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A condition in which pressing machine is easy to occur

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A condition in which pressing machine is easy to occur

Note: Please read the instructions carefully before using it for the first time, and then start using it. The machine can only work in a certain direction (see the arrow on the handwheel or machine cover) and cannot be reversed to avoid damaging the parts. Special care should be taken in adjusting the press to avoid negligence.

Belt tension adjustment: it can be adjusted by two adjusting nuts on the motor bottom plate. Observe the locking condition after adjustment. When there is no power supply, the triangle belt can be removed by hand to reduce strength and wear. But do not remove the large pulley, as it has the effect of saving flywheel inertia. Electric pressure control should remove the handle of the rotating rod to avoid injury during operation. Whether manual or electric, the jacking rod should be in an ascending position before starting. If the starting situation falls within the upper thrust range, and the starting is only on the intermediate forming plate, at this time, because the machine has not been raised in operation, the inertia is small, and the starting of the tablet press is prone to jacking accident. After the upper punch enters the intermediate die, the machine stops running due to the strength of the press.

In the event of jacking, heavy loads often damage parts or burn out the engine. If the jacking is on an electric press, the power should be cut off immediately to prevent the engine from burning. When the jacking is relatively light, the hand can turn the steering wheel and push the handle up through "neutral", but not reverse, to prevent repeated feeding, which would make the jacking more serious. If the handwheel cannot be started after eeling the car, the lever should be started (the device is connected to the machine through the hole in the taper of the large pulse wheel, and can pass through the neutral. Note: The rotation direction of the large pulse wheel should be opposite to the rotation direction of the hand wheel. Leverage can only be used by one person. If the jacking condition is too serious to be pulled, the following procedures should be followed to prevent excessive gravity damage to the machine. When serious jacking occurs, pull down the lock nut from the connection, turn the impact lever upward to raise it to reduce pressure, and turn the handwheel to pull the pill out. Then adjust the hardness of the tablet. During the pressing process, the pressing quality (weight, hardness, surface finish, etc.) should be frequently checked and adjusted in time.


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