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Material of blister packing machine

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Material of blister packing machine

In the pharmaceutical packaging material industry, the ex-factory aluminum foil is often called the original aluminum foil or the original foil. Aluminum has the advantages of abundant resources, low price and convenient processing. Aluminum foil is a metal used in packaging medical products. Aluminum foil is non-toxic and tasteless, with good electrical conductivity and opaque light, very resistant to humidity, endurance and the smell of protective gas, can more effectively protect the packaging of drugs, aluminum foil packaging is a metal film can not be evaporated, there are special coated special film can not be completely replaced. In the field of modern packaging binding, almost all soft packaging composite materials that need impervious to light or high barrier are made of aluminum foil as barrier layer. Because aluminum foil has the above advantages, light weight, high strength, good printing effect, can be printed on a variety of words or patterns. It is made into blister packaging, which can be broken when used under certain pressure. It is convenient for patients to carry and transport. It is widely used and has great development potential in the solid form of drug packaging.

After the medical aluminum foil printing is completed, a protective layer should be applied on the surface of the aluminum foil and the other side of the foil. The purpose of aluminum foil surface protectant is to avoid the wear of the ink layer on aluminum foil surface and the pollution of the contact layer on the packaging surface inside the packaging machinery. The purpose of the coating adhesive layer is to attach the aluminum foil to the rigid plastic film so that the drug can be sealed. At present, the use of protective agents for solvent, the main chemical components are: nitro fiber, synthetic resin, plasticizer, adjuvant, thinner, and so on. These components are mixed in a certain proportion, stirred in the reactor to form a solvent, and then mechanically coated on the surface of the foil to form a protective film. The specific requirements for medical aluminum foil protectors are: good adhesion of aluminum coating, flexibility, high transparency, good brightness, good heat resistance fluctuation, no odor residue, high drop of coating, wear resistance.

At present, the application of medical aluminum foil adhesive, formerly pressure sensitive adhesive, or natural rubber or synthetic rubber as the main component of the single-component adhesive, but also by nitrocellulose and acrylic resin and solvent mixed. The main agent is elastomer, and another agent polymer as an assistant agent, can be mixed in the emulsion tank, mixing, and organic solvent reaction, stirring mixture, and then mixed into emulsion reaction, with a unique PVC plastic sheet rigidity and adhesion. Other materials used for pharmaceutical packaging include PVC foam :PVC, also known as PVC resin, is mainly made of vinyl chloride monomers polymerized from the extrusion or wax light and excipient, plasticizer, heat stabilizer and lubricant. PVC used for blister packaging is almost calendering production process, most of the PVC film is used for extrusion production of composite materials. Plastic materials used for foam mulching are also used for composite films of PVC/PVDC, PET, PE and PP.


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