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blister packing machine

The articles shown below are all about the blister packing machine, through these related articles, you can get relevant information, notes in use, or latest trends about the blister packing machine. We hope these news will give you the help you need. And if these blister packing machine articles can't solve your needs, you can contact us for relevant information.
  • What if the blister packing machine runs out of sync?
    Running out of sync, the bubble cap to be formed cannot enter the hot die hole precisely:
    The forming and sealing of the hot seal die are not integral multiples of the stroke; Poor cooling of the forming mould and the hot sealing mould, and there is a plug between the forming mould and the hot sealing mould; The hot seal mold temperature is too high to rotate the plastic support shaft.
    Adjust the lifting shaft and add oil to the shaft. The cooling water quantity increases moderately; By observing the distance between the feeder and the plate surface, check whether the hot seal channel of the feed is blocked; Cleaning or replacement of bearings; Adjust to reduce the heat seal temperature.
    Aluminum foil is not well combined with PVC plastic (not parallel); The rotating rod of the aluminum foil is not perpendicular to the vertical line of the PVC plastic sheet; The net grain rusts, there is dirt; The adjustment of the rolle


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  • How to deal with poor heat dissipation of blister packing machine?
    Generally, poor heat dissipation of blister packaging machines should be inspected for chiller devices. Generally, the treatment method for poor heat dissipation of blister packaging machines is as follows:
    Cooling condenser, compressor, low operation efficiency, and high voltage current rise, when the high pressure air cooled to 24 kg/cm2, water cooling of the cooling air pressure for 20 kg/cm2, reconstruction of high-pressure compressor high pressure protection switch, closed compressor, high pressure thermal overload fault indicator and shows fault code, please check if the water tower is normal, if the cooling water temperature rise, cooling fan and cooling pump valve door open operation, please check whether the radiator is air cooled dirty or plugged, more than normal, then press the reset button or turn it off to rest after the restart. If high voltage overloads often occur, clean the capacitor as soon as p


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  • Cardboard blister packing machine
    Requirements: the equipment can automatically complete the foaming box forming, stamping, cutting, foaming box transition, automatic feeding, paper card automatic distribution, heat combination, finished product transportation, blanking and other functions.
    Technical and quality standards requirements:
    (1) The working efficiency of the equipment is set at 20 frequencies per minute. Replacement of feeders, templates and other parts of the same specifications will not affect the accuracy of the equipment, ensure the stable operation of the equipment, meet the technical requirements of the production process.
    (2) The equipment adopts Japanese oil-free self-lubricating vacuum pump, imported cylinder and electrical components to improve the stability of the equipment.
    (3) The equipment has PVC slicing, feeding, cutting, paper card and other functions.
    (4) The equipment adopts human-machine interface and PLC control system. The equipment has functions


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  • Fixing device of blister packing machine
    Blister packaging machine is a machine, apply to food, tablets, capsules, suppositories, solid preparation as drugs, non sticky food, and some electronic products, the mechanization of heat sealing packaging, through mobile phones and aluminum foil, PVC board and inflationary pressures in the aluminum foil after heating platen, heat sealing effect on PVC board and aluminum material, in the process of work, heat sealing on the lower mobile with the vibration of the machine, the traditional lock device is not fixed heat sealing plate fixture, Cause heat sealing upper deviation and dislocation, cannot ensure consistency station standing position leading to print the batch number position errors or missing, affect the seal packing materials, it has caused serious production problems, therefore developed the lock with a fixed device, able to quickly assemble and fixed fixtures, ensure the consistency between the qualified production, solve the pro


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  • Application of Omron in blister packing machine
    The difficulty of blister packaging machine lies in the servo control of forming and blanking, which is mainly reflected in the synchronous traction and control voltage of two engines. Servo control and the other two also should be synchronous motion control of time is as follows: in this case, the omron adopts two rotary encoder to detect rotation Angle of light and remove the traction motor, feedback signal to calculate channel, rapid implementation of two parts of closed loop drive control, precise control of the traction motor synchronization control scheme and tension control, in this case, the controller USES the omron PLC directly with four-way high-speed pulse download embedded control servo mechanism, traction perform molding, the precision and speed of protection, without increasing the GPS module, other cost savings for the customer. Although the engine position feedback signal is directly used to calculate the high speed ch


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  • Material of blister packing machine
    In the pharmaceutical packaging material industry, the ex-factory aluminum foil is often called the original aluminum foil or the original foil. Aluminum has the advantages of abundant resources, low price and convenient processing. Aluminum foil is a metal used in packaging medical products. Aluminum foil is non-toxic and tasteless, with good electrical conductivity and opaque light, very resistant to humidity, endurance and the smell of protective gas, can more effectively protect the packaging of drugs, aluminum foil packaging is a metal film can not be evaporated, there are special coated special film can not be completely replaced. In the field of modern packaging binding, almost all soft packaging composite materials that need impervious to light or high barrier are made of aluminum foil as barrier layer. Because aluminum foil has the above advantages, light weight, high strength, good printing effect, can be printed on a variety of words or


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  • Blister packing machine station adjustment
    Stop the machine, put the batch number printing into the printing mold, set the temperature of the printing batch, and then connect the machine to adjust the printing mold. The lock box is indented at the bottom and the mould's hand rotates the steering wheel, depending on the adjustment level, so that the bubble hood is approximately aligned with the hole in the mould. If the blister position and indentation position are out of alignment, align the lower die on the blister. Loosen the pressing screw from the lower die, adjust it back and forth, and lock the pressing screw after adjustment.
    Adjust the mold to control the pressure according to the pressure state mark of the pressing plate, increase the break point of the mold and adjust the position of the nuts on the upper and lower surfaces, so that the distance between the four nuts is still on the same plane, the upper and lower surfaces of the mold retaining plate are approximately 1


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  • Blister packing machine blow molding
    Blister packaging machine blow molding is a kind of plastic processing, its main principle is the plastic film after heating soft, vacuum attached to the mold surface, cooling molding, widely used in plastic packaging, lighting, medicine and other industries.
    Blister packaging products mainly include: flat blow molding box, also known as vacuum chamber, blow molding packaging equipment, pressure blow molding machine, etc.
    The rigid transparent plastic sheet is transformed into a specific concave plastic by the blow molding process and placed on the surface of the product for protection and beautification.
    The surface of the ordinary hard plastic film and a layer of soluble material are bonded together to make the surface of the tray soluble, so as to improve the quality of packaging.
    Mold production blow plaster mold, the cost is lower, followed by galvanized copper template, the more expensive is aluminum template.
    We often talk about blow mo


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  • The foreground market of blister packing machine
    According to the latest information released by the foreign marketing Organization on the European pharmaceutical packaging market, the focus of manufacturers on active pharmaceutical packaging is likely to change significantly over the next few years, particularly with a shift to blister packaging and carton packaging. Therefore, in the next five years, packaging materials, production equipment and other aspects in China's pharmaceutical industry still need to further accelerate the development of pharmaceutical blister packaging to further strengthen the quality and service quality of Chinese pharmaceutical packaging.
    Adequate and effective protection of medicines. Like any form of packaging to protect a drug, ensuring the effectiveness of the drug remains the basic requirement of blister packaging.
    Safe and convenient to use. Develop safe packaging and packaging suitable for children to facilitate the elderly.
    Unique secur


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  • Hot pressing sealing of blister packing machine
    According to the analysis of the industry report, in the process of heat sealing packaging, the blow-cover type PVC tape aluminum foil is supplemented by the parallel coupling effect of the drum sealing coil and the coil mesh between each other, and the coil is under the action of certain pressure and temperature. Because the contact between the hot sealing roller and the anilox roller is linear, the pressure required is relatively small.
    In the process of heat sealing of aluminum-plastic blister packaging, the PVC tape is parallel and cross-connected with the plane of the aluminum heat sealing plate, in the same plane, under the action of certain temperature and pressure. The contact between the hot seal plate and the mesh plate is shallow and requires higher pressure.
    However, when the coil or hot plate seal, there are problems, the hot plate seal is not clear, the net line is not clear, with PVC sealed bubble cover, must be solved


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