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Abnormal condition of the capsule filling machine

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Abnormal condition of the capsule filling machine

Automatic capsule filling machine is a kind of touch screen operation, variable frequency speed regulation, sensitive action, accurate measurement, novel filling structure, beautiful appearance, easy to operate, can realize automatic bag changing, sorting and capsule filling, thereby reducing labor intensity and improving production efficiency.

However, there may be some anomalies in the operation:

1. The capsule and shell cannot be separated.

For the capsule's own reasons, replace the appropriate capsule.

The vacuum is too small. The vacuum is too small for several reasons. If it is a vacuum pump, have it repaired or replaced by a mechanic. The vacuum pump connected to the isolation chamber failed and the piping was replaced. The filter film of vacuum pump should be blocked and cleaned. Or maybe the water level is too low and we'll have to replace a bigger pipe. Of course, we have to look at the situation and find out why. Let me give you a couple of examples.

The distance between the module and the capsule separator is too large, the height of the capsule or capsule separator can be adjusted, and the telescopic rod of the capsule can also be increased. Of course, this requires analysis. Powders that are too fine or too sticky are most likely to cause problems.

The module is incorrect. The module is adjusted through an adjustment bar until it automatically descends.

Modules should be cleaned up.

2. The head and tail of the capsule, sometimes the capsule itself has problems, this is encountered before, the replacement of the capsule has been solved. Then check if the height of the cartridge needs to be adjusted. The increase in the stressed area of the capsule can sometimes be solved. Increasing the strength of the capsule shell requires ordering a slightly larger thimble.

3. Rubbing capsules, often happen. It must be handled with care. There are usually several reasons for this phenomenon.

The difference between capsules and capsules is too great because of the capsules themselves. The capsules need to be replaced.

There is too much powder left on the module. Modules should be cleaned up.

When installing modules, the upper and lower modules should not be aligned and should be re-aligned. Until the startup bar drops automatically.


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