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Concerned about Internet Medical Industry

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State Department since July release to promote the "Internet +" guidance action that "concepts once again be hot.
  At present, China continued to improve aging, chronic rapid growth rate, the existing medical resources can not fully meet the needs of chronic disease management. And China's traditional health care system, the excessive concentration of high-quality medical resources, implementation of low-grade treatment efficiency. The company's top medical experts in response to the national "Internet +" strategy to promote mobile medical technology in the field of chronic disease management service upgrades, as Chair of endocrinology expert advisory for patients really provide an authoritative chronic disease management mobile medical products.
  Current promotion "Great Doctor APP" is truly a doctor at the core, remodeling patient relationship, help doctors research work, the doctor realized value. And in a very convenient and safe way to achieve the exchange between doctors and patients, to achieve long-term management and patient education, so that patients with previously unattainable outside the hospital management possible.

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