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A method of pressing tablets by a tablet press

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A method of pressing tablets by a tablet press

Dry press tablet (material is in the form of dry powder)

Dry pressing is carried out by the dry press. Dry pressing includes crystallization pressing, dry granulating pressing and direct powder pressing.

1. Crystal press

Crystalline drugs, with fluidity and can be pressurized function, only need appropriate crushing, screening and drying, and can add an appropriate amount of decomposition agents, lubricants can be pressed into tablets.

2. Dry granulation tablets

The compressibility and fluidity of some drugs are poor and should be improved through granulation mechanism. However, these drugs are more sensitive to water and heat and are less stable, so the pill can be compressed by dry granulation. Its technological process is: the required powder and auxiliary materials evenly mixed, with the appropriate equipment pressed into solid (block, flake or particle), and then ground into the appropriate size of the dry particles, and then pressed into flake. Usually a mixture of hydraulic drugs and excipients is pressed into thin sheets of solid form. This can also be done using a special tablet press, and a very large tablet press, also known as the "large tablet method," which is then broken into small particles and pressed into sheets.

3. Press the powder directly

This method has the advantages of saving time and effort, simple process, simple process, and suitable for unstable drugs under humid and hot conditions. The excipients used have reasonable pressurization and fluidity, and can maintain the good properties of the materials after being mixed with a certain amount of drugs. Pharmaceutical excipients such as microcrystalline cellulose, aerosolized lactose, calcium hydrophosphate dihydrate, compressed starch and microsilicon (excellent flow AIDS) can be used for direct tablet compression.


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