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Development of pharmaceutical packaging machinery

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Development of pharmaceutical packaging machinery

The development of packaging machinery provides a necessary guarantee for the modern processing and mass production of food and drugs. If the production process is the internal process of food and drug production, then the packaging process is its external form. Due to the particularity of drug production, drug packaging from materials to packaging methods, from environmental requirements to labeling treatment is more stringent than food packaging, the restrictions are more stringent. This makes the development of drug packaging machinery into a relatively independent machinery industry.

In the aspect of packaging machinery design, insufficient consideration was taken in the design, and sufficient space was not left for further transformation. As a result, the designed machinery could only adapt to several simple templates, and could not adapt to the change of packaging machinery material or template size. In addition, many mechanical designers do not understand the synchronous technology of motor drag and servo drive technology, and the problems solved by simple electrical equipment are realized by complex mechanical devices. The mechanical shape is not beautiful and gives a feeling of stiffness, rigidity and lack of vitality." "Conceptual design" refers to that after determining the task, through abstraction, drawing up the functional structure, seeking the appropriate function principle and its combination, etc., to determine the basic solution approach and get the solution scheme, this part of the design work is called conceptual design. The conceptual design of drug packaging machinery requires product function creation, function decomposition and structure design of function and sub-function according to each stage of the product life cycle: solve the working principle to meet the requirements of function and structure and carry out the conception and systematic design of the working principle carrier scheme to achieve the functional structure. Integrating the concept design into the design of drug packaging machinery can reduce design errors, shorten the design cycle, speed up the development of products, make the designed products more reasonable, more affinity, more suitable for ergonomics, and it is also the main means to reduce costs and improve the competitiveness of enterprises. The conceptual design of pharmaceutical press is a creative process, which requires designers to master modern design methods, advanced manufacturing technology, professional theory, business operation and other knowledge. And need to use the expertise of these disciplines and rich practical experience, and through repeated thinking, reasoning and decision-making, to create a distinctive design to meet the requirements of users.

Because pharmaceutical equipment is an important part of GMP hardware, since national compulsory certification of GMP system was introduced, the pharmaceutical factory to speed up the pace of the technological transformation in succession, around the large update of production equipment for the pharmaceutical industry in the upstream industry brought big pharmaceutical machinery industry, a large number of production lines for pharmaceutical machinery enterprises has brought the huge market. On the whole, the r&d of most of the more advanced packaging machinery in China is still in the imitation stage, and the ability of independent development is very limited. At present, the annual output value of China's drug packaging industry is about 15 billion yuan, with an annual growth rate of more than 10%. But it can only meet about 80 percent of the needs of domestic pharmaceutical companies, and 65 percent of China's drug packaging is still behind the world average in the 1980s.


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