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Process of blister packing machine

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Process of blister packing machine

From the mold heated to above thermoplastic softness, using vacuum or positive pressure, blowing material and similar looking size and shape of the foils, then placing one or two pills into the foils, covering the foils until no drugs and foam coils (that is, no foils) the foils are sealed together. The aluminum-plastic packaging process involves cutting a series of (mostly rectangular) pills into pieces at a normal dose.

Blister packaging machine requires film transport, heating, blowing, feeding, printing, batch number, sealing, indentation, stamping and other procedures. In a process, it is an intermittent process in each stage and a continuous process for the whole.

Blister film conveying and packaging machine is a multi - functional packaging machine. Each packaging process is performed separately at a different workstation. The packaging machine is equipped with a variety of transport film mechanism, its role is to transport film and through the above station to complete the bubble packaging process. The transport mechanism used in the production of various types of bubble shell packaging machinery includes wheel groove, indexing mechanism with rotating shaft, camshaft, rotating device, etc., which can be selected according to the accuracy of transmission position, acceleration curve and fitting of packaging materials.

According to the selected packaging material, the forming film is heated to the temperature at which it can be thermoformed. For hard PVC, it is easier to form in the temperature range of 110-150 ℃. Within this range, PVC film has sufficient heat resistance and elongation. High or low temperatures affect the results of the thermoforming process and the ductility of the packaging materials, so very precise temperature control is required. Note, however, that the temperature mentioned here is the actual temperature of the PVC film, measured directly on the surface of the film using a point thermometer (the temperature of the heating element is much higher).


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