot of advantages, such as good quality, low price, but in the moisture-proof, mildew-proof, water-proof, anti-oxidation and other aspects are not very good. In addition, the production or use of PVC has a long-term impact on both the environment and biology. In the preparation of PVC plastics, the main problem is the polymerization of vinyl chloride monomer, such as vinyl chloride monomer additive, plasticizer, stabilizer and so on. PVC incineration process products such as dioxins hydrochloride. Hydrochloric acid produced after PVC decomposition has a certain impact on the environment, and its monomer, plasticizer and stabilizer are harmful to human body. At present, foreign developed countries began to ban and restrict the use of PVC bubble packaging, the need for new packaging plastic bubble must be synonym, oxygen and water, good performance to ensure the effective


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  • Development of blister packaging
    In addition to all kinds of bottle packaging, blister packaging can be considered as the most commonly used packaging. Blister packaging has many advantages, it can provide patients with a single dose of drug packaging, convenient and economical. In addition, aluminum-plastic blister packaging protects the performance of the drug, which is fast in production, low in cost, small in storage space, light in weight, convenient in transportation, safe and reliable.
    Because blister packaging has instructions printed on the surface, incorrect distribution of several tablets can be avoided. Therefore, blister packaging will become the main way of tablet and capsule packaging. The following is a brief introduction to the characteristics of pharmaceutical blister packaging and the problems that should be paid attention to in the printing coating.
    Blister packaging is the most commonly used ideal packaging method in drug packaging. By aluminum foil, formi


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  • Control of blister packaging materials
    Aluminum foil is the main material to cover the opening, is also a good barrier packaging material, pinhole is a fatal flaw in penetration. May occur during the process of packing, transporting and storing filler extrusion, extrusion is inevitable, so the increase of the diameter of the aluminum foil pinhole or range, which may lead to obvious crease, this can lead to a breakthrough in the aluminum material properties, it accelerated the gases and water vapor permeability, influence on the performance of the stability of aluminium material cut off.
    In general, there are two methods for accurately assessing changes in pinhole conditions and covering material barriers. First of all, it is suitable for the kneading behavior that may occur during the circulation of packaging materials through the kneading test device. Secondly, the strength of coating material before and after friction is tested, and the change of data directly reflects the chan


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  • Blister packaging for the application of milk tablets
    Milk slice is a product made of milk powder, vegetable cream, whey powder and sucrose after extrusion. At present, the vast majority of milk tablets are packaged as flat blister packs, which play an important role in storage and transportation.
    The packaging of blister plastic, also known as aluminum-plastic packaging (pressure packaging), is made by blanking and cutting the contents of the blister under certain pressure, temperature and time to form a vacuum (breathing) blister plastic or aluminum blister plastic shape, seal and substrate. Most of the covering materials are aluminum foil roll electrolytic aluminum. It is the most widely used metal material in packaging, non-toxic and tasteless, with excellent moistureproof, moistureproof, preservation, light resistance, so that the contents get more effective protection. After single-sided printing, the aluminum foil is coated with a protective layer, and the unprinted alumin


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  • Blister packaging for other test items
    Blister packaging to ensure the sealing and independence of each bubble shell, it should ensure the good heat sealing, otherwise, when the drug from one of the bubble shell taken out, the remaining bubble shell is easy to leak and break, leading to water loss, drug deterioration and even diffusion. Therefore, the detection of thermal fitness is an important index of blister packaging quality.
    Test method: Select appropriate parameters for heat sealing according to the specific reference standard, and use this tool to heat seal the composite PVC and PVDC composite hard sheet and aluminum foil, and cut the specimen to a width of 15mm. Take the middle three pieces and peel them off with a tension machine at 180° (specific implementation of the treatment standard for detection). What needs to be done for the peel is the thermal strength.
    The base of blister packaging is usually made of medical aluminum foil. Medical aluminum foil vacuum is


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  • Blister packaging testing
    PTP aluminum foil and hard PVC foil or PVC/PVDC composite materials used for blister packaging are in direct contact with drugs, requiring special attention to material analysis, and there are many national standards.
    Tensile strength:
    Test objective: During the use of solid medicinal low density polyethylene film bag, in addition to some external forces, the necessary mechanical properties are determined through the test to ensure that its mechanical properties meet the standards.
    Test method: Tensile strength method refers to the tensile property index determined according to the test verification results. Generally, the longitudinal and transverse average tensile strength is not less than 10Mpa. The elongation at break method refers to the determination of the tensile properties of thin films with a thickness of less than 0.05mm and an average elongation of no less than 130% according to the test verification results. For thin films greater than


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  • Blister packaging and blister packaging
    Although blister packaging and blister packaging belong to the same type of packaging, they have their own advantages and disadvantages due to slightly different packaging methods. Users can choose according to the actual situation:
    Common features of blister packaging and blister packaging:
    Generally speaking, the packing is transparent and almost all the goods can be seen.
    Through the substrate design, the packaging can be hung on display in shopping malls and retail stores.
    The shape of the substrate and fine printing can enhance the advertising effect of the product.
    Goods with complex shapes can also be packed.
    Can be packaged in groups.
    Generally speaking, the cost of packing is higher than that of other packing methods.
    Different features of blister packaging and blister packaging:
    1. Packaging operation: Fit packaging is suitable for a variety of varieties and a small amount of production, no mold is needed. Blister packaging is


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