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Stretch film vacuum packing machine using steps

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Stretch film vacuum packing machine using steps

Stretch film vacuum packing machine operation procedures:

1. Install the film: when the film frame is on the work surface, open the upper frame and pull the film slightly over the right edge of the frame, and press the upper frame to clamp the film.

2. Lift: Check whether the "box selection" switch K3 is in the "continuous" position, and press the "lift" switch.

3. So the membrane frame can be automatically continuous up to close to the switch control of the fixed point automatic stop, before the lifting frame must be prior to the film reel loose, so as to avoid adhesion between the membrane to stop the rise of the membrane frame.

4. Put the tray with packaged goods in the vacuum room of the working vacuum packing machine, and use tools instead of pushing it directly by hand, in case of electrical failure and personal injury.

5. Press the "automatic packaging" switch, film heating, heat preservation and suction three procedures will be automatically completed from the pre-adjusted time.

6. When the film frame automatically to the limit switch control zui lows, vacuum pump suction of the vacuum chamber, so they found a vacuum packaging machine vacuum gauge pointer no action, vacuum pump motor in reverse operation, should immediately stop, and to adjust the input phase line after any of the two phase from the second program began to work again.

7. Open the upper frame, pull the packaged goods out to the right, place them on the auxiliary workbench, press down the upper frame, cut the packaged goods, and finish the packaging.

8. Start the operation from the second item in the operation procedure and start the cycle every week.


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