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The structure principle of bubble cover packing machine

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The structure principle of bubble cover packing machine

Blister packaging machine structure by the machine base, forming mechanism, feeder, hot seal indentation mechanism, punching mechanism, traction manipulator and electrical control parts.

Main drive of cycloidal pinwheel reducer motor drive, speed reducer output shaft sprocket drive spindle chain wheel on the run, driven by sprocket chain traction CAM again, so as to realize the intermittent reciprocating motion of mechanical chains, suction blister and composite molding CAM operation process, adopting cylinder as prime mover, realize molding mould and checker for lifting up and down movement.

The aluminum-plastic bubble cover packaging machine needs the medicinal PVC to be heated and softened by the heating plate into the forming mold, which is positive pressed by compressed air; And aluminum aluminum needs medical cold forming composite aluminum and its cold punch stamping can be formed, through the universal feeder filling capsules or tablets. The aluminum foil coil is unrolled by the micromotor and transported into the hot sealing die and the plastic sheet containing drugs/cold forming composite aluminum for grid hot sealing, after hot sealing and then through the indentation tangentially indentation, batch number, finally into the blanking die for blanking.


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