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Blister packaging machine production position requirements

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Blister packaging machine production position requirements

1: Site clearance inspection confirmation before production: check that the operator's tooling, work shoes, masks are clean, wearing, and personal hygiene meets the requirements. Pay special attention to checking employees. Check production operation room to meet production process requirements. Check the production site (ground, table, container, equipment, guide rail, etc.) no unrelated to this batch of production. Check whether the equipment and container are in good condition and clean. Check whether there is verification certificate, and within the validity period. Calibrate the weighing instrument. Make clearance check and confirm record before production.

2: according to the issued, take the batch record to the material station (a) take out the corresponding material with the material list and the batch record, take the inner package material handover sheet (two) receive the packaging material, check the receiving package material.

3: install aluminum foil and PVC or PVDC, until the temperature rises to the set temperature, adjust the machine, foaming requirements; Aluminum plastic plate pressing heat sealing firm; The appearance of aluminum foil is smooth without; Clear mesh; Blanking. Batch number, expiry date writing, qualified, feeding production.

4: in the production process, it is necessary to check the quality of aluminum and plastic plates at any time, sampling inspection every minute, aluminum and plastic quality instability need frequency, if necessary, equipment adjustment.

5: detection, scrap function of the aluminum machine, feeding production, should check the aluminum machine detection parameter Settings are correct, and check the normal, open the conveyor belt export insert board, formal production.

6: remove the batch number steel word holder from the aluminum plastic machine, install the batch number steel word nail according to the batch number and validity period as required, after replacement, whether the batch number and validity period on the operator's batch number are consistent with the production instruction. Install steel block of batch number, set heating temperature according to product, start heating.

7: process operation quality risk control point, to ensure that the operation room, equipment, measuring instruments, etc., clean and qualified. There are no articles irrelevant to the production of this batch at the production site. Ensure the material used by post receiving and feeding is consistent with the batch production requirements. Ensure the position operation to ensure that the parameters are consistent with the batch production requirements. Ensure post clearance meets requirements. Production records: production records and clearance records shall be timely and true, and memoirs shall not be recorded.


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