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  • The material characteristics of capsule filling machine Fluidity of filling materials The fluidity of filling materials also refers to the smoothness. There are often powder and granule types of filling materials, etc. The fluidity of filling materials will directly affect the control of the accuracy of gel content. The Angle of repose, bulk density, particle size distribution and water content of filled powder or granule directly affect its fluidity. Generally speaking, when the filling powder or granule is piled up, the Angle of rerest of granule is smaller than that of powder, so the fluidity of granule is good, and the filling precision of colloidal filling is easy to control. The bulk density refers to the weight per unit volume of powder or granule. In the filling process, the weight per unit volume is large, the fluidity is good, and the filling precision of capsule filling is easy to control. On the contrary, the weight of unit volume is small, the fluidity is poor, and it i


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  • The parts of the tablet press Tablet press turntable Machine turntable is the main operating part of tablet press. There are upper and lower bearing components, spindle, turntable and other main components. The main shaft is supported on the bearing, driven by the worm gear pair, spline connection, drive the main shaft, so that the turntable rotates. Tablet press track The track has the cylinder CAM and plane CAM composed of the upper track and the lower track, which is the track of the movement of the upper and lower thrust rod. The upper track is composed of the upper up track, the upper down track, the upper up parallel track, the upper down parallel track, and the lower rail. They are fastened separately to the upper track disk. The lower track is composed of downthrust upward track, downthrust downward track and filling track. They are mounted separately on the lower rail seat. Filling regulating unit The filling adjusting unit is used to adjust the weight of tablets. The fi


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  • Development of pharmaceutical packaging machinery The development of packaging machinery provides a necessary guarantee for the modern processing and mass production of food and drugs. If the production process is the internal process of food and drug production, then the packaging process is its external form. Due to the particularity of drug production, drug packaging from materials to packaging methods, from environmental requirements to labeling treatment is more stringent than food packaging, the restrictions are more stringent. This makes the development of drug packaging machinery into a relatively independent machinery industry. In the aspect of packaging machinery design, insufficient consideration was taken in the design, and sufficient space was not left for further transformation. As a result, the designed machinery could only adapt to several simple templates, and could not adapt to the change of packaging machinery material or template size. In addition, many mechanical


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  • Discussion on blister packaging Blister packaging is a method of packaging in which the product is sealed between a blister formed by transparent plastic sheets and a base plate (made of cardboard, plastic film or sheet, aluminum foil or their composite materials). Because this packing method is based on the substrate, so also known as the substrate packaging turbulence. Blister packaging made of packaging, on the one hand has a transparent appearance, you can clearly see the appearance of the product; At the same time on the substrate can be printed exquisite patterns and commodity instructions, easy to display and use. On the other hand, the packaged product is fixed between the forming bubble cover and the substrate, which is not easy to be damaged in transportation and sales. It can not only protect the product, prolong the storage period, but also play the role of promoting products and expanding sales. Blister packaging was originally used for drug packaging. Now in addition t


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  • Material device of bubble cover packaging machine Aluminum-plastic drum: aluminum foil drum and plastic sheet drum are two parts. The drum is mainly composed of the drum body, stator inside and outside, brake ring and adjusting nut, etc. Both ends of the drum body are supported by rolling bearings on the supporting shaft, which is the rotating part of the drum. When the plastic film or aluminum foil is pulled, the coil loaded on the drum is driven to rotate freely. The stator is divided into inner and outer stator, and the sliding sleeve is set on the cylindrical surface outside the cylinder, and fixed at any position of the cylinder body by fixing screws, to install and fix coils of different widths. The brake ring is set on the inner and outer cylinder surface of the drum body and fixed on the support plate. It is the static part of the drum and used for braking the drum body. Tightening or withdrawing the four adjusting screws on the outer circumference of the brake ring can incre


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  • Basic operation of bubble cover machine PVC hard, aluminum foil volume installation: unload the film reel on the compression nut and the retaining sleeve, the PVC hard or aluminum foil volume set in the adjustment sleeve, installed on the retaining sleeve and the compression nut and screw compression nut, so that the film volume on the adjustment sleeve can not be loose and rotation; Loosen the back cap and turn the adjusting nut to align the CENTER of the PVC roll with the center of the heat sealing roll (250mm away from the body). When installing, measure the inner part of the roll from the body 125mm with the steel ruler; Adjust the brake screw tightness, PVC tension adjustment in 0.5~1kg tension, and aluminum foil tension adjustment in 1~2kg tension. Placed PVC plastic belt, through the upper and lower heating plate mold to dividing feed roller and pressure roller, after being met the requirement of the temperature and pressure, press the start button, at this point, the device d


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  • The structure principle of bubble cover packing machine Blister packaging machine structure by the machine base, forming mechanism, feeder, hot seal indentation mechanism, punching mechanism, traction manipulator and electrical control parts. Main drive of cycloidal pinwheel reducer motor drive, speed reducer output shaft sprocket drive spindle chain wheel on the run, driven by sprocket chain traction CAM again, so as to realize the intermittent reciprocating motion of mechanical chains, suction blister and composite molding CAM operation process, adopting cylinder as prime mover, realize molding mould and checker for lifting up and down movement. The aluminum-plastic bubble cover packaging machine needs the medicinal PVC to be heated and softened by the heating plate into the forming mold, which is positive pressed by compressed air; And aluminum aluminum needs medical cold forming composite aluminum and its cold punch stamping can be formed, through the universal feeder filling ca


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  • Blister packaging machine production position requirements 1: Site clearance inspection confirmation before production: check that the operator's tooling, work shoes, masks are clean, wearing, and personal hygiene meets the requirements. Pay special attention to checking employees. Check production operation room to meet production process requirements. Check the production site (ground, table, container, equipment, guide rail, etc.) no unrelated to this batch of production. Check whether the equipment and container are in good condition and clean. Check whether there is verification certificate, and within the validity period. Calibrate the weighing instrument. Make clearance check and confirm record before production. 2: according to the issued, take the batch record to the material station (a) take out the corresponding material with the material list and the batch record, take the inner package material handover sheet (two) receive the packaging material, check the receiving pack


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  • The prospect of blister packaging machine DPP plate type aluminum bubble cover packaging machine is a multi-functional packaging machine which can automatically complete bag-making, material metering and filling, exhaust or aeration, sealing and cutting with flexible packaging material that can be heat sealed. This kind of packing machine is suitable for a wide range of powder, granular, flake, block, material, fluid and semi-fluid and gas materials. It is one of the packaging machines with rapid development and widespread application in recent decades. And their applications are expanding and packaging speed is increasing. DPP type flat aluminum bubble cover packaging machine to complete a function of different actuators function is the same, but its performance and specifications are different. If the different parts of a function are regarded as a module, the different parts in the module can be selected to form different types of products with different specifications, so the mod


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  • Function and characteristics of bubble cover packaging machine The whole machine can be packaged separately to enter the 2.2m elevator and the split purification workshop. Mould and guide rail adopt independent design, change mould only need to replace the whole guide rail, mould pressure plate clamping, loading and unloading is very convenient. Suspension operation platform design, operator in the use of the process of safety and maintenance of cleaning machine when convenient. The modular design of the station structure realizes the digital display control during the adjustment of each station, which adapates to the diversified needs of the indentation form and ensures the clarity of the indentation and batch number. Equipped with photoelectric compensation device, it can be used for image and text matching of printed aluminum foil. The main motor adopts frequency conversion speed regulation: according to the length of stroke and the filling of the material and other factors to


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