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Material device of bubble cover packaging machine

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Material device of bubble cover packaging machine

Aluminum-plastic drum: aluminum foil drum and plastic sheet drum are two parts. The drum is mainly composed of the drum body, stator inside and outside, brake ring and adjusting nut, etc. Both ends of the drum body are supported by rolling bearings on the supporting shaft, which is the rotating part of the drum. When the plastic film or aluminum foil is pulled, the coil loaded on the drum is driven to rotate freely. The stator is divided into inner and outer stator, and the sliding sleeve is set on the cylindrical surface outside the cylinder, and fixed at any position of the cylinder body by fixing screws, to install and fix coils of different widths.

The brake ring is set on the inner and outer cylinder surface of the drum body and fixed on the support plate. It is the static part of the drum and used for braking the drum body. Tightening or withdrawing the four adjusting screws on the outer circumference of the brake ring can increase or reduce the braking force on the cylinder, so that the film or aluminum foil being pulled can obtain the necessary tension. The adjusting nut is mounted on the supporting shaft and set on the inner cylinder of the outer end of the cylinder body, and is connected with a bearing and the copper body. When the cylinder body rotates, the adjusting nut can make the cylinder body move axially and adjust the transverse position of the material. The supporting shaft is fixed on the support plate, and the support plate is fixed on the fuselage, forming the supporting body of the drum.

Flat type aluminum bubble cover packaging machine performance characteristics

1, with heating plate temperature control detection, main motor overload protection, PVC and PTP package material level detection.

2, mechanical friction wheel deceleration, speed regulation, better than mechanical constant ratio reducer speed and transmission.

3, the use of four mold box box with (spline) shaft drive, improve the transmission rigidity and synchronization.

4, the whole use of open layout structure, visibility is good, machine maintenance, adjustment is simple, convenient.

5, adopt modular mold, easy to replace, install and adjust. The same machine multi-specification production, mold cost is low.

6, adopt PLC microcomputer control, touch screen operation, Chinese and digital display, fault diagnosis Chinese prompt, simple and reliable operation, convenient maintenance.


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