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Application of blister packaging materials

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Application of blister packaging materials

The coating adhesion of coating layer thickness has a great impact on the process of printing, coating adhesion rigid PVC plastic adhesive layer is too thin, due to the lack of materials, the thermal pressure on THE PVC board will reduce the viscosity; Adhesive coating thickness is too large, not only increased the cost, but also increased the drying time, so should be kept in the appropriate thickness. Adhesive coating thickness is affected by adhesive concentration, coating tension, coating speed and anilox roller line number. With the adjustment of shape, depth, the number of lines per inch and the pressure of the two-roller contact line, the higher the adhesive concentration, the lower the film tension, the faster the film speed and the greater the film thickness. Therefore, the thickness of adhesive layer is usually adjusted by the concentration of adhesive and the tension of coater. For different varieties of aluminum foil, adhesive thickness requirements are also different.

In aluminum foil printing coating, the speed, temperature, tension and length of the machine are interrelated, and the coordination between them is directly related to the quality of aluminum foil printing coating. In the aluminum foil coating process, if the speed of the printing press, drying tube temperature and equipment voltage is not controlled, product quality problems may occur. For example, the speed and voltage control of the machine is not stable and varies from end to end, which may lead to uneven thickness and thickness of adhesion layer of the printed coating, as well as a variety of colors of the printed image and text; The machine speed is too fast and the drying temperature is too low, which may lead to the surface drying of printing, bonding layer and protective layer. The machine speed is too slow, the drying temperature is too high, will cause the material hot deformation, discoloration, bending and so on phenomenon. Overvoltage and too slow machine speed, when winding, will cause left and right offset, resulting in wrinkles, tear and other faults.

At present, in order to strengthen the anti-counterfeiting of packaging printing, aluminum surface printing packaging in trade is very simple, except monochrome printing, there is no material and special anti-counterfeiting method, providing opportunities for counterfeiters. In this respect, the advanced experience of foreign developed countries can be used for reference. In developed countries, a box of palm-sized drugs reportedly has nearly 10 safety signals. Not only is photocopying glass used on banknotes, but safety signs can also be seen with special glasses. In addition, surface blister packaging medicine, most of the aluminum products trade holographic anti-counterfeiting technology, laser holographic mode has the advantage of intuitive and easy to be recognized by consumers, does not affect the original design printing and packaging product appearance, does not affect the material aluminum performance. This anti-counterfeiting product is now being used by many multinational pharmaceutical groups as an anti-counterfeiting tool. The security effect is subtle and hard to see with the naked eye, but the safety sign or standard text appears clearly under uv light. At present, some blister packaging manufacturers in China have begun to use, but the overall use is still very small. In general, China's drug packaging enterprises anti - counterfeiting technology is still relatively backward. Although they have encountered cases of counterfeit drugs and poor quality in the medical market, and their understanding and use of anti-counterfeiting technologies are becoming increasingly important, they are still in the research and development of anti-counterfeiting technologies for new materials and the application of anti-monopoly.


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