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The prospect of blister packaging machine

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The prospect of blister packaging machine

DPP plate type aluminum bubble cover packaging machine is a multi-functional packaging machine which can automatically complete bag-making, material metering and filling, exhaust or aeration, sealing and cutting with flexible packaging material that can be heat sealed. This kind of packing machine is suitable for a wide range of powder, granular, flake, block, material, fluid and semi-fluid and gas materials. It is one of the packaging machines with rapid development and widespread application in recent decades. And their applications are expanding and packaging speed is increasing.

DPP type flat aluminum bubble cover packaging machine to complete a function of different actuators function is the same, but its performance and specifications are different. If the different parts of a function are regarded as a module, the different parts in the module can be selected to form different types of products with different specifications, so the modular design method can be adopted.

Automatic packaging machine has two directions of development. One is the automatic packaging line, that is, the conveying device will be connected to several automata, coordinated by a unified central control system; The other is the universal multifunctional packaging machine, that is, a packaging machine can be used to dry different kinds of products. The former is suitable for large single varieties batch production, the latter can meet many varieties of small batch production. Modular design can satisfy two development trends at the same time and has a good prospect.


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