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Abnormal sound of the tablet press

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Abnormal sound of the tablet press

Rotary tablet pressing machine is a single automatic rotary continuous tablet pressing machine developed and developed by our factory. It will be granular raw materials pressed into a variety of ordinary shape tablets and special-shaped tablets, equipped with transparent observation window, can clearly see the working conditions of the machine and can be opened, easy to internal cleaning, maintenance, repair and so on. The abnormal sound of the general tablet press has the following reasons:

1. When the synchronous belt pulley is not parallel, it will cause friction or even damage, resulting in abnormal sound. The solution is to adjust the motor so that the synchronous pulley on the main shaft and the synchronous pulley on the worm shaft are parallel.

2. The increase of friction is caused by the lack of oil in the reduction box, resulting in noise. The lubricating oil should be checked regularly and added in time;

3. Slight friction between the turntable and the baffle plate feeder causes noise. The solution is to adjust the distance between the baffle plate feeder and the turntable;

4. If some bearings are short of lubricating oil or damaged, apply lubricating oil or replace the damaged bearings;

5. Unflexible rotation or punching rod plug. The solution is to periodically clean the tablet chamber and clean the punching rod.


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