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Discussion on blister packaging

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Discussion on blister packaging

Blister packaging is a method of packaging in which the product is sealed between a blister formed by transparent plastic sheets and a base plate (made of cardboard, plastic film or sheet, aluminum foil or their composite materials). Because this packing method is based on the substrate, so also known as the substrate packaging turbulence.

Blister packaging made of packaging, on the one hand has a transparent appearance, you can clearly see the appearance of the product; At the same time on the substrate can be printed exquisite patterns and commodity instructions, easy to display and use. On the other hand, the packaged product is fixed between the forming bubble cover and the substrate, which is not easy to be damaged in transportation and sales. It can not only protect the product, prolong the storage period, but also play the role of promoting products and expanding sales.

Blister packaging was originally used for drug packaging. Now in addition to drug tablets, capsules, suppositories and other pharmaceutical products packaging, bubble cover packaging is also widely used in food, cosmetics, stationery, toys, gifts, tools and electromechanical parts sales packaging.

Blister packing is a kind of hot-pressing packing method which can control the dosage. It takes out the packing items by simple extruding way, which is very convenient for users. With the continuous updating of packaging materials and the continuous improvement of the performance of packaging equipment, blister packaging in Our country will develop towards the direction of humanized design, multi-function and environmental protection. The market is also in great need of this kind of packaging form which can be directly seen inside the product. It is expected that blister packaging will be one of the flexible packaging forms with wide application and rapid development in the future.


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