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A minor problem in the press process

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A minor problem in the press process

In the press process, often face a variety of small problems, such as particles are too dry, lack of water, or because of excessive moisture air, or due to the press machine is not normal, such as heavy head and mold grinding damage, resulting in adhesion and spots on the surface, excess weight difference, lamination, hemp, etc. These details often affect the quality level of the product.

Lamination refers to the pressing of two sheets together, the reasons for lamination and the corresponding measures:

When pressing, the edge of the pressing piece is pasted or the upper pressing piece is rolled, and then the pressing piece is compressed into the filled forming hole to form a double pressing piece; Or because the falling and rising positions are too low to send out the particles in time, the particles are added to the die hole under repeated pressure to form a thick sheet. As a result, the pressure is high and the machine is easily damaged.

The punch can be replaced, swabbed with sandpaper, or the regulator serviced.

Hemp refers to the many indentations on the surface after friction or without friction.

Cause: Particles are scattered and hard.

Solution: Pressure may need to be increased, if not improved, simply re-granulation.

The missing edge is a small opening on the edge of a plain sheet.

Reason: After the plain sheet material is pressed into shape, the discharging hole is improperly installed. Knocking off a small fragment will cause the edge to disappear.

Solution: Adjust the output position.


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