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Basic operation of bubble cover machine

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Basic operation of bubble cover machine

PVC hard, aluminum foil volume installation: unload the film reel on the compression nut and the retaining sleeve, the PVC hard or aluminum foil volume set in the adjustment sleeve, installed on the retaining sleeve and the compression nut and screw compression nut, so that the film volume on the adjustment sleeve can not be loose and rotation; Loosen the back cap and turn the adjusting nut to align the CENTER of the PVC roll with the center of the heat sealing roll (250mm away from the body). When installing, measure the inner part of the roll from the body 125mm with the steel ruler; Adjust the brake screw tightness, PVC tension adjustment in 0.5~1kg tension, and aluminum foil tension adjustment in 1~2kg tension.

Placed PVC plastic belt, through the upper and lower heating plate mold to dividing feed roller and pressure roller, after being met the requirement of the temperature and pressure, press the start button, at this point, the device delay 3 seconds to start, then should be based on positive pressure molding foam tape, after correction for dividing the location of the feed roller, the bubble into the feed roller of bubble nest inside, the distance between the second board, pressure roller, Pull out the foam belt forming about two meters, press the stop button to stop the machine when the upper and lower molds are separated; Use steel ruler to measure, when the bubble belt length after forming is the same as the circumference of the feed roller or about negative 1mm, then press the start button to try to blow the PVC plastic belt into a nest with a standard length of 4 meters, and prepare for the next road.

Bypass the guide roller to the filling platform, press the bubble cover into the socket eye of the hot sealing roller, press the pressure guide roller into the socket, lay the aluminum foil, and when the temperature of the roller reaches, rotate the hot sealing clutch knob to ON and press the start button to work. When the hot sealing aluminum foam belt is pulled out 1.5 meters, press the stop button to stop the machine.

Heat sealed aluminum foam cover is packed into the bubble socket of the indexing feed roller according to the group distance. When the bubble belt is pulled, sufficient allowance should be left for the roller to swing up and down. The bubble belt is left with a length of 500mm, both sides of the front end are cut into bevel angles and inserted into the guide groove of the discharge plate, and then the pressure roller and the support plate are pressed well. Manually turn the belt pulley, when the indexing feed roller stops rotating, observe whether the plate is in the concave die, the front and back edges should be in an appropriate position, if not, the plate moving indexing feed roller, after reaching the appropriate position, tighten the screws; Test flush and check whether the plate meets the requirements, if not, repeat the process.

Change the code of factory number or batch number: screw down the baffle plate, remove the baffle plate; Take out the head combination device, screw off the head combination, remove and replace the head, install the baffle, tighten the screw, adjust.


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