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blister packing machine

These articles are all highly relevant blister packing machine. I believe this information can help you understand blister packing machine's professional information. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with more professional guidance.
  • Temperature control of blister packing machine
    According to our understanding and analysis of blister packaging machine, the control of three places is more critical. First is the temperature control of the heating plate; Secondly, good position control must be realized in order to realize punching and tearing process. Finally, the forming bubble shell and the hot seal plate are controlled to make them consistent. Therefore, the main control of the mechanism consists of three parts: temperature control module, counting and position detection control module, and heat sealing module.
    The temperature control module is mainly composed of temperature sensor and thermostat. Used for preforming and heat sealing device. The device is composed of upper and lower heating plates, forming molds and heat sealing molds. Combined with pneumatic equipment, the main process of packaging machine - foaming molding and heat sealing. According to the thermoplastic principle, bubble formation requires


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  • The heat seal form of blister packing machine
    The bubble wrap machine fills the bubble shell with the drug, the heat seal film covers the drug, and then the two seal. The basic principle is that the inner surface is heated and pressurized so that it is in close contact, forming a complete welding table in a short time. There are two types of heat sealing: roller type and plate type.
    (1) Roller type. Sealing material is continuously rotating through two rollers, and sealing packaging material is continuously rotating through two rollers and the pressure residence time is very short, hot sealing requirements, the occurrence of a certain speed is too slow or packaging material must be fully preheated coil before proceeding.
    (2) Pressure equation. The sealing material shall be a seal arriving at the terminal, touching the sealing surface by the heated sealing hot plate and the underlying formwork, subject to pressure welding together, and quickly leaving to complete a periodic pac


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  • The structure and composition of blister packing machine
    Pharmaceutical blister packaging machine production, there may be many forms, in a different way to complete the packaging operations, but the basic functional components and composition is same, mainly by the material volume, heating, forming, filling, heat sealing, batch number, blanking, power transmission system, and the air pressure, cooling, control and frequency control system, etc.
    1. Material release coil: plastic film and aluminum foil coil are fixed on the equipment, equipped with pressure device, brake and axial position adjustment device, and also equipped with cursor tracking device.
    2. Heating part: the rigid sheet of plastic film softened by electric heating is adopted.
    3. Forming part: forming plate, connecting plate, vacuum system (compressed air), cooling water system, etc.
    4. Filling part: The feeder fills tablets, capsules, etc. into the formed bubbles.
    5. Heat sealing part: it is composed o


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  • Process of blister packing machine
    From the mold heated to above thermoplastic softness, using vacuum or positive pressure, blowing material and similar looking size and shape of the foils, then placing one or two pills into the foils, covering the foils until no drugs and foam coils (that is, no foils) the foils are sealed together. The aluminum-plastic packaging process involves cutting a series of (mostly rectangular) pills into pieces at a normal dose.
    Blister packaging machine requires film transport, heating, blowing, feeding, printing, batch number, sealing, indentation, stamping and other procedures. In a process, it is an intermittent process in each stage and a continuous process for the whole.
    Blister film conveying and packaging machine is a multi - functional packaging machine. Each packaging process is performed separately at a different workstation. The packaging machine is equipped with a variety of transport film mechanism, its role is to transport film and th


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  • Process of blister packing machine
    Blister packaging production process: blister packaging basic process is as follows: the formation of a plastic film, due to the blister packaging blister packaging machine fixed a lot of many varieties of drugs, need appropriate health and safety, so it is in the automatic production line, automatic blister packaging machine packaging and packaging process to do it, you can also print, packaging boxes, creates attachment between specification and packing line, automatic blister packaging production line. The production process is: product filling, matrix covering, heat sealing, cutting, finishing.
    (a) Roll the plastic sheet forward;
    (b) The foil is heated and softened by pressure (compressed air) or ground (vacuum) to form bubbles in the mould;
    (c) Install the product into an automatic feeding mechanism;
    (d) Check molding quality and filling adequacy; In automated production lines, photodetectors are usually used. When the product does


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  • Blister wrapped aluminum foil
    PTP aluminum foil can be divided into tactile aluminum foil, peeled aluminum foil and peeled aluminum foil according to the use; Aluminum foil materials are divided into rigid aluminum foil, flexible aluminum foil and composite materials. The characteristics of aluminum foil can be divided into preventing forgery, protecting children's safety, protecting children's safety and the comfort of the elderly, special protection aluminum foil, etc.
    Aluminum contact rupture: aluminum plating more extensive, may not be easy, can be soft, the general thickness of 15 meters to 30 meters, its basic structure and hot ball aluminum/said, PVC, PP(polypropylene) polystyrene, polyester (PET), (), PE(polyethylene) and other composite materials and sealed cover, good air tightness.
    Strip aluminum foil: Flat and flat aluminum foil is basically impervious to air, such as aluminum foil error is large, contact with different thermal seal resistance and matrix is not


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  • The packing characteristics of blister packing machine
    Blister packaging equipment, mainly used for medical packaging. Nowadays, blister packaging is not only used for interior decoration, capsule, medicine and so on, but also for the sale of food, cosmetics, liquids, daily necessities, toys, gifts, power tools and so on.
    When packing articles with aluminum-aluminum-plastic materials, it has the following design characteristics:
    1. The protection zone can also extend the waterproof, wet and rusting protection zone. At the same time, conditions are created for rust prevention, and these conditions are conducive to the use of gas resistance to rust.
    Transparency and Intuition Through transparent Windows, you can clearly see shapes and sizes. Provide the basic information of the output device: name, name, name, barcode, etc. This will help better identify and compute devices and avoid mistakes.
    Easy to use screws are easy to open and use. The use of the same product do


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  • Warranty for blister packing machine
    1.The machine warranty period is 12 months.
    2. During the warranty period, the problem appeared in accordance with normal use and service instructions, we provide free fixing.
    3. During the warranty period, such as one of the following conditions occur, it will be charged: (1)Can not provide a valid warranty card or purchasing documents. (2)Misuse and damage caused by improper repairs. (3)Transporting or damage caused by fall. (4)Failure and other damage caused by force majeure. (5)Use the power voltage caused damage other than those specified.
    4. The appearance of the product, the vulnerability of consumables and accessories are not covered by the warranty. The accessories included Spring, Water Tank,Filter,Rubber Gasket and tooling in the tooling box.
    5. Only for the above guarantee, does not make any express or other guarantee, either in the contract, on tort or otherwise, the Company liable for any special, incidental or consequential da


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  • The aluminum foil of the blister packing machine creases
    Blister packaging machine aluminum foil wrinkling is generally divided into natural wrinkling and wrinkling (wrinkles are all oblique direction).
    1.Natural wrinkling: the reason is that the aluminum foil and plastic sheet did not pull parallel when bonding;
    Solution: Tear off the foil and reattach it.
    2.Oblique wrinkles (wrinkles are all oblique direction) : the reason is the aluminum foil side tight loose; The aluminum foil roller is not parallel; Forming, hot sealing two die installation is not parallel;
    Solution: Adjust the positive and negative screws of the adjusting rod, change the parallelism of the knuckle roller; Adjust the knurling adjusting handle to make the roller parallel to the track plane; Calibrate the parallelism of the two dies, generally taking the forming die as the benchmark, and calibrate the hot sealing die (the above adjustment does not require absolute parallelism, and it is often misaligned or adop


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  • Blister packing machine factory and unpacking
    1. The equipment is installed and fixed on the wooden frame when leaving the factory. After unpacking, please lift the equipment with a forklift or special tools. Do not use wire rope to lift, so as not to damage the protective cover. After hoisting, remove the fastening wire, remove the wooden frame, install the special machine foot, and put the equipment down smoothly.
    2. When unpacking the case, check whether the machine is complete and whether there is any damage during transportation (check the accessories according to the packing list).
    3. The machine should be placed horizontally in the room without installing foot screws. It is best to pad at the foot of the rubber board of about 12mm, lest after using for a long time, cause damage to the floor and shift. Equipment should be thoroughly cleaned, with a soft cloth with some detergent, wipe the surface of oil and dirt, dry with a soft cloth. Installation environment: Temperature


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